The Final Word about Baha’ism and Polygamy

(Arabic text)Bahais are allowed to keep two wives

Reference :

Here is my translation from the Arabic version of Ketabe Aghdas.

Sec 57: “Follow the Sonat [that mean culture but my Palestinian translator believe he is attacking Soni’s], but not the old people, and not the ignorant. God wrote that you should get married, do not you ever think about going over two women [wives]. And if the guy is satisfied [with one], it is better for you and her.”

By that there is no more argument has left that polygamy is legal in Baha’ism up to two wives. My only question is how come Baha-aalah had 3 wives.

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Baha’is Started teaching in Israel!!


Baha’i Electoral System seems to elect the ambitious and greedy (and paranoid) to the top offices

The problem with the current situation in Baha’i Faith  is not merely that the voting records of the NSA members are completely unknown. It is that the activities and policies of the NSA as a whole are almost completely unknown! What exactly do these people do? What policies have they made? What effect have the policies had? Have they been good for the growth of the community, numerically and spiritually? Without knowing the answer to this question, how can the delegates even begin to vote intelligently? Though, as we have seen, the very rules of the elections leave them with little potential impact.

We know that there were about 48,000 adult Baha’is with good addresses in the US in 1978. There are now about 60,000. In the meantime 12,000 Iranians immigrated. This means that there has been no growth in over twenty years. *None*. Of course, hundreds if not a few thousands of people have come in during the past two decades, but enormous numbers of them have gone right back out. Would any CEO who had not increased his earnings a single penny over twenty years be reappointed by the board?

The exclusivistic policies of Mr. Henderson, who is frankly mean-spirited, have contributed enormously to this Great Stagnation. He was the one who cracked down on Dialogue magazine in such a nasty way. He bullied Baha’i travel agents in 1991, for the Lord knows what reward from the corrupt Corporate Travel Consultants. He agitated behind the scenes for a crackdown on He has chased travel teachers out of the country, seeing them as an electoral threat should they become successful. I have no idea about the propriety of Jim Nelson’s book-keeping practices, but surely for Henderson to publicly smear him after Jim served on the NSA 1971-1999, in circumstances where Nelson cannot even publicly defend himself, is the height of sleaze. Henderson has arranged for himself to live rent free free in a 9-bedroom mansion (having the Bourgeois studio knocked down to build it, against UHJ instructions) with free Baha’i maids and gardeners, and his main business seems to be bullying Baha’is into silence behind the scenes. And I fully acknowledge that he is probably acting rationally given the way the Baha’i system is structured.

So, I think all these things are related: the fact that the Baha’i faith in the US has been going nowhere fast for decades; the fact that the electoral system seems to elect the ambitious and greedy (and paranoid) to the top offices; the fact that even initially upright people are made perpetual incumbents, exposing them to the temptations of absolute power held for decades and corrupting them; the fact that the electoral system provides an incentive for the incumbents to slap down and chase out potential competitors; the fact that it would not be in the incumbents’ interest for the faith to expand, become more open, attract a lot of new voters who might rock the boat.

Term limits would go a long way toward solving all these problems. In fact, why not have staggered elections for 4-year terms? You could elect 5 members in 2000 and 4 in 2002. People who don’t serve as long as Nelson did might not become tempted to act high-handedly. They wouldn’t face reelection and so would have no reason to fear being unseated by active young folks.

Counselor Fred Schechter, one of the people who falsely accused me, once told a friend of mine that anyone who becomes active in the faith will be attacked (by the faith’s officials, it is implied). We hadn’t at the time realized that Schechter intended to *act* on this observation!

This is a dysfunctional system, folks. There are ways in which it destroyed Dan Jordan (forcing him to live a lie and to resort to secret trysts), Allen Ward, and now Jim Nelson–not to mention the spiritual harm it has wreaked on the Baby Boom intellectuals who were enticed in with promises of tolerance and justice (!!!).

When Glenford Mitchell had become a huge pain in the ass as NSA secretary and was finally elected off it to the UHJ, everyone breathed a big sigh of relief. And when Henderson came in, the word was that he was a good guy, and we were all relieved. And then in a few short years he demonstrated that he was an even bigger pain in the ass than Mitchell had been. Even dumping Henderson wouldn’t solve the problem. The *system* creates the Hendersons and the Nelsons. If anyone cared about the fortunes of the faith as opposed to the size of their marble offices, they would fix the system.


Bahai hypocrisy over The Exiling of the Palestinian People

The Exiling of the Palestinian People

“When the Zionists decided to found an independent Jewish state on Palestinian territory, one of the first problems they faced was the small size of the Jewish population living there. In the early 1900s, Jews constituted less than 10 percent of the population of Palestine.Thanks to the efforts of the Zionists, the number of Jewish migrants, 100,000 in the 1920s, reached 232,000 in the 1930s according to official figures. By 1939 there were 445,000 Jews out of a total population of 1.5 million. From representing 10 percent of the population just two decades before, they now constituted 30 percent by 1939. Jewish settlement areas were also expanded in line with the rise in population. By 1939 the land owned by Jews had doubled in comparison to the 1920s. By 1947, there were 630,000 Jews in Palestine and 1.3 million Palestinians. Between the partitioning of Palestine by the United Nations on November 29, 1947 and the founding of the state of Israel on May 15, 1948, the Israelis acquired a substantial part of Palestinian lands. As a result of pressure and killing in Palestinian villages, the number of Palestinians living in some 500 cities, towns and villages fell from 950,000 to 138,000. A great number of these people had been killed, and others were exiled. The Zionist terror groups that would later form the Israeli Army attacked Muslim villages at night. Muslims were shot, and everywhere these groups passed through was burned and destroyed. By these means, some 400 Palestinian villages were wiped off the map in 1948 and 1949. The property left behind by the Palestinians was taken over by the Jews by virtue of the Absentee Property Law. Until 1947, Jewish land ownership in Palestine was some 6%. By the time the state was formally established, it had sequestered 90% of the land.9 The Palestinian Arabs were left with just two separate areas, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

A Palestinian Child cleaning the blood of his brother.

In 1937 the Baha’is owned one million dollars’ worth of property on Mount Carmel. (see evidence enclosed below) .Today that could be as much as one billion. After 1948 the local Arab Palestinians were exiled by force and their land and property confiscated by the Jews who in turn sold some of these properties to the Baha’is in Haifa and Acca. Surely many readers would agree Christ ( or the Muslim Madhi or Quam) would not return in the form of Baha’u’llah to do such a prejudiced discrimating deed on his people, as has happened to the poor sad Palestinian people since the Jews laid claim to their land in 1948.

“The Bahá’ís own one million dollars’ worth of property on Mount Carmel, one quarter of this is owned by the American N.S.A., about 35 acres. Muhammad Ali’s son, Moussa Bahá’í, had to sign all the deeds which went to America as he is on the land commission. When they wanted to transfer the property in the name of the N.S.A. of America, through a power of attorney, Moussa Bahá’í said the N.S.A. was not recognized legally in Palestine. Shoghi Effendi went to a lawyer, who recommended forming a Palestine Branch. A new power of attorney was sent and the property transferred. This pilgrim house (Western)
belongs to the N.S.A. of America, also a plot of land near Akka. Shoghi Effendi’s plan is to have all the N.S.A.’s of the Bahá’í world own property here on Mount Carmel. This will impress the authorities and protect the property. The “endowments of the Bahá’í Faith in America” would be a better name than “property of.” There are National, International and local endowments. The endowments here in Haifa (Akka, etc.,) are International. The Temple, etc. is a National endowment, and local endowments must also be obtained.

In Abdu’l-Baha’s & Shoghi Effendi’s time there was not enought housing accommodation for 900 Baha’is who work at the BWC as there is today.
It was only after the Guardian died in 1957 and the UHJ was formed in 1963 did the Administration start buying up property to house the expanding workers and staff. Most of the property which house these 900 Baha’i workers today was purchased from the Jews who had conficated it from the exiled palestinians.

The Jews in Haifa built new homes with the profits from selling some old Palestinan property to the Baha’is for the new incoming Russian Jew immigrants to Haifa. The Russian Jewish immigrants only lived in some of these old Palestinian apartment buildings (for an interim period) until new accommodation was built for them. Some of these apartment buildings still lie vacant today they had to be kept for returning Palestinians as the property rightly belonged to them. But that all looks about to change as George Bush has agreed with Sharon only yesterday to not let any Palestinians back to live in Israel. So the Jews will start selling more of this property now to the Baha’is who will only be too happy to gobble up as much real estate as they can in Haifa and Acca.

Below are some facts about Haifa most Baha’is never hear about.

“There are numerous old Palestinian apartment buildings that are still standing in Haifa and vacant. These cities are central to Palestinian culture and history. Accommodating returnees in the major Palestinian cities will greatly contribute to the resolution of the conflict. If Palestinians continue to be barred from these cities they will remain a painful thorn in Palestinian memory and history that will threaten stability.”

“The Palestinian Arabs within Israel made up the majority of inhabitants of Palestine before to 1948. As a result of the war of 1948 and the establishment of the State of Israel, 84% of the Palestinian population” were exiled and became refugees

“I have cousins in Beirut, in Syria, in Saudi Arabia, in all the countries of the world. It is their right to return to their country and homeland. The son of Haifa has the right to return to his town.
The person who comes from America or Russia has the right to live in Haifa and Tel Aviv, and the true son of Haifa and Tel Aviv remains homeless and exiled. Is this justice? Where is justice? Would you accept that for yourself? Would Bush accept this?

1948 March 22.

Palestine today had one of its ugly days of violencein Haifa, Jews blew up two areas in th Arab quarter, killing 17 and injuring another 150. Chronical of the 20th century (by Jacques legrand 1988)

How could you make a sustainable solution out of telling Palestinians exiled from Haifa and Jaffa that they could “return” only to Jericho and Nablus?…

What’s is the use of your crocadile tears for the plight of the Palestinian’s, when your Universal House is helping to launder looted Palestinian real estate, by buying it from the Jews in Haifa?

May I ask,does your prophet Baha’u’llah (Second coming of Christ) find the interpretation in the Christian Gospels to support this?


Introduction to the Reform Bahai Faith. A Talk Presented to the Troy Interfaith Group, Troy, Michigan, March 5, 2012.

Future Baha’i (inspired) Government in Iran

by Ravian Bilani

Baha’ism has set forth a system of civil government. Claiming to be a revelation from God, it has enunciated the laws and regulations of the future State. It approves of constitutional monarchy as the best form of government, and permits republics. But this monarchy will be limited not so much by its constitution as by the law of Baha’ism and its hierarchy. Baha, in the “Kitab-ul-Akdas,” the Book of Laws, directs that Baitul Adl, houses of justice, be established in every place, with nine or more members, all Baha’i men, who shall be Trustees of the Merciful, Administrators for God. In the thirteenth, of the “Glad Tidings” he says:

“The affairs of the people are placed in charge of the men of the House of Justice. They are daysprings of command (divine agents, representatives of God). They may execute what they deem advisable. It is incumbent upon all to obey them. Their souls will be inspired with divine aspiration. God will inspire them with what He willeth.”

With them will lie the interpretation of points of doctrine. They must decree and judge according to Baha’i revelation. “They must gaze day and night towards that which hath been revealed from the horizon of the Supreme Pen.” They shall rule by divine right. Their authority shall be absolute. Abdul Baha restates the words of Baha: [n 1 “The House of Justice must be obeyed in all things.” “It is the centre of true government.” “The Law of God will be invested in them, and they will render decisions.” “All judgment will be from the standpoint of God’s laws.” “Its decisions and commands will be guarded from mistake. It will have conferred upon it infallibility.” The House of Justice will have local councils, national ones, and an international one. Of the latter, Abdul Baha said in an address in New York:

“A universal or world House of Justice shall be organized. That which it orders shall be the Truth in explaining the commands of Baha’u’llah and shall be obeyed by all. All men shall be under its supervision.”

Its functions are not confined to matters of faith, for Abdul Baha continues: “The House of Justice is endowed with a political as well as a religious aspect.

It embodies both aspects, and is protected by the preserving power of Baha’u’llah himself.” In the political aspect it will be supreme. “The separation of the Religion and the State can only be temporary,” says Dreyfus, “a momentary stage. For the present the two spheres are separate. When Baha’ism triumphs they will be united.” “The House of Justice will have under its control almost the whole administration, and naturally will take the place of our municipal councils. Such has been Baha Ullah’s intention. Further he clearly aims not only at a municipal House of Justice, but also at a legislative one, sitting as a national parliament and as an international tribunal.” Remember that all the members are to be Baha’is. So Remey says, “There will be a union of Religion and the State — the governments of the nations. The material laws of men will be founded and enforced according to” Baha’ism. In this politico-religious regime, the political will be subject to the religious. “The kings and rulers of the world,” says Abdul Baha, “will find their true authority under the rulings of the House of Justice. It will decide between kings and kings.” Baha addressed letters to kings with arrogant assumption of authority to control the civil powers.

The Houses of Justice will have large financial powers. They shall inherit all property of those dying without heirs, and one-third of that of those dying childless. One-third of all fines for crimes shall go to them. For example, in case of murder, two-thirds of the blood money shall go to the family of the murdered and one-third to the House of Justice. A tithe of nineteen-hundredths shall be given into their hands. They shall act as trustees for minors and incapables, and as a Poor Board.

They shall have civil jurisdiction, “to settle material difficulties between believers,” for the protection of men, for the preservation of human honour. “If any man refuses to educate his children, the House of Justice shall do it at his expense,” and “shall order all the negligent to pay” and use police powers to enforce it.

They must also interpret and administer criminal law, for Baha has “revealed” a code of laws and regulations concerning material as well as spiritual things. Abdul Baha says, “The revelations of Baha’u’llah contain all the great laws of social government.” “The laws cover all points and questions of national administration.” For example, in the “Kitab-ul-Akdas,” the punishment for theft is prescribed: for the first offense, exile; for the second, imprisonment; for the third, branding “thief” on the forehead, “lest other countries accept him.” For adultery a fine is to be paid to the House of Justice,

and for the second offense, double of the fine. Arson is made punishable by burning, etc. This fiat legislation of Baha’u’llah is to be imposed upon the parliaments of all nations. “All legislative and administrative functions,” says Dreyfus, “shall assume a sacred character” under the control of the Baha’i House of Justice.

In brief, Baha’ism would set up in each town, in every country, ruling councils, and a central one universal in its sway, composed entirely of Baha’is, clothed with supreme authority, because God-given, over kings, parliaments, and peoples; councils infallible and absolute, superior to appeal or protest; deciding and exacting obedience in every department of the life of humanity — religious, domestic, social, educational, financial, judicial, and political. It would be not an imperium in imperia, but an Empire over all. It would be a priestcraft [2] such as the world has not yet seen–a religious-political regime in which kings and presidents will go not to Canossa but to Acca, and alike hold the stirrups of Baha’i justices, and laws of parliaments will be subject to revision and veto by the Baha’i House. In it is the certainty of priestly oppression when fallible men set up their judgment as God’s. The Baha’is claim to have no priests and no hierarchy. It is a question of names. Their system and laws contain the real thing, full-fledged, men mediating God’s will. We may call it a Baha’iarchy, if they prefer.

Abdul Baha, recognizing the objections that will be made to the political functions of the Baha’i justices, and foreseeing difficulty with Governments, has, for the time being, directed that in America and Europe the name “House of Spirituality” or “House of Consultation” be used. But change of name does not alter the reality or change the “revelation” of Baha. The House of Justice (central) is to be set up when Abdul Baha dies, and it will assume its functions gradually as opportunity and expediency demand. Already orders have gone forth prohibiting the interpretation of the words of Baha or personal expositions of them. Already the fiat has interdicted the publication, by a Baha’i, of a tract, book, or translation on the Baha’i religion without submitting it to the censor at Acca.

The effect of the working of the Baha’i system may be realized by imagining it as set up in Persia. Suppose, for example, that the small minority of Baha’is now in Persia should become a majority, with a Baha’i Shah. Baha’ism would become the established religion. “Houses of Justice” would come into operation. What of those who remain Moslems and Christians? Fortunately Baha has abolished the law of the Bab that required their expulsion from the chief provinces of Persia and the confiscation of their property. But either the other religions must be judged by Baha’i courts, or separate courts must be set up for them. This would perpetuate the double system of courts, the urfi or civil and the shari or religio-civil courts. The latter would be entirely Baha’i and either lording it over or in conflict with the civil administration. This would be a continuation of the present confusion of Persian conditions, only with the Baha’is in control. What might the minority expect? The oppressions and anathemas received by the old Baha’is from the followers of Abdul Baha Abbas give the answer. Fortunately for the world, the universal reign of Baha’ism is not to be realized, neither is the prophecy of Abdul Baha to be fulfilled which says “that the flag of Baha’u’llah will overcome every other flag and all rulers will do homage to it.”


Introducing the Baha’i Jewish Lobby

The anti-Iranian nature of the missionary affair continues to reverbate within the Iranian Baha’i community. Iran has been the cradle of this British manufactured, Zionist supported cult from the very beginning. Most of its adherents have come from Iran. In fact, for all their posturing that they have managed to convert large populations in the Third World – and who for some reason can’t actually be found any rolls –, no other country in the world has been so receptive to the Baha’i idea than Iranians and particularly Iranian Jews.

These days, predominantly of former Jewish and sometimes Zoroastrian backgrounds, the current make up of Baha’is in Iran is vastly different to what it was in the late nineteenth centuary. The Baha’i faith lost its appeal to the mainstream Iranian community in the early 1900s during the Constitutional Revolution when Abbas Effendi not only failed to support the constitutional movement, but tacitly even supported the Russian involvement in Iranian internal politics and its sponsoring of Muhammad Ali Shah’s coup d’etat against the Parliament and people of Iran. Later in the mid 1950s Shoghi Effendi directly instructed Iranian Baha’is to work closely with the Pahlavi regime, ergo Habib Sabet. The exodus of Baha’is from Muslim backgrounds resulted in the reduction in the intellectual output of the community.

Coupled with that came the influx of new believers from these Iranian Jewish and Zoroastrian minorities. The new believers had been under persecution in their respective religions and saw the new faith as an opportunity to exert control over others. Introducing the powerful Baha’i “Jewish” Lobby.

Brought together by their dislike of Muslim influences on Iranian culture, the Jewish Baha’is began to gradually purge the Iranian Baha’i community from its Islamic roots and origins. This can be witnessed in their whitewashings of the militant Shi’ite and Babi past.

This agenda fitted well with Shoghi Effendi’s vision of abandoning Iran in favour of exporting the cult to other parts of the world. With the death of Shoghi Effendi in 1957 and the rise of the new UHJ oligarchy, the new Jewish (and sometimes Zoroastrian) adherents were quickly promoted through the ranks to high places within the Iranian and International Baha’i communities. Key members of the Iranian NSA and continental Board of Counsellors came from this new ethnic grouping in the Baha’i cult. Following the 1979 revolution, most of the Jewish Baha’i elite migrated to Western Europe and California, USA, where their monies helped buy properties for the AO. The completion of the ARC project is owed to a large part to donations given from these two groups. Several confidential trips by UHJ members Fatheazam and Nakhjavani to LA and Australia in 1989 ensured that all the monies required for the ARC were secured from these groups. In fact the whole of these monies had been raised long before the advertising campaign for fundraising ever begun, much of through their own investments, with smatterings of large grants and subsidies given them by the Israeli government.

During the late 80s and early 90s many of the donators and their relatives were rewarded by the BWC by being nominated to key positions on the Continental Board and the ITC. In fact a quick scan of existing Counsellors in Europe, Australia and North America since 1985 suggests that former Zoroastrians and Jews have done quite well in this regard, but not their Muslim background counterparts.

The UHJs decision to adopt a more rabid form of fundamentalism and hardline position in 1996 bode well for the Baha’i Jews especially.

They were the ones that successfully lobbeyed the UHJ to:
1) Instruct Iranian Baha’is not to attend Naw-Ruz celebrations by Iranian exile communities;
2) Instruct Iranian Baha’is not to associate with the general Iranian community in exile, thereby attempting to foist a Baha’i-only -rather than a universally Iranian – Naw-Ruz culture.

Counsellor Manijeh Reyhani, for example, who was instrumental in getting Hamid Taheri excommunicated comes from a dual Zoroastrian and Jewish background. These people control the Payam-i Bahai magazine (run by ’60s-’70s Pahlavi insider Shapour Rasekh a.k.a. Delaram Mashhuri), the Andalib magazine, and, until its demise Landegg in Switzerland, as well as Radio Bahai (broadcasting in Persian), not to mention composition of the Ruhi modules.

Iran has always been rich in supplying and exporting Baha’i travel teachers around the world. The Baha’i Jewish lobby now wants to dominate and silence the mainstream Iranian Baha’i community by exporting their hyper-fundamentalist reading of the cult into Iran. They have funded companies and businesses through the missionaries in order to “teach the youth” and set up Ruhi Institutes. The Baha’i community in Iran has suffered enormously at the hands of the Islamic regime. It has lost some of its most charismatic Baha’i intellectuals like the Bakhtavars or Davudis. The present elite leadership is exclusively made up of former Jews. There are deep divisions in the community and some of the truly learned ones have boycotted the current crop of leaders and their activities.

So this latest effort to export missionaries is aimed at demonstrating “the correct version of the faith” to the rank and file at the same time isolating (and hopefully driving out) the voices of dissent. It is also a means, among others, by the Israelis to gain further footholds inside Iran itself. Both policies, it would appear, have now failed. The Iranian Baha’i community is racked with dissension and schism, and the IR finally blew its top (and reasonably so given all the freedoms they had given the Baha’is since the mid ’90s) with this ridiculous allegation of genocide by the Jewish Baha’i leadership. One wonders if maybe deep down these Jewish Baha’is actually pray for a holocaust to occu in Iran so that they can politically capitalize on it for their future designs, just as their European Jewish counterparts vis-a-vis Palestine.