What is the religion Baha’i about?

1. How new members are found ?

Baha’i Faith: There are secrets but these secrets are not known to the poor, innocent, newly converted Baha’is. Does the common baha’i know that the Baha’i Elections are fully controlled by the “All Male, Supreme, All Infallibale, Haifan Organisation”? Do they know this, that these are not spiritual but highly fraud and controlled? there are many secrets and are available on the internet. Search on google for Pakistan Baha’i Election Fraud, Baha’i Control on their Electoral System, Baha’i Election fraud in India.

2. How funding is obtained?
Baha’i Faith: Has commercial businesses, they collect money from poor Indians, Burmese, Nepalis, Pakistanis in the name of Community Banking and then use these funds for proselytizing. Also auctions are held of different used Clothings of Baha’i Leaders for fund raising. If they know (and they actually know) that you have money, they (Especially Iranian Baha’is) will start motivating you to give the HUQUQULLAH, which is then transferred to UHJ in Haifa and it is then used to maintain Huge Gardens on Mount Carmel. Some of the fund is used for Pioneering purpose and it is allocated by the Counselors to its own people, sometimes exceeding 15000 US$ a year. There are huge financial scams in the Baha’i community. Just google to learn more, Search for Baha’i financial scams in Dubai, India, Italy, Pakistan, Africa, Iran etc.

Recently a Saree (Indian Dress) of Ruhiyyih Maxwell was auctioned to raise funds for Baha’i activities.

3. Charismatic central figure.

“Baha’i Say: There is no clergy, paid or unpaid”
Totally false!

There are no clergies but there are Counselors and ABMs. The ABMs are religious Police just like the one in IRAN and the Counselors are purely MULLAHs. They are those conducting difficult and important lectures on the subjects such as Covenant, Huququllah, Covenant Breaking, Baha’i Elections, Ruhi 8 etc. These are Baha’i MULLAHs and everybody is supposed to OBEY them without any questioning. You cannot be critical of them. Otherwise you are considered Critical of UHJ, the Supreme Baha’i Body. If you ask questions to them, you are considered weak in Covenant. These Counselors and ABMs are mostly paid huge amounts for their services. These amounts are called as “Living Assistance”

4. Investigation of truth
Baha’i Say: Baha’is are encouraged to investigate all religions, and to appreciate truth no matter where it is found.

Totally Wrong.

Baha’is are strictly not allowed to read the material of other Baha’i Sects. They are told to immediately delete all the mails / emails received by the “Critics” or Baha’is of other denominations.

5. Behavior control, as defined by Hassan.
Baha’i Faith: Many Baha’is are Alcoholic. Behavior is fully controlled by the Supreme Baha’i Administrative Bodies. Once Baha’i Administration declares any fellow as a “Covenant Breaker” then other Baha’is are supposed to totally boycott / shun him even if he be your brother.

This is what I found, the advice of UHJ to Baha’is
“There is no excuse for believers continuing to associate with … and those who, knowing everything, still insist on doing so, should be shunned by their fellow-Bahá’ís. The same applies to people who have left the Cause and associate with …”

6. Thought control !
Baha’i Faith: The “Ruhi Institute” is specially meant to brainwash the newly converted. Read Ruhi Book 6 and learn yourself.

7. Emotional control!
Baha’i Faith: Exactly same here, Guilt and fear are often used to control members, including alternating praise and public humiliation (if you are critical of this cult) or forced confession, and indoctrination (Shunning) against leaving the group. Small mistakes are fined with the taking of “Voting / Administrative Rights”

8. What happens when people leave the religion
Baha’i Faith: Exactly Same with the Baha’i Cult. Search the Phrase “Non-association with Covenant-breakers” and read the teaching of Baha’u’llah, Abdul Baha and Shoghi Effendi.


Baha’i government would be totally tyrannical

The Baha’i Administrative Order, developed by Shoghi Effendi, and derived from the writings of Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha, is a badly flawed and ineffective mode of government, which would naturally take over an area if the Baha’is ever became the majority of any place on Earth. Here’s why that must NEVER happen:

First, Baha’i elections are run in such a way that there are no nominations, campaigning is forbidden, and the top nine members that get the most votes are elected. As a result, incumbents are virtually guaranteed to win, turnover is extremely low, and the policies of adminstrative bodies cannot be challenged by outsiders at elections. There is no freedom in such elections.

Second, consider this quote from Baha’u’llah himself:
Consider the pettiness of men’s minds. They ask for that which injureth them, and cast away the thing that profiteth them. They are, indeed, of those that are far astray. We find some men desiring liberty, and priding themselves therein. Such men are in the depths of ignorance.

Liberty must, in the end, lead to sedition, whose flames none can quench. Thus warneth you He Who is the Reckoner, the All-Knowing. Know ye that the embodiment of liberty and its symbol is the animal. That which beseemeth man is submission unto such restraints as will protect him from his own ignorance, and guard him against the harm of the mischief-maker. Liberty causeth man to overstep the bounds of propriety, and to infringe on the dignity of his station. It debaseth him to the level of extreme depravity and wickedness.

Regard men as a flock of sheep that need a shepherd for their protection. This, verily, is the truth, the certain truth. We approve of liberty in certain circumstances, and refuse to sanction it in others. We, verily, are the All-Knowing.

Say: True liberty consisteth in man’s submission unto My commandments, little as ye know it. Were men to observe that which We have sent down unto them from the Heaven of Revelation, they would, of a certainty, attain unto perfect liberty. Happy is the man that hath apprehended the Purpose of God in whatever He hath revealed from the Heaven of His Will, that pervadeth all created things. Say: The liberty that profiteth you is to be found nowhere except in complete servitude unto God, the Eternal Truth. Whoso hath tasted of its sweetness will refuse to barter it for all the dominion of earth and heaven.

I think George Orwell would call this sort of thing “doublespeak”. Of course, if you are a Libertarian, this is total nonsense to you. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. NOT!

Third, Baha’ullah himself made many laws in his writings that for Baha’is can never be challenged or overturned, not even by Baha’i administration bodies. Even worse, the interpretation of those laws by Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi also cannot be challenged or overturned. The legislative functions of those bodies, including the Universal House of Justice, are thus extremely limited. Baha’is have NO real freedom!

Consider this testimony from another ex-Baha’i:


I used to be a member of the Baha’i Faith, and though it has some very good points, it ultimately fails to pass the test of independent investigation. Baha’is usually seek an image as being very liberal and open-minded, to attract seekers no doubt. Once within the community however, you are very limited in terms of how you should feel about any aspect of life… it has to be the “Baha’i Way” or no way. In fact, you may find yourself in a ridiculous situation if you have unique family situations…

Are you adopted? Oh, too bad if you were wanting to get married…. Better hope you can track down your biological parents, or you will face a real nightmare, because you need their permission before you can marry if they are still living. If they, let’s say, don’t like “negroes” and you want to marry interracially, then despite the fact that they have never seen you before in their lives (because they dumped you at an orphanage) you are forbidden to marry, and face severe penalities if you do so anyways. Have you, or anyone you know, had an experience where you faced a four fold conflict with: the love of your life, a biological parent you’ve never met (or a hard-headed parent with prejudices against your love’s race), the Baha’i religious administration, and your own conscience.

Then why bother to have a UHJ at all? It is toothless!

Financial Scandal Rocks Italian Baha’i Community

Recently the small Italian Baha’i community was shocked to learn that one of its most prominent, long-serving and active members, the former General Secretary of the NSA: Franco Ceccherini, had been ousted from the NSA and formally charged for embezzlement and fraud in the amount of 360,000 Euros.

Ceccherini allegedly stole the money over the lengthy period of time that he served at the highest levels of the Baha’i community in Italy. It appears that he embezzled funds from 1992 until 2006 by fraudulently producing invoices, letters and documents and then pocketing the funds he received for them. Throughout the more than 14 years that Ceccherini served in the institutions, he alternated between high level positions: sometimes he served as the General Secretary of the NSA of Italy, while other times he served as the Head of the Office of the Secretariat – which included several other individuals employed by the NSA. And at times Ceccherini served as both General Secretary and as Head of the Office of the Secretariat.

Through the uninterrupted access granted to him by these positions, Ceccherini was able to allegedly perpetrate this scheme for almost 15 years. It is still a mystery how the Treasurer could not detect such a large and prolonged fraud. Nor is it known what, if any, control measures were circumvented by italian NSA euros3.pngCeccherini. As it stands now, neither the Treasurer, any of the other NSA members nor any employees of the NSA have been charged.

The scheme began to unravelled when the Italian equivalent of the IRS contacted the NSA of Italy and filed a charge of tax evasion against it. Through the ensuing audit and investigations it came to light that all these years Ceccherini had been pocketing the funds that should have been going to the INPS and the INAIL (state pension and worker’s compensation/insurance plans).

My suspicion is that since most continental European Baha’i communities (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.) do not have the privilege of incorporation enjoyed elsewhere, the actual banking was in the name of an individual. And my guess is that individual was Ceccherini; because of his tenure within the Baha’i community or simply because he was trusted. After all, when you are unincorporated, you must trust an individual to administer the finances in their name. There is no other option. If my suspicions are correct it explains why the Treasurer or other person were not caught up in the fraud and how one person alone could perpetrate it.

Consequences of this tragedy are many. For one, the NSA of Italy has been thrown into total chaos. It has had to deal with an extensive internal investigation and financial audit. There is is a serious financial blow to the community as funds which should have been paid to the government for more than a decade now need to be paid in lump sum. Thankfully the government has agreed that the NSA as an institution was not perpetrating the fraud and agreed to dismiss 90,000 Euros in interest and fines they had levied. Which means that the NSA has to pay back 275,000 Euros. The House of Justice has loaned the Italian NSA 200,000 Euros to buffer the blow to their annual budget. This loan will have to be repaid to the House in installments over time but the NSA will still have to make a lump sum payment of 75,000 Euros. A significant chunk of change for a community the size of Italy.

Other consequences are more intangible. The spouse of Ceccherini, also a prominent Baha’i was removed from her position as an Auxiliary Board Member (Propagation). The news has left the Italian community shell-shocked since Ceccherini was seen as a pillar of the community. On top of this, several projects such as the office of public information have had to be closed or curtailed sharply due to lack of funds.

No matter how extensively one creates control measures, nor how draconian in nature, they can be circumvented by another person. Ultimately, nothing short of personal transformation can prevent such criminal acts. As Baha’u’llah says in the Hidden Words:

“Busy not thyself with this world, for with fire We test the gold and with gold We test Our servants.”

But this does not mean that there aren’t lessons to be learned from such a sad state of affairs. Nor that common sense should not be used. What we have in the institutions of the Baha’i Faith basically relies on the good character of those within it. If they falter, then there are no measures to protect the community. This has to change.

We have no transparency, no control measures, no accountability and no term limits. Combine these and you have a potentially explosive situation. Add the spark of human shortcoming and you have a bomb that can devastate whole communities and lay waste to decades of painstaking growth and development.

The Baha’i community has gradients of financial transparency. At the local level, things are quite clear with regular reports by the local treasurer and detailed reports of budgets and expenses. At the national level, things get decidedly more murky. Less detail is divulged: only income and expenses are shared (not assets and liabilities) , while the delegates to the national convention are the only ones who get to see and look at the full accounts – but they can’t share them with their communities and they have a very tight schedule with limited time to look over them. At the international level, the picture gets pitch dark with absolutely no information divulged except for the estimates of large scale projects (recent examples are for the Arc and the Chile temple). Beyond that, trying to pry financial information at this level is like trying to shuck an oyster with jello.

Financial reporting is most detailed and most transparent at the local level, where ironically the least amount of money is involved. The Italian incident involving 360,000 Euros may seem like a lot of money but it is a rounding error in international budgets. This culture of opacity and secrecy is fertile ground for the nastier attributes of human nature and must be blotted out from the Baha’i community.

If due to an inability to incorporate, the affairs of a whole community have to be placed in the hands of a person, a simple control measure is to open a shared or joint account. This way two people must be aware of and make authorization for any transactions. Second, I for one am still not convinced how the Italian national treasurer can not be at least found to be culpable of gross negligence in this case. Pleading ignorance is no defense for them. If anything they should be fully investigated and asked to resign, if for nothing more than their incompetence in recognizing and preventing such a long lived scheme. Similarly simple and easy control measures are left unimplemented in Baha’i institutions. Blame incompetence, ignorance or a childish innocence. Whatever the reason, it is plain stupid to not have them.

My fellow Baha’is usually bristle at that word since we believe that the institutions are not to be held accountable to their community. But this only extends to decisions. I’m speaking of management. An NSA should be held accountable to its community for mis-management, as this case clearly illustrates. If you are incompetent, you have to answer to the community. Period. The principle of non-accountability is not a free pass for negligence and idiocy.

This is a much broader concept than I can do justice to here but put plainly it means that individuals have a limit to the number of years they serve in Baha’i institutions. In almost all Baha’i communities, large and small, we find that a small group of individuals dominate the elected and appointed institutions year in and year out. This has sadly become the norm. The consequence is that these individuals start to create little fiefdoms and get quite comfortable. Even getting a sense of entitlement. Can anyone doubt that Franco Ciccherini could have perpetrated such a massive (both in length and in quantity) fraud had we had term limits which limited his access to the highest levels of administration? There are many, many other benefits to term limits beyond the prevention of fraud and crime within the administration. I will explore this topic in more detail at a later time and hope to do justice to it.

It is my hope that the Baha’i community in Italy will learn from this tragedy, rebuild, move on and continue to grow. And that Baha’is elsewhere will use this opportunity to avoid similar painful learning experiences by beginning to consult on how to increase transparency and accountability with the institutions; how to implement common sense control measures and how term limits can benefit the community.

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Courtesy : http://bahairants.com/financial-scandal-rocks-italian-bahai-community-209.html

A Multi-Milliard Rial Scam By A Baha’i Company in Dubai

Originally appeared in the Persian language ‘Asr-i-Iran 26th of Isfand 1387 (solar) = Monday, March 16, 2009 CE

After the passage of 20 months it is established that this company not only did not build a single tower/high rise, but didn’t even obtain the properties for their construction! In an unprecedented scam involving the amount of 2,150 milliard rials (which was  taken from Iranians who had invested money for the purpose of obtaining property in Dubai), a high-rise/tower construction development company connected to the Baha’is in the United Arab Emirates has committed fraud.

According to reports by [the newsagency?] MAWJ (wave), approximately 20 months ago the company ‘Reliance’, which is connected to two Baha’is by the names of Farhang Rahavi and Elham Sabeti, took money from Iranians in a pre-sale/‘on plan’ venture capacity, which involved 60 percent on the sale value [of properties], totalling 724 million dirhams (equivalent to 1,950 milliard rials).

With the sale of two [corporate] projects (a German named ‘Solar Star’ and the Emirati named ‘Al-Mahara’), this company as well demanded the sum of 75 million dirhams (equivalent to 200 milliard rials) from Iranians for the purpose of buying property, and obtained it.

Farhang Rahavi, who is an Iranian national with an American passport, then traveled to Dubai with the aim of organizing an association for the defense of the misled Baha’i cult. He – who sometime before, due to his involvement with other fraudulent ventures, had earlier fled Iran – married Elham Sabeti (the former wife of Dr. Mahbubi, i.e. the community head of the misled Baha’i cult in Dubai), and with the company named ‘Reliance’ entered the real estate property market in Dubai.

This company, in pursuit of illegal transactions, then obtained the sum of 2,150 milliard rials from Iranians for 22 completed towers/ high rises with the two German and Emirati [corporate] projects.

It should be mentioned that amongst this collected sum approximately 1,110 milliard rials (equivalent to 112 million US dollars) has been transferred out of the United Arab Emirates and over to the United States of America.

The buyers [i.e. investors] are of the opinion that through the agency of one individual named Pezhman Riazati, who is also a Baha’i, their money was sent out of Iran over to the United Arab Emirates and then transferred to the United States.

The defrauded Iranians in seeking redress with the legal courts of the Emirates are as yet unsuccessful in obtaining hearings, and moreover their cases presently stand in a state of limbo. Some of the bigger Iranian real estate companies in Dubai, who likewise had dealt with this company in the past, at the present time have also not been able to contact the company owners of ‘Reliance’.

A few years ago, in regard to foreign investments and transactions in Iran, the Chief Justice of our nation had in some cases specifically warned about unknown companies without identity.

* ‘Kollah-bardari’ (literally. ‘taking the hat off’) is translated interchangably as ‘scam’ and ‘fraud’.

Badi Villar Cardenas: A Bahai Terrorist!

Cyber-Criminal and Baha'i Terrorist Badi Villar


Badi Villar Cardenas is a Lima, Peru based member of a dangerous rightwing Stalinist religious cult known as Haifan Baha’ism. In his capacity as a member of this cult, on the internet he serves in their Baha’i Internet Agency. Throughout Latin and South America, in the past Haifan Baha’ism has been involved with CIA-funded rightwing regimes, such as that of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and even rightwing death squads in El Salvador in the 1980s as well as the CIA crack-cocaine funded Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s. Members of the Haifan Baha’i National Spirtual Assembly of Chile served in the cabinets of Augusto Pinochet and so are culpable for the human rights violations under the Pinochet regime against the people of Chile. Recently high ranking members of Haifan Baha’ism in Peru maintained close ties simultaneously to the ousted authoritarian regime of Alberto Fujimori as well as Abimael Guzman’s the Maoist Shining Path terrorist organization. It is a well known fact that uhj member Farzam Arbab, the father of the Ruhi Institutes, developed his model upon that of Marxist guerilla indoctrination cells which the Shining Path maintained in the jungles of Peru, Bolivia and Columbia. With Alberto Fujimori high ranking members of the NSA of Peru have maintained (and apparently still do) financial interests. On April 7, 2009, Fujimori was convicted of human rights violations and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in killings and kidnappings by the Grupo Colina death squad during his government’s battle against leftist guerrillas in the 1990s.

In his various capacities in the Peruvian Haifan Baha’i community, Badi Villar Cardenas serves as consultant to several Haifan Baha’i owned agribusiness contractors in the Amazon, one of which was owned by now deceased Costa Rica (cosa nostra) based Iranian Baha’i Hozhabr Yazdani. These are (Haifan Baha’i) companies who are responsible for logging and destruction of the Amazon rainforests and contributing to the genocide against the native Amerindian peoples living along the river — monies which they then send to their cult headquarters in Haifa, Israel. As such Badi Villar Cardenas is an accomplice in the war and genocide against the indigenous Quechua peoples and, along with his Baha’i cosa nostra masters, a war criminal who should be hauled before a human rights commission at the Hague.

On several occasions (esp. in 2006) Mr Cardenas has committed identity theft on the internet against assorted critics of Haifan Bahaism. Additionally Badi Villar Cardenas is rumoured to engage in brujeria (black sorcery, witchcraft) and to solicit the services of Peruvian brujos and brujas (male dark sorcerers and female dark sorcerers) against the ideological enemies of his creed in Peru and outside of it.

Reference: http://badivillarcardenas.blogspot.com

How good are Baha’is!!-An Interesting Analysis

Those who say Baha’is are very good people. I will tell them they are only good for those who accept their ideologies. If you really want to check just argue them regarding various “Baha’i sects”. See how they respond. The Baha’is are good due to HEKMAT that is to attract people towards themselves. Not for any other reason.

See this website that describes various divisions of this feel good religion


The Baha’i community today is loosing all its charms that once it had and history is witness that so many innocent Jews, Zoroastrians and some moslems accepted these opportunist mullas (Bab, Baha’u’llah and company) due to their reformist teachings. But the Baha’i administration that has all its foundations on Bogus, fabricated and distortions is bringing this new religion down. More and more people are leaving this “Religion” or enrolling themselves in other Baha’i groups. Such as Unitarian Baha’is that is free from any kind of authoritarian administration.

In Iran, India, Pakistan, Africa, Russia the baha’is are loosing their interest in this religion due to the following reasons :

1) Almost each and every LSA is dominated by some very influential Persian Baha’is. Who have direct contact with Counselors, ITC and UHJ members. The locals are mostly deprived of getting elected on this body.

2) The elections are fabricated and bogus and campaigning is done in-spite of prohibition by Baha’u’llah. Many people have come to know that it is Selection and not election. You can just ask Baha’is to show you the figure of those Voting in these selections. If the numbers of believers enrolled in SRP is 150 the voters are 5 to 7. Doesn’t this show that the Baha’is does not have interest? I request the Baha’is here to please show us the figures of Voting Baha’is. How many Baha’is actually vote in the National Conventions? Show us the figure? Let us see the actual number of Baha’is.

3) Due to less interest the LSAs are decreasing day by day. Baha’is please show us a Chart of LSAs of countries having Big Bahai Population, such as India.

4) Many Baha’is are involved in crimes, sexual scandals, financial scandals and document forgery. You can see on my blog with proper evidences.

5) There is too much concentration on those rubbish Ruhi Books. The Haifan Baha’is are thinking that due to Ruhi Institute many people are enrolling for membership. But the fact is contrary to it.

6) Due to involvement in politics. Officially one of the belief of Baha’is is non-involvement in politics. But their actions are exactly opposite. The interpretation of this tenant is done by UHJ as per its own wish. The Baha’is have full fledged relations with politicians, Human Rights organizations and big colonialist countries. And they serve the interest of these powers.

7) The Baha’is proselytize all the people except the Jews. Baha’u’llah did not allowed the Baha’is to teach in  Israel  for unknown reasons.

8) Baha’is take full advantage of women when it comes to serving at Temples and other committies. But the women are not allowed to become the members of UHJ, the supreme, all male, infallible body. The reason they say is Baha’u’llah prohibited this for unknown reasons.

9) The Baha’is for propagating their religion go against the laws of lands. They are trying to convert the children, youth and elders of different religions with deception. In India some Baha’is were arrested when they were teaching their religions deceptively in a village in the name of moral education. In Shiraz also this happened. In Uzbekistan also this type of incident has happened.

10) The practice of taking the Administrative Rights (Shunning) is a very dirty practice.

Israeli Government renews Tax-Exempt Status of Bahai Center

Shimon Peres, the then Foreign Minister of Israel, views one of the models of the Terraces Project, during his visit to the Baha'i World Centre on 4th August 1994.


03/20/2012 03:19

Tax arrangement was originally agreed upon between the state and the Bahai movement in 1987.

The Justice Ministry announced on Monday that it has renewed a deal with the Bahai World Center in Israel exempting it from indirect taxes for another five-year term.
The announcement comes ahead of the holiday of Naw-Ruz, the Bahai New Year that takes place on Wednesday. The tax arrangement was originally agreed upon between the state and the Bahai movement in 1987.

Representatives of the Bahai faith, headed by Albert Lincoln, the secretary-general of the center, welcomed the signing of the agreement, which he said benefits both Israel and the Bahai community.

The Bahai religion was founded in Iran in 1844 as a universalist monotheistic faith and claims more than five million followers worldwide.

Persecuted in Iran for beliefs heretical to Islam, one of the early leaders of the religion by the name of Mizra Husayn Ali, or the Baha’ullah as he became known, was exiled from Iran and with his followers eventually reached Acre in 1868, where he settled for the rest of his life, wrote the holy scriptures of the Bahai faith and was buried.

The Shrine of the Bab and the Bahai Gardens in Haifa are the resting place of the remains of the founder of the Bahai faith, Siyyid Ali Muhammad Shirázi, also known as the Bab, who was executed in Iran in 1850. His remains were brought to Mount Carmel and interred in a shrine there in 1909.

The implementation of the agreement is supervised by an interministerial committee, headed by the director of the Justice Ministry, Dr. Guy Rotkoff, who approved the continuation of the arrangement.

The Bahai have been a recognized religious community in Israel since 1971.

The main activities of the World Bahai Center are the development and maintenance of the community’s holy sites in Haifa and the Galilee, as well as increasing tourism and investment in them.

The Bahai Gardens in Haifa, along with other Bahai sites in the country, attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year – including those of the Bahai faith as well as foreign tourists and the general public – and are among the most visited sites in the country.

The Justice Ministry said that the government views the Bahai holy places as among the most important tourist sites in the whole country.

The government will transfer funds equivalent to any indirect outlays incurred by the World Bahai Center or any of its associated non-profit organizations for activities it carries out in operating and developing the sites.

Rotkoff underlined the importance of the relationship with the Bahai center, especially for the activities that it has done to help develop the Galilee region.