Scripture Censorship in Baha’i Faith

Any and all scripture that would call into question Baha’i orthodoxy is censored.

Is there an authorized Baha’i version of the Bab’s W&T, no;  is there an authorized Baha’i version of the Bab’s Bayan, no.
Why?, because these scriptures call into question the very legitimacy of the Baha’i faith and of Baha’u’llah’s covenantal claims.

If Baha’u’llah’s and Abdu’l-Baha’s Wills and Testaments are taken as evidence of Baha’u’llah’s covenant shouldn’t the Will and Testament of the Bab be put forth as a part and parcel of that covenant?

Truth is that the Bab’s Will & Testament is unlikely to ever be issued in an authorized Baha’i version because it would have to be so censored and or altered as to make no sense to cover up the fact that according to the Bab’s Will & Testament it was Azal and not Baha’u’llah who was given the authority over the Bab’s covenant.

Truth is that church fathers whether they be Christian, Baha’i, Buddhist or Muslim are always willing to make things up as they go to cover up any and all inadequacies and inconsistencies in their orthodox scriptures, doctrines and dogmas.

They are willing to leave things out or gloss things over which would show their chosen ideology in a poor light. In short they are more interested in fabrication than they are in the truth as long as that fabrication fits the mold of their personal interpretation.

Thus the Gnostic Gospels were edited out of the Bible. So to do the Baha’i powers that be strictly control, through the review-censorship process, all Baha’i information using their false label of authorization.

Yours Larry Rowe

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