Why Do Bahais Deny the UHJ Being Clergy?

The Bahais have a weird habit of denying truth and reality.  One of the many Bahai denials is that bahai apologists insist that there is no clergy in Bahaism.  They seem to forget that the uhj, the institution within Bahaism that has the power to legislate laws, excommunicate, etc runs exactly like a clergy being it is a clergy.

Bahai Clergies( or Mullahs)-UHJ-Infallible members of Bahai Faith

Bahais like to insist that the clergy is a bunch of paid people who are given duties that are ritualistic and that the uhj is not doing rituals.  But the simple fact remains that Bahais do regard the uhj as infallible, thus making them a special class of people with bahaism.  Furthermore, the UHJ, as I mentioned before, is given the power to legislate and excommunicate people.

Bahais says : “Only the institution of the House of Justice is infallible, not the people who make it up.

Our Reply : O.K. it means that 6 donkeys + 3 donkeys = 1 horse!!!. What a Logic!!-

Bahais says : “The House of Justice do not constitute a clergy because they are an elected body, not a group of professional priests or ministers.”

Our Reply :You are trying to redefine what clergy.  For your information, the Webster dictionary defines clergy as:

“the official or sacerdotal class of a non-Christian religion”

The UHJ definitely falls in that category.  Being elected or not is not the issue, and furthermore, the Pope for example is elected, thus making another hole in your extremely weak argument.  The uhj is a class within bahais that are apart from the rest of “regular” bahais.  Like I said before, they are given the power to legislate, excommunicate, etc.  Regular bahais just can’t go and legislate and excommunicate people.

Reality proves beyond a doubt that the UHJ is a clergy.

Average Bahais do not have such powers and rights.  Average Bahais are not considered infallible either.

So by definition, the UHJ being a special class of people in Bahaism that has the power to excommunicate, legislate, etc is CLERGY, no matter Bahais like it or not.

Why do Bahais continue to insist that they have no clergy?  I believe it is because to make Bahaism more “palatable” to people who are fed up with the clergy of other religions.  By covering up the fact that Bahaism has a clergy, it is just another example of the deceptive nature of this secular humanist cult dressed up in religious clothing.

2 Comments on “Why Do Bahais Deny the UHJ Being Clergy?”

  1. the truth says:

    its not a clergy. it is average bahais. if you became a bahai tomorrow and people thought your character was worthy you could be a part of that institution the next time it is elected. there is no qualification other than being a registered bahai in good standing. meaning an average bahai. also only decisions they make as a majority and preferably unanimously are infallible and as individuals they hold no rank or station.

  2. bahaisects says:

    Could u explain how 4 fallible + 5 fallible = 1 Infallible Body ???
    And why u Baha’is are so adamant in not believing in clergies.
    Dont u think experts in faith are required to interpret divine sayings, scriptures and sayings of Bahaullah.
    Does an ‘average’ baha’i have the right to interpret the sayings of Bahaullah according to his understanding??
    If NOT , Why ???
    Who has given this right to UHJ??
    How can an ‘average’ Baha’i become capable of interpreting the sayings of Bahaullah after getting elected to UHJ??
    There are so many such questions which baha’is have yet to answer!!

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