Should anyone intentionally destroy a house by fire, him also shall ye burn-Kitab Aqdas

I was invited to a Baha’i party last weekend. The food was great and we were having fun till the host of the party started reading random sentences from a book “Sexuality in Islam” (قوه باه). This book, Sexuality in Islam, is an honest gathering from all the Islamic documents that contains the meaning of sexuality, sexual relation, and even the sexual desires of Mohammad. This book was published in Iran after the revolution and its content has been approved by many Iranian officials and religion authorities.

We were laughing loud and having fun until I mentioned “Islam like any other religion is full of crap, and if you look deep in the Baha’i book you will find nothing but historical jokes like that”. This comment has faced a serious feedback. To elaborate my point, I mentioned “Ketabe Aghdas (کتاب اقدس) said if someone burned your house you should burn him to death”.

62     : Should anyone intentionally destroy a house by fire, him also shall ye burn; should anyone deliberately take another’s life, him also shall ye put to death.(Kitab Aghdas)


That sentence ended the joy of the party. All I remember was the Baha’i army who were fighting me to prove no such a thing existed in their book. I asked for the Ketabe Aghdas several times; however my requests were rejected with louder argument. Finally someone took responsibility to go online and check for the accuracy of this fact. And believe it or not, I was right.

When the English version of the book revealed that, you can burn a person alive to death if he burns your house, they challenged me to check into the Arabic version. And sadly this strategy did not take them too far. They relentlessly argued at each other for the next two hours on how to translate the Arabic version and how to interoperate it properly to not to make it look better. Meanwhile other friends and I were laughing at them while drinking tea.

They are the group who didn’t go to school for their religion, they consider themselves patriotic, but they do not know the content of a 60-page book of Ketabe Aghadas.

But I learned one thing that night. If you understand the true meaning of their book and say it loud, you might be in trouble.

Posted by Ataturk


Arabic Text:

õ  (62)  من احرق بيتاً متعمّداً فاحرقوه
ومن قتل نفساً عامداً فاقتلوه خذوا
سنن الله بايادي القدرة
والاقتدار ثمّ
اتركوا سنن الجاهلين
وان تحكموا لهما
حبساً ابدي
ّاً لا بأس عليكم في
الكتاب انّه لهو الحاكم على ما يريد

Reference: the last part of pg 56 and first line of page 57)

5 Comments on “Should anyone intentionally destroy a house by fire, him also shall ye burn-Kitab Aqdas”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Moses lived in the wilderness of Sinai where crime necessitated direct punishment. There were no penitentiaries or penalties of imprisonment. Therefore, according to the exigency of the time and place it was a law of God that an eye should be given for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It would not be practicable to enforce this law at the present time–for instance, to blind a man who accidentally blinded you. In the Torah there are many commands concerning the punishment of a murderer. It would not be allowable or possible to carry out these ordinances today. Human conditions and exigencies are such that even the question of capital punishment–the one penalty which most nations have continued to enforce for murder–is now under discussion by wise men who are debating its advisability. In fact, laws for the ordinary conditions of life are only valid temporarily.”

  2. Cheryl says:

    There are no secrets here, all of these writings can be found online:

    “…Willful murder is to be punished either by capital punishment or life imprisonment. Such matters as degrees of offense and whether any extenuating circumstances are to be taken into account, and which of the two prescribed punishments is to be the norm are left to the Universal House of Justice to decide in light of prevailing conditions when the law is in operation. Arson, as you yourself can see from the newspapers, is becoming an increasingly frequent offense-scarcely a day passes without some building being burned or blown up, often causing agonizing death to innocent people. Bahá’u’lláh prescribes that a person who burns a house intentionally is to be burned or imprisoned for life, bur again, the application of these punishments, the method of carrying them out and the fixing of degrees of offense are left to the Universal House of Justice. Obviously there is a tremendous difference in the degree of the offense of a person who burns down an empty warehouse from that of one who sets fire to a school full of children.”

    (Universal House of Justice, Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1963-86)

  3. bahaisects says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    My question is “Is it right to burn a person if he burns a House Intentionally??”.
    There is no mention of whether the house is empty or full of children..
    You are simply trying to defend Bahaullah without knowing much about his silly sayings.

  4. bahaisects says:

    Kindly do such research you would find many foolish and nonsense sayings of so called Manifestation of God – Bahaullah

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