The following site claiming to be a neutral religions discussion forum is in fact controlled by the interests and agendas of the HAIFAN BAHAI ORGANIZATION and its Bahai Internet Agency. Neutral non-Bahai observers, beware:
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Wahid Azal

The Experience of Larry Rowe with
I was banned from All Beliefs for supposed misrepresentation. My misrepresentations? Referring to the Baha’is who have their world centre in Haifa as Haifan Baha’is. For referring to the Baha’i World Faith as Baha’ism. For putting up a link to Karen Bacquets web page and then being accused of putting up an antibahai link, lol! Anyone who knows Karen knows she is anything but antibahai, she is anti fundamentalism as it concerns the Baha’i Faith but apparently liberal Baha’i views are considered to be antibahai on All Beliefs. When I pointed out that Baha’is refer to themselves as the people of Baha’ as well and that therefore Baha’ists and or Baha’ism are legitimate terms for those that refer to themselves as: the people of Baha’, it was ignored.
It is quite apparent that the only Baha’i point of view which is allowed to be expressed on All Beliefs is the Haifan Baha’i POV. Sad. I communicated with the site owner and he seemed like a fair minded person it is too bad though that he has allowed the Haifan Baha’i clique to take control over the supposedly ‘all beliefs’ agenda of his site and to force him into banning those who express views which are not approved by Haifan Baha’ism or in any way critical of Haifan Baha’ism. To be honest he needs to remove the all from all beliefs.


Larry Rowe

My Experience

I started discussing about the various Baha’i sects and was Banned.

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