Bahai Splinter Groups after the demise of Guardian


Still Bahais claims that there are no sects in Bahai Faith.

And there are no conflicts among the Bahais….and bla bla bla….

9 Comments on “Bahai Splinter Groups after the demise of Guardian”

  1. bahaisects says:

    Mr. Peace,
    How have you to come to conclusion that other bahai sects together constitute only 0.1%???

    Haifan Bahais everywhere are exaggerating their populations.
    ( Reference : and

    Just compare the bahai census with official figures of that country. You would come to know the difference.

    So Baha’is are in fact fooling the people in believing that haifan bahais are in large numbers and other sects believers are just few hundred.!!!

    • peace says:

      There are 6 billion people on earth.
      So 6 million is a small number. That figure is from the UN a much better than source than the faggot ruling clerics of Iran who should ne executed from crimes against humanity. There are approximately 6000 who areember of UHJ group. Islams 2 major sects are Sunni 80% Shia 20% which break down even further. All other of the world’s religions have similar sectioning. The only reason to attack someone’s religion is because you are afraid they may be right or your religion is wrong. Iran is just the Islamic State for Shias

  2. peace says:

    UN figures have about 5 to 6 million Baha’is and best figure for sects is 6000.
    Even at 3 million that is still .2% not much difference than .1%

  3. peace says:

    Using Baha’i sects as some indication is like going to a high school of 1000 and 999 say tehy like the teachers and the classes and one says he doesn’t and take the 1 students word that something is wrong with the school. The difference in size is such that its looks like to any non-biased observer as just disgruntled member.

    • bahaisects says:

      All these are your assumptions.
      Do you have access to original bahai writings of Abdul Baha and Bahaullah.???
      Do you know that Guardian is necessary for the legitimacy of International Administrative Body(UHJ) according to Bahaullah and Abdul Baha ???

  4. bahaisects says:

    Dear Peace,
    Inspite of my request to quote official site, you have resorted to unofficial sites on internet to prove to me that there are 7 million bahais.
    Why are you reluctant to refer to official government site to know exactly how many bahais are there in their country.???
    I give u here the reference of a site on which u would get the references and scan pages taken from official government websites wherein you would say that the actual bahai population is too less than what is projected by the bahais.

    kindly go through the above site before posting the unconvincing comments on this website.

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