Orthodox Bahai Succession

Mason Remey appointed Joel Marangella as a backup third guardian… Mason wrote, “in case I am prevented from appointing my successor, the President of this council will become the third guardian…”

Joel Marangella becomes President of the Second International Baha’i Council and backup 3rd Guardian…

“[T]he twin institutions of the Administrative Order of Baha’u’llah should be regarded as divine in origin, essential in their functions and complementary in their aim and purpose… SEVERALLY, EACH operates within a clearly defined sphere of jurisdiction… Each exercises, within the limitations imposed upon it, its powers, its authority, its rights and prerogatives. These are neither contradictory, nor detract in the slightest degree from the position which each of these institutions occupies. Far from being incompatible or mutually destructive, they supplement each others’ authority and functions, and are permanently and fundamentally united in their aims.”

-Shoghi Effendi’s spiritual testament

“The Administrative Order” of “the World order of Baha’u’llah”

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