An Interesting Comment on Baha’i Faith by our reader

I made friends with a number of Bahais awhile back. After some investigation of the faith, I concluded that is was logically inconsistent and falsely advertised. This is NOT a universal faith, and contradicts science and reason, despite the insistence that it is a faith for modern times. Also, Bahais are quick to be your friend upon learning of your interest in the faith, but will quickly withdraw that friendship should you decide it’s not for you. This is not love.

Also, very few people have ever heard of the faith. Seriously, it’ been around for a century at least….. There are more people on this planet who have heard of those who believe in the “flying spaghetti monster” than they have of the Bahais. With all the communication available to the masses, surely if this was part of God’s Divine Plan, there would be more converts, right?

There is no place in the modern world for a faith that:

-will not allow women in the highest echelons of power

-rejects homosexuality

-shuns “apostates”

-lies about membership numbers

-divides the world into “believers” and “non believers” aka “friends” and “enemies”

-behaves like the Catholic Church when confronted with child sex abuse claims

-wastes money on shrine upkeep/building, when thousands are starving

-stunts the intellectual development of people who would otherwise be reasonable

Also, another point: The only people I see joining the faith are those who don’t have the social savvy to belong to any other groups other than religious (where they are forced to accept you). So a lot of your time may be spent having to “love” boring, marginalized people….


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