Are Baha’is leaders laundering money?

In the case of the young Iranian Baha’i murdered in Pakistan, and then  buried in a hurry by the members of the NATIONAL SPIRITUAL ASSEMBLY OF  PAKISTAN WITHOUT PERFORMING AN AUTOPSY AND WITHOUT INFORMING THE  PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT, the Universal House of Justice had to  investigate the murder following threats of lawsuits. Unfortunately,  now the people who had planned to sue in this case HAVE BEEN QUIETED  down by the Universal House of Justice.

NOT SURPRISING, Dorothy Nelson -who is member of the USA  BAHA’I  National Assembly AND whose husband WAS KICKED OUT OF THE NATIONALSPIRITUAL ASSEMBLY OF THE BAHA’IS OF USA for defrauding a poor Baha’i  of his donations to the BAHA’I HUQUQULLAH(Baha’i Fund established to  pay a TAX to GOD) was placed on the board of the LAW CENTER- that had  attempted to sue.

THE WORLD BAHA’I FAITH thus provides DAMAGE CONTROL by silencing the voice of dissent , and through their PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

Dorothy Nelson is A FEDERAL JUDGE nominated to the federal bench by  President Carter. She is NOW AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE BOARD of the LAW Center that had intended to sue the AUGUST BAHA’I ESTABLISHMENT.

 Baha’i Counsellor Stephen Hall has lately become an employee of the  Sunland Group and is on their payroll ? Why has Mr Stephen Hall moved to the Gold Coast and why since he moved to the Gold Coast has a private  investigator/detective been contracted to follow and stalk me between the Gold Coast and Brisbane?? Why is the major sharholder of the  Sunland Group not sanctioned by the baha’i administration for cohabiting with a woman that is not his wife when baha’i law states  that this must be done and why are others sanctioned for much lesser crimes when he is not? Who are all the shareholders of this company and its various subsidiaries? Are members of the baha’i administration in Australia owners of shares? Is Counselor Manijeh Rayhani a
shareholder? How about ABM Alen Waters? Why was uhj member Peter Con here on the Gold Coast this last summer? Is Peter Con a shareholder in the Sunland Group, and if so, why? Exactly why are members of the  Australian baha’i administration travelling to and fro between here and the Pacific and Micronesian Islands constantly when those Islands have  their own baha’i administrations and why is nsa member John Walker now known officially as the CEO of the baha’i faith in Australia when the baha’i faith is ostensibly a religion and not a orporation? Is the Australian baha’i administration diverting funds  to offshore accounts in the Pacific Islands and Micronesia? Why and how much and to what end? Why are official representatives of the uhj making sureptitious visits to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Unites Arab Emirates?? What exactly do the baha’is have in the UAE whereby they maintain such a continuous financial presence there? Why have their been rumours and accusations for years that wealthy baha’is in the Gulf where possibly working as conduits smuggling arms to the mullahs during Iran-Contra? Why has the name of Manuchehr Ghorbanifar been mentioned in the same breath as several wealthy baha’is in the Gulf throughout all these accusations?? What role does Mr Masih Tayyebi and his Bridge West co. have in all this? Why was Mr Tayyebi
deputized by the nsa of the United States and the Universal House of  Ignorance in Haifa, Zionistan to be their go between with Mr Reza Pahlavi until last August?

These questions MUST be answered by officials of the baha’i administration.


Feb 28 2004

Baha’i “Elections” in Haifa,Israel are a Fraud

This year, out of 1’200 votes cast, 500 have been sent by mail to Haifa, Israel, according to the Baha’i administration.

The Israeli Postal Authority (an Israeli Government Agency) has replaced and tempered some (if not all) of these votes. The entire procession is a farce!

Letters are opened and fake ones replace the votes (the list of Baha’is who are elegible is OPEN information).

Most “experts in security” know that it takes less than 30 minutes for a government agency like the Israeli Postal Authority (or Mossad) to open a letter and replace its content (or just make copies) – including SEALED letters, without ANY possibility of detection by the addressee.

Notably, Baha’i elections do not allow campaigning (rightly so), therefore one can expect the votes to be RATHER EVENLY distributed among the 1200 people that can be elected (except may be the names of present members of the UHJ and Counselors, etc.)
People are not elected with 70% of the votes with may be the exceptions cited above.
Now that the corruption is in place, it is easy to control the administration entirely from the inside, not counting some CORRUPT “Baha’i officials” in Haifa who are unelected.

Therefore, the 500 votes sent by mail can make a BIG difference if (some of) the letters’ content has been replaced even partially (or tempered with). Nevertheless, checking it should be an ESSENTIAL PART OF THE AUDITING PROCESS, but again, unfortunately, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to audit this part, unless exceptional measures are taken, beyond the ones taken by the Baha’i administration at present. It does NOT require “big” logistics for any Government to commit this kind of fraud. It can be done VERY EASILY, as explained above by the Israeli Postal Authority or the Mossad. However, the “Baha’i” administration will dismiss this possibility. This by itself is very strange…

The Baha’i administration, by its own admission, does NOT verify the authenticity of the mail’s CONTENT (i.e., the votes themselves), but ONLY the fact that the sender’s name matches the authorized list of Baha’is. Furthermore, the ballots are SECRET (that means that no one knows “who voted for who” beside the person himself/herself, which is not bad by itself).

But this important loophole CAN and has been exploited by the same people who wrote the Protocols of Zion and who have sworn to replace ANY religion with their perverted form of Judaism and who have been condemned and denounced by many US Presidents.

Beware of the Baha’i Elections unless ALL the above issues have been resolved in a COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT way!

– George Mugabee

Apr 29 2008

Electioneering in Universal House of Justice

As we all know, Baha’i elections are *supposed* to take place without any nominating procedure, and without campaigning.

I’d like to suggest that in the light of these principles of Shoghi Effendi, the last few persons elected to the Universal House of Justice were elected in contravention of Baha’i electoral law and are guilty of de facto electioneering.

Typically, the punishment for electioneering is that the person’s administrative rights are removed and the body on which he serves is often dissolved for new elections.

In 1963-1983, Baha’i elections for the Universal House of Justice, in which NSA members serve as delegates, appear to have been conducted in an upright manner. Several US and UK NSA secretaries were elected. But then people like Hushmand Fatheazam (India) and Ali Nakhjavani (pioneer in Uganda) were also put on.

From 1988, however, almost all electees have been Counsellors with appointments at the International Teaching Center in Haifa. The two exceptions prove the rule. Adib Taherzadeh was a continental counselor and Doug Martin had been brought to Haifa as a publicist for the UHJ. The NSA secretary of the largest Baha’i community, India, has never been ranked that highly in the voting, even though he makes the most sense given that most Baha’is are in the third world and he knows how to administer them. Likewise, NSA secretaries or just NSA members in large Baha’i communities in Africa and Asia are not considered eligible, apparently. There is no true Third World representation on the House of Justice, which is run by Iranian and Commonwealth males.

On Taherzadeh’s death last year, Kiser Barnes, yet another Counselor at the International Teaching Center, was tapped to succeed him. He joins Hooper Dunbar, Peter Khan and Farzam Arbab, all of whom came in that way.

Now, one gets to be counselor at the ITC by appointment. If the ITC counselors are now the candidate pool for UHJ membership, which is what the voting pattern of the past decade and a half demonstrates, then *appointment of a male counselor to the ITC is a form of nomination*.

Counselors at the ITC travel (on your dime folks) all over the world to consult with NSAs, so that they become very well known to the very people who elect the UHJ. This is a form of stealth campaigning. They are also in a position to do favors for NSAs and their members.

It seems to me, then, that Hooper Dunbar, Peter Khan, Farzam Arbab, and Kiser Barnes got to be on the UHJ by nomination and campaigning. The same applies to Doug Martin in my view, but that case is more ambiguous.

Khan and Arbab in particular have shown a ruthless disregard for Baha’i law and basic human decency (as in the scurrilous threats launched at talismanians
and the hijacking of the Baha’i encyclopedia by Arbab, and the expulsion of Alison Marshall at Khan’s insistence). This pattern of unethical behavior accords well with the illegitimacy of their route to power.

Recently the ITC was shuffled yet again and counselors like Fred Schechter, who were considered too ‘soft,’ were fired, with extreme hardliners brought in.
Not only are the ITC Counselors now ‘nominated’ for UHJ membership and then sent about to campaign, but they are subject to an ideological litmus test that is ratcheting the center of gravity on the UHJ increasingly toward the Far Right of authoritarianism, disregard for the rule of law, regimentation of the community & etc.

It an ideal world, those guilty of electioneering would be forced off the House, have their administrative rights removed, and the House would be dissolved in
preparation for free and fair elections. But, then, in an ideal world, Hell would have frozen over.



April 20,2001

Universal House of Fear

Baha’u’llah, founder of the Baha’i Faith in 1863, stated “The essence of all that We have revealed for thee is Justice” and designed a “new world order” including a world-wide system of elected, nine-member bodies at the local, national and international levels, with the top-most body named The Universal House of Justice (UHJ), first elected a century later in 1963.

Universal House of Justice,Haifa,Israel

Many assumed that Baha’u’llah and his UHJ crowning a developing Baha’i Administration may eventually fulfill various messianic prophesies such as “the Kingdom of God” on earth, that the meek shall inherit the earth and the like. However, in subsequent decades, most notably in the 1980s, a growing number of Baha’is began to perceive that various corrupt practices were permeating the Baha’i Administration on all levels. This article explores the idea that the UHJ may be degenerating into a weak Universal House of Fear at a time when the Baha’i community needs strong leadership.

Several examples of the House of Fear come to mind. “In Search of Ruhi” suggested some possible implementation faults in the Ruhi program, apparently promoted by at least one contemporary UHJ member. Commenting on this article, Baquia wrote “James, you’re going to get in trouble if you keep this up.” Was Baquia implying the troubling notion that the UHJ or some of its members might somehow strike back at authors writing critiques on some of their pet projects, contrary to the Constitution of the UHJ? The clear implication may be that Baha’i Administrative institutions might be becoming objects to fear instead of love. Individuals and institutions that rely on fear for influence are inherently weak. The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.

Recent UHJ actions may belie fear of consultation, debate and diversity of ideas and opinion in the Baha’i community. The summary ex-communication (removal from membership) of Alison Marshall in New Zealand a few years ago may be a case in point. It seems the issue was whether women should be eligible for election to the UHJ, an idea which Ms. Marshall favored. Exactly what does it matter if one or more Baha’is think women should be able to serve on the UHJ? Why should this issue not be openly debated? The weak avoid debate; the strong welcome it. In prior years, a group of Baha’is in Los Angeles, California, raised this issue, but felt it necessary to present their views in a secretly distributed manuscript, fearing retribution from the Baha’i Administration. With humanity in peril of the worst economic depression in history and a possible world war, has the UHJ membership lost perspective of the highest priority issues that most merit focus and effort? The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.

The ex-communications of Sen McGlinn and many others provide similar examples. When the purported rationale for membership removal in the McGlinn case is read carefully, it may be clear that there was no rationale. McGlinn had done nothing different than dozens of other Baha’i writers according to the literal description of the UHJ. This lack of rationale for what may amount to religious persecution of McGlinn appears to suggest fear and weakness among the UHJ membership. Is the membership so weak that it cannot tolerate an articulate writer on Baha’i subjects? Should not the priority be to increase membership in the Baha’i Faith, not decrease it? These sorts of efforts to stifle independent investigation and expression have prompted many capable Baha’is to become inactive or simply leave the Baha’i membership roles. The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.

The bogus Khan-Martin doctrine of the supposed infallibility of UHJ actions, exposed as lacking any scriptural support in “Infallibility Artifice” and further debunked in “Infallibility Verdict”, has revealed just how weak and fearful the UHJ membership may have become. For about two decades, Khan and Martin were allowed to promote their man-made infallibility doctrine, without any support from Baha’i scripture or from any official UHJ statement. This doctrine appears to have had only one purpose: to humiliate and weaken the UHJ as the leading administrative unit of the Baha’i World, turning the UHJ into a sort of institutional clown to be laughed at and mocked as absurd by observers in every quarter — far from the lofty intentions and aspirations of its designer, Baha’u’llah. During this entire period when Khan and Martin and their surrogates travelled the world promoting their doctrine to disgrace the institution of the UHJ, did even a single UHJ member publicly speak up to clarify that the Khan-Martin infallibility doctrine was nothing more than a misguided theory or to oppose this assault on Baha’i interests? Did a single National Spiritual Assembly (NSA) or NSA member speak up? The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.

Meanwhile, silence of the Baha’i Administration on the campaign of Khan, Martin and surrogates to replace the Baha’i Faith with their revised version allowed these usurpers to plant the false idea among many Baha’is that UHJ decisions were in fact infallible. Indeed, a growing number of Baha’is came to believe that the home-brewed infallibility theory was actually based on Baha’i scripture, although nobody could produce any quotation to verify it, since available scripture dealt with inputs to, and the design of, the UHJ and not its specific decisions. Did the childish illusion that UHJ decisions were infallible act as a sort of invincibility drug for UHJ members? Rephrasing, how many UHJ decisions have been reversed in, say, the last 30 years? Can anybody name even one such case? Absence of any evidence that the UHJ can perform one of its constitutionally mandated functions — changing prior decisions, may be viewed as yet another sign of weakness. The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.

“Purge Cover-Up” is the most popular article among Baha’i readers, showing abundant awareness in the international Baha’i community of the apparent failure of the Baha’i Administration to officially recognize the largest schism and loss of membership in the history of the Baha’i Faith as well as to formally issue appropriate apologies, remedies and reparations. Is it possible that the elected members of key NSAs and of the UHJ are not as aware of their own history as the community they serve, as gauged by the popularity of “Purge Cover-Up”? Strong, confident UHJ leadership might have addressed these pressing issues thoroughly and effectively years ago. The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.

Among many out-spoken authors, Baquia continues to document the freeze in the elected membership of most major NSAs and of the UHJ in Baha’i Administration. As suggested in “Bondage by Baha’i Election”, Baha’i voters elect persons who voters deemed to be “best qualified” in prior years, rather than assessing who may be “best qualified” at election time. As a result, the elected membership of many NSAs and the UHJ has come to resemble a powerful, entrenched elite, similar to that which controls secular political parties. Can these elected NSA and UHJ members be unaware of this trend which can severely impair realization of Baha’u’llah’s vision? “Bondage by Baha’i Election” suggested several obvious remedies, some of which have been on the table from other authors for many years, such as term limits. Has there been any hint from these NSAs and the UHJ that a remedy to this serious problem is being considered? How many of these members have announced their resignations effective on the date of the next election, to allow Baha’i voters to improve their voting performance by electing other qualified persons? How many of these existing NSA and UHJ members can honestly say that their performance merits re-election? Is silence on this problem consistent with adequate performance of administrative duties or alternatively, with fear, weakness and even incompetence? The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.

The need to renew and invigorate the Baha’i Administration, to exit from apparent inaction, elitism, fear, weakness and lack of creativity, continues to gain priority as political and economic problems in the secular world increase in severity and as the next UHJ election in 2013 approaches. Will the Baha’i community suffer more of the same? Since the UHJ is elected by NSA members, the annual NSA elections come into sharp focus in April, 2012. Can there be any excuse for failure by delegates in those elections to replace the entire membership of most NSAs with new blood of qualified persons? Can delegates actually do their job and research prospects for new members? It may be that no less will be required to elect an entirely new UHJ. The power of the elected bodies — NSAs and the UHJ, resides in great part in the teaching that members should follow the dictates of their own conscience. Likewise, the power of Baha’i voters arises from their ability in each election cycle to issue a vote of confidence or no-confidence whereby some or all members of a Baha’i institution are replaced with persons deemed to be better qualified at that time to fulfil Baha’u’llah’s vision. Will Baha’i voters arise to this challenge in 2012 and 2013? Will they make some effort to replace the elitists who, intentionally or unintentionally, have come to occupy key elected positions “for life”, contrary to the Baha’i precept that elected members are “lay persons”, not permanent administrators until death? The Baha’i community needs UHJ leadership exhibiting confidence and strength instead of fear and weakness.
© 2012 James J Keene
Posted by James J Keene  PhD

Reference: of-fear.html

Baha’i faith and it’s teachings (Persian) Part 1

Should anyone intentionally destroy a house by fire, him also shall ye burn-Kitab Aqdas

I was invited to a Baha’i party last weekend. The food was great and we were having fun till the host of the party started reading random sentences from a book “Sexuality in Islam” (قوه باه). This book, Sexuality in Islam, is an honest gathering from all the Islamic documents that contains the meaning of sexuality, sexual relation, and even the sexual desires of Mohammad. This book was published in Iran after the revolution and its content has been approved by many Iranian officials and religion authorities.

We were laughing loud and having fun until I mentioned “Islam like any other religion is full of crap, and if you look deep in the Baha’i book you will find nothing but historical jokes like that”. This comment has faced a serious feedback. To elaborate my point, I mentioned “Ketabe Aghdas (کتاب اقدس) said if someone burned your house you should burn him to death”.

62     : Should anyone intentionally destroy a house by fire, him also shall ye burn; should anyone deliberately take another’s life, him also shall ye put to death.(Kitab Aghdas)


That sentence ended the joy of the party. All I remember was the Baha’i army who were fighting me to prove no such a thing existed in their book. I asked for the Ketabe Aghdas several times; however my requests were rejected with louder argument. Finally someone took responsibility to go online and check for the accuracy of this fact. And believe it or not, I was right.

When the English version of the book revealed that, you can burn a person alive to death if he burns your house, they challenged me to check into the Arabic version. And sadly this strategy did not take them too far. They relentlessly argued at each other for the next two hours on how to translate the Arabic version and how to interoperate it properly to not to make it look better. Meanwhile other friends and I were laughing at them while drinking tea.

They are the group who didn’t go to school for their religion, they consider themselves patriotic, but they do not know the content of a 60-page book of Ketabe Aghadas.

But I learned one thing that night. If you understand the true meaning of their book and say it loud, you might be in trouble.

Posted by Ataturk


Arabic Text:

õ  (62)  من احرق بيتاً متعمّداً فاحرقوه
ومن قتل نفساً عامداً فاقتلوه خذوا
سنن الله بايادي القدرة
والاقتدار ثمّ
اتركوا سنن الجاهلين
وان تحكموا لهما
حبساً ابدي
ّاً لا بأس عليكم في
الكتاب انّه لهو الحاكم على ما يريد

Reference: the last part of pg 56 and first line of page 57)

Are Baha’is Worshiping God or Son of God?

I was reading Baha’i prayers last night, surprisingly majority of the prayers are addressing Abolbaha, not even BahaAllah or God. Even the prayers that has put together during Abolbaha’s time, directly address him as a rescuer and savior. I did a little of research to see why Baha’is who claim they have the most modern religion still stock with the name and the individual. And the following are my discovery.

Baha’is in contrast with traditional religions do not believe in a path to God. The only pass is the happiness of Abolbaha and his successors, Garfield Castle (house of Justice).

Although Baha’is believe in:

“There is none other God but Thee, the Inaccessible, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient, the Holy of Holies.”( Bahá’u’lláh Gleanings)

They completely block the way to discover that God. The relation between Baha’is and God has to go through Abolbaha because the real god is inaccessible. In other writing Ablbaha has even forbidden to search or try to understand God.


And that is more astonishing to read BahaAllan boldly called himself God:

“Manifold and mysterious is My relationship with God I am He, Him himself, and He is I, Myself, except that I am that I am and He is that he is.” ( p.66-67 GLEANINGS FROM THE WRITINGS OF BAHA’U’LLA’H)

Maybe that is the reason Baha’is like Christian pray and Worship the son of God. And the only remaining question is that “Are Baha’is worshipping God or son of their God (Abolbaha)”
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The Final Word about Baha’ism and Polygamy

(Arabic text)Bahais are allowed to keep two wives

Reference :

Here is my translation from the Arabic version of Ketabe Aghdas.

Sec 57: “Follow the Sonat [that mean culture but my Palestinian translator believe he is attacking Soni’s], but not the old people, and not the ignorant. God wrote that you should get married, do not you ever think about going over two women [wives]. And if the guy is satisfied [with one], it is better for you and her.”

By that there is no more argument has left that polygamy is legal in Baha’ism up to two wives. My only question is how come Baha-aalah had 3 wives.

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Baha’is Started teaching in Israel!!


Baha’i Electoral System seems to elect the ambitious and greedy (and paranoid) to the top offices

The problem with the current situation in Baha’i Faith  is not merely that the voting records of the NSA members are completely unknown. It is that the activities and policies of the NSA as a whole are almost completely unknown! What exactly do these people do? What policies have they made? What effect have the policies had? Have they been good for the growth of the community, numerically and spiritually? Without knowing the answer to this question, how can the delegates even begin to vote intelligently? Though, as we have seen, the very rules of the elections leave them with little potential impact.

We know that there were about 48,000 adult Baha’is with good addresses in the US in 1978. There are now about 60,000. In the meantime 12,000 Iranians immigrated. This means that there has been no growth in over twenty years. *None*. Of course, hundreds if not a few thousands of people have come in during the past two decades, but enormous numbers of them have gone right back out. Would any CEO who had not increased his earnings a single penny over twenty years be reappointed by the board?

The exclusivistic policies of Mr. Henderson, who is frankly mean-spirited, have contributed enormously to this Great Stagnation. He was the one who cracked down on Dialogue magazine in such a nasty way. He bullied Baha’i travel agents in 1991, for the Lord knows what reward from the corrupt Corporate Travel Consultants. He agitated behind the scenes for a crackdown on He has chased travel teachers out of the country, seeing them as an electoral threat should they become successful. I have no idea about the propriety of Jim Nelson’s book-keeping practices, but surely for Henderson to publicly smear him after Jim served on the NSA 1971-1999, in circumstances where Nelson cannot even publicly defend himself, is the height of sleaze. Henderson has arranged for himself to live rent free free in a 9-bedroom mansion (having the Bourgeois studio knocked down to build it, against UHJ instructions) with free Baha’i maids and gardeners, and his main business seems to be bullying Baha’is into silence behind the scenes. And I fully acknowledge that he is probably acting rationally given the way the Baha’i system is structured.

So, I think all these things are related: the fact that the Baha’i faith in the US has been going nowhere fast for decades; the fact that the electoral system seems to elect the ambitious and greedy (and paranoid) to the top offices; the fact that even initially upright people are made perpetual incumbents, exposing them to the temptations of absolute power held for decades and corrupting them; the fact that the electoral system provides an incentive for the incumbents to slap down and chase out potential competitors; the fact that it would not be in the incumbents’ interest for the faith to expand, become more open, attract a lot of new voters who might rock the boat.

Term limits would go a long way toward solving all these problems. In fact, why not have staggered elections for 4-year terms? You could elect 5 members in 2000 and 4 in 2002. People who don’t serve as long as Nelson did might not become tempted to act high-handedly. They wouldn’t face reelection and so would have no reason to fear being unseated by active young folks.

Counselor Fred Schechter, one of the people who falsely accused me, once told a friend of mine that anyone who becomes active in the faith will be attacked (by the faith’s officials, it is implied). We hadn’t at the time realized that Schechter intended to *act* on this observation!

This is a dysfunctional system, folks. There are ways in which it destroyed Dan Jordan (forcing him to live a lie and to resort to secret trysts), Allen Ward, and now Jim Nelson–not to mention the spiritual harm it has wreaked on the Baby Boom intellectuals who were enticed in with promises of tolerance and justice (!!!).

When Glenford Mitchell had become a huge pain in the ass as NSA secretary and was finally elected off it to the UHJ, everyone breathed a big sigh of relief. And when Henderson came in, the word was that he was a good guy, and we were all relieved. And then in a few short years he demonstrated that he was an even bigger pain in the ass than Mitchell had been. Even dumping Henderson wouldn’t solve the problem. The *system* creates the Hendersons and the Nelsons. If anyone cared about the fortunes of the faith as opposed to the size of their marble offices, they would fix the system.