Baha’i Faith Core activites exposed

5 Comments on “Baha’i Faith Core activites exposed”

  1. fred says:

    Pretty interesting that the Baha’i World Center (at least of the Haifa sect) is located in a genocidal country (that is holocausting the Palestinians), and where slavery is legal (if it’s non Jews), and where White Slavery (kidnapped eastern European women forced to “work” in factory brothels) is going on bigtime. Also, Israel likely did 9-11. Yet there’s the Baha’i World Center, harbored in such a country as that.

  2. luke Weyland says:

    Baha’i founder, Mirza Hussein Ali, was exiled from Iran in 1852 and arrived in Iraq – then part of Turkish Empire. He was imprisoned by the authorities in Istanbul, Edriene, and Akko (Palestine, and now controled by Zionist Israel) He died in Akko in 1892 – still under Turkish control.

    This is the reason why Baha’i faith has its centre in Israel. Baha’is are impractial wishful thinkers – they do not necessarily support the actions of the Zionist Government. Baha’is seem to think that if every Jew, Muslim, Christian, Druze etc got together for a joint prayer session everything would be sweet.

    • bahaisects says:

      O.K. U mean to say that they accidently have their centre in Israel and it has nothing to do with Israel and Zionism then why Bahais are not allowed to teach their beautiful faith in Israel??
      Dont u think that there is an understanding between them that dont deviate our people you are free to spread your evil everywhere except Israel!!

      • luke Weyland says:

        Yes. Israel did not exist as a nation when the Turks sent that Iranian trouble maker, Hussein Ali ( Baha’u’llah) there in 1868.
        I am not a Bahai. I don’t see anything evil about that faith, a faith that preaches unity of humanity, peace, tollerance, and justice.
        PS long live Palestine!

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