Independent Investigation of Truth and its Consequences

I am Gamal Naseer an Egyptian, having 23 years of association with Baha’is, a Teacher for long time ,active as a  core group member for  few years. I attended many Baha’i programmes inside and outside Egypt. Having read Will and Testament many times, it was a question in my mind that why Shoghi Effendi has not left any Will appointing another Guardian, while Will and Testament says that “It is incumbent upon a Guardian to appoint another Guardian during his life time”.  Shoghi did not nominate any successor after him because of which many divisions occurred in Baha’i faith.

I asked few of senior Baha’is like Bassa Mousa but could not get any satisfactory answer. I started my own investigation, as Baha’i faith which takes pride in Principle of “Independent Investigation of Truth”, started reading history which made for me more and more questions. I asked to one of counselor (who happened to be in Egypt as teacher for the core group) that who was  Badiullah and titled as Ghusn Noor, to my surprise he turned speechless and started asking me, From where you got such questions? It looks somebody is poisoning your mind. As a good Baha’i you should not ask anything about the family of Bahaullah. I said very politely to him that I read history of Baha’i Faith and found out about him.

He said as a Baha’i you should learn about what the Universal House of Justice requires of you, and what the required objectives and goals of the current five year plan. You should learn about the various institutions and their role in society and in the Baha’i world, and your role in obeying them, and to devote your time for teaching the Baha’i Faith.

He said that you should know that “The expansion and consolidation are twin processes that complete one another, and this understanding will definitely help you conducting children’s classes, junior youth circles, devotionals meetings. The UHJ does not want you to know why Abdul Baha said in the Will and Testament “That Guardianship and Universal House of Justice are twin Institution.”

You should know the sacrifices of Persian Baha’is in Iran and always be humble in front of them. Remember that Baha’i Faith originated from their Country. Baha’i Faith is the Gift of Iran to the world. Today you see in the UHJ in the ITC and CBC a majority of the Baha’is are Persians

He said that asking such questions will force UHJ of depriving you of your voting Rights or declare you a Covenant Breaker.

Suddenly I realized my meeting with Mr. Hasan Sabri after his second marriage to Ms Isabel in UK. He was absolutely against the Persian Baha’is and their behavior:

They told me that the Persian Baha’is while talking amongst them calls other Baha’is as KHAR (Means donkey in Persian). Mr. Sabri went on to say these Persians are very very clever.

They always have a secret meeting amongst themselves they discuss about the agenda and then try to implement the same .Other members have just to approve it.

He was very critical about the Persian UHJ members like Mr. Fatheazam and Ali Nakhjawani whom he believed dominated the UHJ proceedings and is in private contact with the Secretary of NSA of every country.

Mr. Sabri had been hurt quite strongly during his tenure as the HEAD of Socio-Economic Development Project of the UHJ. He said the UHJ use to instruct me one thing and when I wanted to implement it the NSA members of that country use to say that Mr. Fataheazam or Nakhjawani has instructed us to do certain other things on Telephonic Message.

Mrs. Sabri narrated an incident where a few Baha’is from UK came to India for training and when they went back. They were different because of the Persians running the Academy in India.

In August 2010, I attended the 10 day ISGP in Hurghada. I realized that these programmes have a very specific aims planned by UHJ and implemented by the Core group members of that Country

 In these programmes both the sexes are allowed to mix freely in the name of equality of sexes. The participants are instructed, How to go about spreading of the Baha’i Faith in those countries where the Baha’i Faith is Banned like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen Bahrain etc..

 I took some of my close friends in confidence and discussed with them these issues and showed them proof from history, two of them said they are aware of these facts, but as they said they are Baha’i now and are denounced by family and relatives in process, and have no where to turn back, so they let go this and moved ahead. But for me it was not a satisfactory answer.

 By chance I meet another traveler teacher who was Egyptian by birth but change his nationality to one of middle east country, I asked him same things, he was learned scholar and said it is good work keep it up, He said another Baha’i Scholar in the name of Ahan Rabbani went from UK to House for doing Research .There he discovered some manuscript where he got confused. He started asking questions related to them and as a result the UHJ asked him to leave immediately.

The Counselor guided me to some more academic websites, from where I got many histories rare and unpublished books few of which I would like to put on my blogs, the readers can them self decide. At least I will feel no responsibility on my soul by hiding the truth, rest they them self can do “Independent Investigation of Truth”.


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One Comment on “Independent Investigation of Truth and its Consequences”

  1. Pajhal Al Boyah says:

    All these religions and faiths are inftrated by ruling group of world. If the words and prayers of them speak to you, you can follow them for purpose of innter happiness. If you are looking for in depth reason of things they all expose some problems. Some they branch to different sects.

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