Baha’is One World Government

The Baha’i Faith envisions a one-world government, complete with a  universal language, worldwide currency, and a unified religion.

The problem with this is that prophecy foretells two consecutive world  governments.  The second one will be ruled by Jesus.  But the first  one will be ruled by Satan, and its consequence will be, for a time, a  hell-on-earth torment.

However, at first it will not seem that way.  At first, it will seem  that a utopian society has been established.  Peace will reign,  prosperity will abound, and all the major problems that beset the  world today will seem to have been resolved.

Only a very few will warn that this is a disguise, an outwardly mighty  oak, but full of inner rot.  After a brief period, that inner rot will  cause the entire house of cards to collapse.  And then the wrath of  Satan will descend on all the world.

The trap into which Baha’is are falling is a deadly one.  The trend  toward a world government is already very clear, and many Baha’is see  this trend as a fulfillment of their religious beliefs.  They  celebrate the coming to fruition of all the foretellings and guidance of their prophet.

Worse yet, Baha’is may be instrumental in bringing about this one- world government.  Even though Baha’is are supposed to remain aloof  from secular politics, they are not.  They are actively promoting,  under various guises, the authority of the United Nations, which  itself has no real authority to command any nation, but is only a  gathering place where nations can sort out problems among themselves.

In this way, Baha’is are themselves becoming part of the problem.

In the United States, government is not predicated on the divine right  to rule, which underlay the tradition of European monarchies.  The US  model is that the rulers are the people.

The Euro model is that if the people obey the government, the king  will take care of the needs of the people.

The American model is that if the government obeys the people, the  people will take care of their own needs, and will restrain the  government to the confines of its limited and enumerated duties.

Sadly, the Euro model has infiltrated North America, and has savagely  undermined the practice of the Constitution, until legislators feel  free to pass into law, bills which they have not so much as even read.

So yes, the socialist model is in full ascendancy, and will eventually  place everyone under its heel.  For a time, this will seem to have  been the best course— at least according to people who trade freedom  for free things.

But eventually, the velvet glove will come off, and the iron fist will  prevail until Jesus Himself defeats it.


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