Illegal sale of Alcohol at Baha’i Center-A Report

Attention All Units!

Wait til they find out about IMBRA and other Tahirih Justice Center crime sprees!

Liquor sales illegal in Solomon Islands without license but Bahais want to get drunk and break the infidels’ law!

“Being a Bahai is stressful enough, especially when you don’t know exactly when the takeover is going to happen! Bahais don’t believe in drinking alcohol or at least that’s what we tell everybody. The truth is that we are such lushes, we want ALL the liquor for ourselves as long as somebody else pays for it! If we could just get some of the damn booze Layli Miller-Muro is hogging for the politicians and herself, we wouldn’t need to break no stinking’ laws. License? We Bahais don’t need no stinking license!”

Monday, November 19, 2007 4:52 PM
Police Confiscate Illegal Alcohol

Police at Central Station and Liquor Licensing Squad are investigating an incident of the illegal sale of alcohol at BAHAI CENTRE last Thursday.

Police attended a residence at BAHAI and discovered that the resident owner was selling alcohol without a license.

During the operation, police have confiscated LARGE QUANTITIES of various types of alcohol, including: cartons of SB, cartons of Solbrew, cartons of Saratoga, cartons of Ice House, cartons of Scotch Cola, cartons of Red Horse, bottles Rum, bottles of premium Whiskey, bottles of Frigate rum, a bottle of Captain Morgan and bottles of premium Vodka.

The Officer in Charge of the SIPF Liquor Licensing Squad said that illegal selling of alcohol is a serious crime and members of the public should consider the legal consequences of such an act.

“To sell liquor in the Solomon Islands, you must have a license. It is illegal to sell alcohol without a license and police are working very hard to stop this from happening,” he said.

Police seized the alcohol and the seller will be charged on a later date.

Investigation is continuing.


2 Comments on “Illegal sale of Alcohol at Baha’i Center-A Report”

  1. Darius says:

    So it’s okay for Christians and Muslims to drink illegally?

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