Converting Indian in large numbers

For centuries Indians have been forcefully converted into other religions. Religious conversion has profoundly affected our cultural legacy by the after-effects of genocidal coercive religious conversion. It has left its wounding imprint on our individual psyches and our collective consciousness. Although coercive religious conversion of Hindus in India and abroad has deep historical roots, recent deceptive religious conversion techniques used by Baha’is movements pose serious political, social, ethical and psychological problems. Recently Universal House of Justice, the apex organization of the Baha’i Faith in a new encyclical has issued a call to Baha’is to go out and actively convert Indians. In this era of globalization, Baha’i administration with unlimited funds use sophisticated, deceptive techniques to lure, brainwash and convert innocent people. They forcefully converted Hindus by inducement and deception. Many poor illiterate tribal people in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh were deceptively converted into Baha’i Faith, although anti conversion law is passed in 11 of the states in India. This will have a disastrous effect on India’s political, cultural and social fabric.

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