Mainstream Baha’i Faith is heading for a vertical split.

Persian Baha'is vs the Rest The Baha'i Faith the youngest of all the Faiths and supposedly the most united is now suffering from existential crisis. Already divided into many fractions and sects, the Faith is now faced with its existential threat of a power struggle between the Persian Baha'is and the rest. This crisis may … Continue reading Mainstream Baha’i Faith is heading for a vertical split.

Cracks in the Covenant of Baha’u’llah and Baha’i Faith

Bahá'ís present their "Covenant" as something unique to their religion. They present it as an undisputable documented contract of inheritance, a will and testament, that is protected by God so that any violaters against it will be rendered impotent by it. The Bahá'í Faith's history is full of fragmentation, and the course the Bahá'í Faith … Continue reading Cracks in the Covenant of Baha’u’llah and Baha’i Faith

Baha’i Faith and LGBT Community

Believe it or not, contrary to the Baha’i claim of oneness of humanity Baha’is view the LGBT community in a very derogatory manner. The following is a small list of the terms Baha’i leaders used to refer to the LGBT community and describe homosexuality: “defilement of evil passions” “satanic deeds” “shameful sexual aberration” “immoral conduct” … Continue reading Baha’i Faith and LGBT Community

Letter of BUPC Baha’is Guardian Neal Chase in the United States District Court

Published on Aug 14, 2021   Letter of the Guardian Neal Chase regarding federal summons filed against BUPC Bahais in the United States District Court.

Baha’i Faith and Israel

Baha’i faith is a very cult-like NRM having its administrative headquarters in Haifa, Israel. AFAIK the Deputy Mayor of Haifa is not a Baha’i. But they are very influential and they get all the support from the Israeli government because of their huge properties and their contribution to Israeli tourism due to Baha’i pilgrimages and … Continue reading Baha’i Faith and Israel

Baha’i Views on Polygamy

There is different law for master and the servant. Baha'i adherents have been (formally) asked to be in monogamous relationship but their master Baha’u’llah officially had 3 wives 1 . Baha’ullah married his first wife, Ásíyih Khánum, in 1835. He married his second wife, Fatimih,in 1849. He married his third wife, Gawhar, in 1862. Footnotes … Continue reading Baha’i Views on Polygamy

What is “The Covenant” of the Baha’i faith?

Baha’is have two covenants and Ironically both have either been broken by all Baha’is or have become invalid and proved to be impractical: The first covenant is the leadership of the Baha’is after Baha’u’llah. Baha’u’llah had willed that His two sons would be his successors one after the other: “The Will of the divine Testator … Continue reading What is “The Covenant” of the Baha’i faith?

Letter to the LSA by Jenifer Tidwell

March 21, 1999 The Local Spiritual Assembly of theBaha'is of Arlington. Massachusetts  My dear Baha'i friends,  I hope this year's Fast found you happy and healthy.  This special season, which seems to arrive sooner every year, always makes us slow down and reflect upon spiritual matters -- why we go through this physically exhausting fasting … Continue reading Letter to the LSA by Jenifer Tidwell