Badi Villar Cardenas: A Bahai Terrorist!

Cyber-Criminal and Baha'i Terrorist Badi Villar


Badi Villar Cardenas is a Lima, Peru based member of a dangerous rightwing Stalinist religious cult known as Haifan Baha’ism. In his capacity as a member of this cult, on the internet he serves in their Baha’i Internet Agency. Throughout Latin and South America, in the past Haifan Baha’ism has been involved with CIA-funded rightwing regimes, such as that of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and even rightwing death squads in El Salvador in the 1980s as well as the CIA crack-cocaine funded Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s. Members of the Haifan Baha’i National Spirtual Assembly of Chile served in the cabinets of Augusto Pinochet and so are culpable for the human rights violations under the Pinochet regime against the people of Chile. Recently high ranking members of Haifan Baha’ism in Peru maintained close ties simultaneously to the ousted authoritarian regime of Alberto Fujimori as well as Abimael Guzman’s the Maoist Shining Path terrorist organization. It is a well known fact that uhj member Farzam Arbab, the father of the Ruhi Institutes, developed his model upon that of Marxist guerilla indoctrination cells which the Shining Path maintained in the jungles of Peru, Bolivia and Columbia. With Alberto Fujimori high ranking members of the NSA of Peru have maintained (and apparently still do) financial interests. On April 7, 2009, Fujimori was convicted of human rights violations and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in killings and kidnappings by the Grupo Colina death squad during his government’s battle against leftist guerrillas in the 1990s.

In his various capacities in the Peruvian Haifan Baha’i community, Badi Villar Cardenas serves as consultant to several Haifan Baha’i owned agribusiness contractors in the Amazon, one of which was owned by now deceased Costa Rica (cosa nostra) based Iranian Baha’i Hozhabr Yazdani. These are (Haifan Baha’i) companies who are responsible for logging and destruction of the Amazon rainforests and contributing to the genocide against the native Amerindian peoples living along the river — monies which they then send to their cult headquarters in Haifa, Israel. As such Badi Villar Cardenas is an accomplice in the war and genocide against the indigenous Quechua peoples and, along with his Baha’i cosa nostra masters, a war criminal who should be hauled before a human rights commission at the Hague.

On several occasions (esp. in 2006) Mr Cardenas has committed identity theft on the internet against assorted critics of Haifan Bahaism. Additionally Badi Villar Cardenas is rumoured to engage in brujeria (black sorcery, witchcraft) and to solicit the services of Peruvian brujos and brujas (male dark sorcerers and female dark sorcerers) against the ideological enemies of his creed in Peru and outside of it.


6 Comments on “Badi Villar Cardenas: A Bahai Terrorist!”

  1. Leslie Farrell says:

    Where did you get this info? Please site sources because it seems unbelievable. I have never heard of Haifa bahaiism but thd Baha’i faith is a beautiful religion focused on peace and the betterment of humanity.
    Thank you

    • bahaisects says:

      Well, the reference is given below the post.The reason for writing Haifan Bahaism is because there are so many bahai sects existing today and mainstream Bahais office is located in Haifa, Israel, hence the name Haifan Bahais. Read the other posts on the site u will come to know how beautiful Bahaism(for u Bahai faith) is !!
      To know more about different sects in Bahai faith visit:

  2. smaneck says:

    Badi a terrorist? ROFL. Good job discrediting everything you have to say!

    • Death to Bahaism says:

      One of the biggest Haifan Bahai terrorists of them all is Susan Maneck. A widely discredited individual, well known as a liar for the Haifan Bahai organization, bar none. This individual is also rumored to be on the payroll of the Zionists and possibly working for MOSAD.

      • smaneck says:

        LOL. Rumored by whom, Nima Hazini?

        “How very strange the imaginings of those who speak as prompted by their own
        caprices, and who wander distractedly in the wilderness of self and passion!”

  3. Death to Bahaism says:

    Secrets of the Terrorist Bahai Cult

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