How good are Baha’is!!-An Interesting Analysis

Those who say Baha’is are very good people. I will tell them they are only good for those who accept their ideologies. If you really want to check just argue them regarding various “Baha’i sects”. See how they respond. The Baha’is are good due to HEKMAT that is to attract people towards themselves. Not for any other reason.

See this website that describes various divisions of this feel good religion

The Baha’i community today is loosing all its charms that once it had and history is witness that so many innocent Jews, Zoroastrians and some moslems accepted these opportunist mullas (Bab, Baha’u’llah and company) due to their reformist teachings. But the Baha’i administration that has all its foundations on Bogus, fabricated and distortions is bringing this new religion down. More and more people are leaving this “Religion” or enrolling themselves in other Baha’i groups. Such as Unitarian Baha’is that is free from any kind of authoritarian administration.

In Iran, India, Pakistan, Africa, Russia the baha’is are loosing their interest in this religion due to the following reasons :

1) Almost each and every LSA is dominated by some very influential Persian Baha’is. Who have direct contact with Counselors, ITC and UHJ members. The locals are mostly deprived of getting elected on this body.

2) The elections are fabricated and bogus and campaigning is done in-spite of prohibition by Baha’u’llah. Many people have come to know that it is Selection and not election. You can just ask Baha’is to show you the figure of those Voting in these selections. If the numbers of believers enrolled in SRP is 150 the voters are 5 to 7. Doesn’t this show that the Baha’is does not have interest? I request the Baha’is here to please show us the figures of Voting Baha’is. How many Baha’is actually vote in the National Conventions? Show us the figure? Let us see the actual number of Baha’is.

3) Due to less interest the LSAs are decreasing day by day. Baha’is please show us a Chart of LSAs of countries having Big Bahai Population, such as India.

4) Many Baha’is are involved in crimes, sexual scandals, financial scandals and document forgery. You can see on my blog with proper evidences.

5) There is too much concentration on those rubbish Ruhi Books. The Haifan Baha’is are thinking that due to Ruhi Institute many people are enrolling for membership. But the fact is contrary to it.

6) Due to involvement in politics. Officially one of the belief of Baha’is is non-involvement in politics. But their actions are exactly opposite. The interpretation of this tenant is done by UHJ as per its own wish. The Baha’is have full fledged relations with politicians, Human Rights organizations and big colonialist countries. And they serve the interest of these powers.

7) The Baha’is proselytize all the people except the Jews. Baha’u’llah did not allowed the Baha’is to teach in  Israel  for unknown reasons.

8) Baha’is take full advantage of women when it comes to serving at Temples and other committies. But the women are not allowed to become the members of UHJ, the supreme, all male, infallible body. The reason they say is Baha’u’llah prohibited this for unknown reasons.

9) The Baha’is for propagating their religion go against the laws of lands. They are trying to convert the children, youth and elders of different religions with deception. In India some Baha’is were arrested when they were teaching their religions deceptively in a village in the name of moral education. In Shiraz also this happened. In Uzbekistan also this type of incident has happened.

10) The practice of taking the Administrative Rights (Shunning) is a very dirty practice.

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