Orthodox Baha’i Faith v/s UHJ


From the Will and Testament of Abdul-Bahá:

” . . .the  guardian of the Cause of God is its sacred head and the distinguished member for life of that body [Universal House of Justice]. Should he not attend in person its deliberations, he must appoint one to represent him.  Should any of the members commit a sin, injurious to the common weal, the guardian of the Cause of God hath at his own discretion the right to expel him.”

Quoted from the “Dispensation of Baháulláh” by Shoghi Effendi:

“It should be stated at the very outset, in clear and unambiguous language, that these twin institutions  of the Administrative Order of Baháulláh[the Guardianship and Universal House of Justice] should be regarded as divine in origin, essential in their functions and complementary in their aim and purpose.”

“Acting in conjunction with each other these two inseparable institutions administer its affairs, coordinate its activities, promote its interests, execute its laws and defend its subsidiary institutions.”

“Without such an institution  [the Guardianship] . . . the necessary guidance to define the sphere of the legislative action of its elected representatives would be totally withdrawn.”

“. . .the Guardian of the Faith is bound to insist upon a reconsideration by them [UHJ] of any enactment he conscientiously believes to conflict with the meaning and to depart from the spirit of Baháulláh’s revealed utterances.”

Quoted from Haifa Notes of May Maxwell – 1937 (mother of Rúhíyyih Khánum and accompanied by her on pilgrimage when she was then Mary Maxwell):

“There are three elements in the [divinely-conceived, sacred and immortal] Will [of Abdul-Bahá]: the Guardian is the Interpreter; the International House of Justice, the Legislature; and the Hands [appointed by the Guardian] propagate and teach the Cause – through research work and the example of their lives and conduct.  The Administrative Order would be paralyzed if ONE of these institutions should cease to function.”

“His [the Guardianąs] task is to watch very carefully that they [the members of the  UHJ] do not get out of their sphere of activity, legislation.”

Comment:  Under the present heterodox Baháí organization, the Guardianship, one of the “twin pillars” that Shoghi Effendi has emphasized ” support this mighty Administrative Structure” – [the Baháí Administrative Order] no longer exists while they have brought into existence as the second pillar,  standing  by itself, a headless (i.e. sans Guardian) so-called Universal House of Justice –  as a substitute for the divinely conceived institution delineated by ŚAbduąl-Bahá in His Will and Testament.  Moreover, the  Hands of the Cause who can only be appointed by the Guardian according to the Will and Testament of Abdul-Bahá as well as their body of nine elected from their own number who would work specifically under his direction at the World Center can therefore never exist.

Notwithstanding the fact that two of the three highest institutions of the Baháí Administrative Order – the Guardianship and the Hands of the Cause – have been abolished by them and the third – their Universal House of Justice – has been permanently deprived of its “sacred head”, the members of this so-called Universal House of Justice  have  incredibly deluded themselves into believing, and have succeeded in convincing a majority of their fellow-believers to hold the same fallacious belief, that this spurious, headless body (incidentally, prematurely established according to  Shoghi Effendi’s Proclamation of 9 January 1951) constitutes, through some perverted, illogical and incomprehensible kind of reasoning, the infallible institution delineated by Abdul-Bahá in His Will and Testament and that this deformed, corrupted man-made body created outside of the provisions of that divinely-conceived, sacred, immortal and immutable Document penned by the “master-handą of the “perfect Architect” of the Administrative Order will still be able to establish the World Order of Baháąuąlláh.

Joel Bray Marangella
Guardian of the Baháí Faith        
25 October 1997

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Persian Colonization of the Baha’i World Assemblies

I do not have the statistics regarding the Persian colonization of the Baha’i world Assemblies. However, when this topic came up Baha’is from all around the world (India, Africa, Canada, and elsewhere) identified this phenomena. One Indian wrote in and said that even though there are thousands of Baha’is there the people that dominate the Administration are the Persians.
I do appreciate that many Baha’is, have not realized what has happened in many areas of the Baha’i world Faith. As you know this is reflected in the election of the UHJ where majority of the members are Iranian.
Unfortunately the local people in most of these countries were on the Assemblies and are now displaced – putting us back into a previous condition of having masses of “artificial assemblies” administrating in the Baha’i World.

Written by a Baha’i Critic