Want to know how Baha’is exaggerate their numbers in India?

Read this…..

A-Once a Baha’i is registered in their record (By whatever means) he becomes immortal and he never dies. So the Indian Baha’i census has all those Bahais who registered themselves since the time of Abdul Baha and Shoghi effendi.

B-It is a universal phenomenon, every where that Bahais usually signed the card not knowing that it is an independent religion. After his realization he leaves the Faith and he is no more a Bahai. But the Baha’i administration believes that “Once a Baha’i Always a Baha’i”. The process is irreversible.

C-Bahais usually multiply their number many folds thinking that every Baha’i must be married and therefore must be having a wife and few children.

D-Those paid workers in the Baha’i Faith, to justify their salaries and their effectiveness have collected a number of non existing addresses

Reality of Bahai faith is assessed after ,

1-removing the name of Bahais once they die.
2-removing the Cards of the Bahais once they leave the Faith.
3-checking all the addresses collected by the National Office, whether those people exist or not.

It is only then that the number 11,000 is the most appropriate figure as given by Official census of Government of India.

At the end I would like to quote your sentence, “For a religion to progress and propagate, sincere service is required to attract the masses and not lip service to attract the masses and then believing that they have abandoned the religion of their ancestors”.

Comment by S.Khare Bhopal M.P.


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