Are Baha’is leaders laundering money?

In the case of the young Iranian Baha’i murdered in Pakistan, and then  buried in a hurry by the members of the NATIONAL SPIRITUAL ASSEMBLY OF  PAKISTAN WITHOUT PERFORMING AN AUTOPSY AND WITHOUT INFORMING THE  PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT, the Universal House of Justice had to  investigate the murder following threats of lawsuits. Unfortunately,  now the people who had planned to sue in this case HAVE BEEN QUIETED  down by the Universal House of Justice.

NOT SURPRISING, Dorothy Nelson -who is member of the USA  BAHA’I  National Assembly AND whose husband WAS KICKED OUT OF THE NATIONALSPIRITUAL ASSEMBLY OF THE BAHA’IS OF USA for defrauding a poor Baha’i  of his donations to the BAHA’I HUQUQULLAH(Baha’i Fund established to  pay a TAX to GOD) was placed on the board of the LAW CENTER- that had  attempted to sue.

THE WORLD BAHA’I FAITH thus provides DAMAGE CONTROL by silencing the voice of dissent , and through their PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

Dorothy Nelson is A FEDERAL JUDGE nominated to the federal bench by  President Carter. She is NOW AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE BOARD of the LAW Center that had intended to sue the AUGUST BAHA’I ESTABLISHMENT.

 Baha’i Counsellor Stephen Hall has lately become an employee of the  Sunland Group and is on their payroll ? Why has Mr Stephen Hall moved to the Gold Coast and why since he moved to the Gold Coast has a private  investigator/detective been contracted to follow and stalk me between the Gold Coast and Brisbane?? Why is the major sharholder of the  Sunland Group not sanctioned by the baha’i administration for cohabiting with a woman that is not his wife when baha’i law states  that this must be done and why are others sanctioned for much lesser crimes when he is not? Who are all the shareholders of this company and its various subsidiaries? Are members of the baha’i administration in Australia owners of shares? Is Counselor Manijeh Rayhani a
shareholder? How about ABM Alen Waters? Why was uhj member Peter Con here on the Gold Coast this last summer? Is Peter Con a shareholder in the Sunland Group, and if so, why? Exactly why are members of the  Australian baha’i administration travelling to and fro between here and the Pacific and Micronesian Islands constantly when those Islands have  their own baha’i administrations and why is nsa member John Walker now known officially as the CEO of the baha’i faith in Australia when the baha’i faith is ostensibly a religion and not a orporation? Is the Australian baha’i administration diverting funds  to offshore accounts in the Pacific Islands and Micronesia? Why and how much and to what end? Why are official representatives of the uhj making sureptitious visits to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Unites Arab Emirates?? What exactly do the baha’is have in the UAE whereby they maintain such a continuous financial presence there? Why have their been rumours and accusations for years that wealthy baha’is in the Gulf where possibly working as conduits smuggling arms to the mullahs during Iran-Contra? Why has the name of Manuchehr Ghorbanifar been mentioned in the same breath as several wealthy baha’is in the Gulf throughout all these accusations?? What role does Mr Masih Tayyebi and his Bridge West co. have in all this? Why was Mr Tayyebi
deputized by the nsa of the United States and the Universal House of  Ignorance in Haifa, Zionistan to be their go between with Mr Reza Pahlavi until last August?

These questions MUST be answered by officials of the baha’i administration.


Feb 28 2004

One Comment on “Are Baha’is leaders laundering money?”

  1. nononesense says:

    Bahaism is an offshoot of Shiism. they’re same garbage, with different names. Have you ever noticed why the baby killer Zionist Israelis take care of Bahais? Because they’re anti-Iranian. the British call that “the enemy within”. that’s the way to destroy a country, by its people.
    Bahaism is a political bullshit. Made to take advantage of people and rip them off.

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