Bab and Bahaullah were both false prophets!

If Bahaullah was intended to have a “World Government”, he would  have been successful in creating it over 150 years ago when he was living.
Instead, how ironic it seems, Bahaullah was jailed, beaten, and exiled to Constanople Turkey (which by the way is where the creation of Jesus Christ took place with the Council of Nice and four other Councils starting in 325  B.C.), where he spent all of his life in bondage just like he did the black African slaves.   Bahaullah was also diagnosed with a mental disorder, labeled crazy, laughed at by the majority of  the people from his own Iranian/Persian country,  and basically excommunicated-just like those former Bahais of today, who have searched for the truth concerning the Bahai writings, and came to find out that there are many contradictions in the Bahai writings, and many other Bahai writings are simply just not true.
So, These former Bahais were either excommunicated, or just left the faith on their own.  However, there are still many blind people in the Bahai faith who think that they are right and the majority of the world is wrong.  It’s just too bad that the Bahais are trying to seek truth with a lie.  If the first Jesus was created (which he was) and never walked the earth as a human being, then Bahaullah absolutely can not be the second coming of Christ, but a man suffering from delusions of granduer.  And, because both the Bab and Bahaullah enslaved other human beings, neither is a “perfect reflection of God” but ordinary human beings who have made mistakes in life just like the rest of us.  And, God allowed the Bab to be shot up and killed, so that all people would know that the Bab and Bahaullah were both false prophets and were even denied by God Himself.   The millenium always changes with the zodiac.   The zodiac changes every 2000 years in accordance with their signs in the night sky.   So, there can never be any mistake concerning when events will happen.   We are about to experience a changing in the Zodiac-better known as “the latter days”.  I can’t stand liars and deceivers, and the exiled Persian Bahais in America and Israel are nothing more than liars and deceivers who can not be trusted!

One Comment on “Bab and Bahaullah were both false prophets!”

  1. James says:

    The Bahais should all be arrested and send to Afganistan. So the Taliban can deal with them!!

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