Baha’i “Elections” in Haifa,Israel are a Fraud

This year, out of 1’200 votes cast, 500 have been sent by mail to Haifa, Israel, according to the Baha’i administration.

The Israeli Postal Authority (an Israeli Government Agency) has replaced and tempered some (if not all) of these votes. The entire procession is a farce!

Letters are opened and fake ones replace the votes (the list of Baha’is who are elegible is OPEN information).

Most “experts in security” know that it takes less than 30 minutes for a government agency like the Israeli Postal Authority (or Mossad) to open a letter and replace its content (or just make copies) – including SEALED letters, without ANY possibility of detection by the addressee.

Notably, Baha’i elections do not allow campaigning (rightly so), therefore one can expect the votes to be RATHER EVENLY distributed among the 1200 people that can be elected (except may be the names of present members of the UHJ and Counselors, etc.)
People are not elected with 70% of the votes with may be the exceptions cited above.
Now that the corruption is in place, it is easy to control the administration entirely from the inside, not counting some CORRUPT “Baha’i officials” in Haifa who are unelected.

Therefore, the 500 votes sent by mail can make a BIG difference if (some of) the letters’ content has been replaced even partially (or tempered with). Nevertheless, checking it should be an ESSENTIAL PART OF THE AUDITING PROCESS, but again, unfortunately, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to audit this part, unless exceptional measures are taken, beyond the ones taken by the Baha’i administration at present. It does NOT require “big” logistics for any Government to commit this kind of fraud. It can be done VERY EASILY, as explained above by the Israeli Postal Authority or the Mossad. However, the “Baha’i” administration will dismiss this possibility. This by itself is very strange…

The Baha’i administration, by its own admission, does NOT verify the authenticity of the mail’s CONTENT (i.e., the votes themselves), but ONLY the fact that the sender’s name matches the authorized list of Baha’is. Furthermore, the ballots are SECRET (that means that no one knows “who voted for who” beside the person himself/herself, which is not bad by itself).

But this important loophole CAN and has been exploited by the same people who wrote the Protocols of Zion and who have sworn to replace ANY religion with their perverted form of Judaism and who have been condemned and denounced by many US Presidents.

Beware of the Baha’i Elections unless ALL the above issues have been resolved in a COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT way!

– George Mugabee

Apr 29 2008

4 Comments on “Baha’i “Elections” in Haifa,Israel are a Fraud”

  1. eri maas says:

    You recognize complete absurdity. Their are NO BAHA’I Leaders accept The Bab, Baha’ullah, Abdul Baha and the U.H J.. PERIOD
    Anyone who has started sect will vanish in eternity and not one trace of their being will ever exist. This is a lying website and I am out of here!

    • bahaisects says:

      Orthodox Baha’is says : “U.H.J is not a valid organization without a living Guardian.
      And according to will and testament of Abdul Baha, the Guardian must appoint a Guardian during his life time.”.
      Now you decide what u want to believe !!!!

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