Cracks in the Covenant

Bahais present their “Covenant” as something unique to their religion. They present it as an undisputable documented contract of inheritance, a will and testament, if you will, that is protected by God so that any violaters against it will be rendered impotent by it.

The Bahai Faith’s history is full of fragmentation, and the course the Bahai Faith has taken has taken quick surprise turns on a number of occasions.

Bahai Faith is itself a product of Covenant Breaking

First Covenant Breaking

The act that brought the Bahai Faith itself into existence was in defiance of such a covenant. The Bab’s successor, was actually Mirza Yahya and Not Bahaullah.  Bahais produced evidence that Bahaullah was the Bab’s intended successor, but did not deny that the Báb appointed Mirza Yahya.

Second Covenant Breaking

Mirza Muhammad Ali

Bahaullah appointed his eldest son Abdul Baha as his successor and after him his younger son Mohammed Ali. After the death of Abdul Baha although Mohammed Ali was alive still many followed , Shoghi effendi the grandson of Abdul Baha. Not following Mohammed Ali was Covenant Breaking of Bahaullah’s writing.

Third Covenant Breaking

Later, the third Bahai leader, Shoghi Effendi, died childless. Having failed to produce a will, and having failed to leave any clear indication of a successor, Shoghi left the Bahai world in a precarious situation. What he did was in apparent violation of the Bahai Covenant.

The Bahais whose allegiance lies with the heterodox organisation, those loyal to the Universal House of Justice currently seated in Haifa, Israel, maintain that those who are true to the Covenant will be empowered by the Covenant.

Bahai history shows us a different picture. At many times, the Bahais who eventually prevailed were nearly vanquished. Only recently has there been such a dominant sect in the Bahai Faith, but even that denomination seems impotent and obscure, lacking the influence to even familiarize the world with the word Bahai in this information age.

Bahai history is mottled with inheritance disputes. In defense of their Covenant, Bahais regard the darker periods as divine tests, arguing that egos are often tested by opportunities for power.

4 Comments on “Cracks in the Covenant”

  1. E. S. Yazdani says:

    Shoghi Effendi in his own life time sent out two cables. The first he form the embyro of the Universal House of Justice. This was on 9 of Jan. 1951. In the 2nd cable he appointed C.M. Remey as the president of the embyro of the Universal House of Justice. This was on 15 March 1951. In accordance with the Writing the embyro possess all perfection.
    In accordance with the Will and Testament of ‘Abdul’-Baha the President of Universal House of Justice is Guardian of the Faith and Guardian of the Faith is President of the Universal House of Justice. Thus C.M. Remey was potetially the 2nd Guardian of the Faith until the 1st Guardian left this world on 4 Nov. 1957. C.M. Remey became the 2nd Guardian upon the death of the 1st Guardian.
    The appointment was not to expection of the believers particularly the group ex-Hands of the Faith. This gave excuses to the ex-Hands of the Faith to fail to recognize C.M. Remey as thier 2nd Guardian of the Faith.
    Guardianship will continue and the misunderstanding of the issue will be clear. If you require further info please write to E.S. Yazdani, P.O. Box 563, NSW, 1630. Australia. Or send me an email to;
    E.S. Yazdani

  2. sky says:

    C.M. Remey could not be Guardian of the Faith; Because if there was to be a Guardian he must be of the linage of either ‘Abdu’l-Bahá or Shoghi Effendi, and Mr. Remey was not either; check the covenant? regards, sky

    • Jeffrey tate says:

      In the Will and Testament of Abdul Baha it says that another Branch should be chosen and that Shoghi Effendi Had no Children and was an Afnan and not a Agha sun like the sons of Baha ullah and Mason was chosen by both Abdu Baha and Shoghi Effendi in Star Of the West and was asked if he was was ready to be a Judge by Shoghi Effendi at dinner in Haifa in 1952 with Auxillary Board Member Joel Marangella now Gu ardian of th e Orthodox Bahai faith JeffTate

  3. Julian Lee says:

    Good stuff here. I was a Baha’i for 15 years. Then I discovered an actual translated copy of the Kitab-i-Aqdas (by Elder/Miller) which was not supposed to be translated. It became clear that the Baha’i Faith was an invented religion disconnected from its founding scritpures, which were harshly Islamic. It was really a bunch of Marxist ideas cooked up as a religion and sold to propagandized Western “progressives” as a way to relieve TV-induced White guilt. Nobody would have joined the Baha’i Faith if they had been able to read the “Kitab-i-Aqdas” from the beginning.

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