The Role of Baha’i Administration

TThe role of the Baha’i Administration is to fully enslave the new convert, replacing the convert’s social, ethical, spiritual frame of reference. The Hindu religious practices, signs, traditions, and dharma are replaced with photos of Abdul Baha and Baha’i temples. The time tested Hindu spiritual practices are supplanted with borrowed Baha’i slogans.

The convert is liberated from his or her tradition, spiritual practices, ethical norms and social helping networks and is enslave with irrational, blind, dogmatic faith.

The converts must then submit to the monopoly of the Baha’i Administration. Spiritual desires are suppressed and converts are forced to carry the toxic belief system and to serve the true owner, the UHJ. The Counselors and ABMs, in effect functions to consolidate the conversion activity. The Baha’i institutions are used as instruments of personal, family and social control and conditioning. The converts are forced to reject tolerance, pluralism, temple visit, Hindu religious practices and they are permitted no compromise with other divinities, except Bahaullah. The convert must abandon all past spiritual practices and must wholly belong to the new world order. They are psycho programmed to consider Hindus as non-believers or devil worshippers and faith in Bahaullah is the only way for salvation… The converts are brainwashed to consider outsiders as condemned forever.

Any disobedience or questioning of the Baha’i orders either from local national or international bodies are met with administrative or spiritual sanctions. The converts become aliens in their land until delivered by death.

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