Are Baha’is the only ‘persecuted’ people on the Earth??

Let us first read these extracts from

“…In the two thousand years of the Christian faith, about 70 million believers have been killed for their faith, of whom 45.5 million or 65% were in the twentieth century according to “The New Persecuted” (“I Nuovi Perseguitati”)

“..Atheists have experienced persecution throughout history. Persecution may refer to unwarranted arrest, imprisonment, beating, torture, or execution.

“With the Missouri extermination order Mormons became the only religious group to have a state of the United States legalize the extermination of their religion.

“The persecution of Jews occurred many times in Jewish history.

“The Sunni rulers under the Umayyads sought to marginalize the Shia minority and later the Abbasids turned on their Shia allies and further imprisoned, persecuted, and killed Shias. The persecution of Shias throughout history by Sunni co-coreligionists has often been characterized by brutal and genocidal acts.

“The Ahmadiyya regard themselves as Muslims, but are seen by many other Muslims as non-Muslims and “heretics”. In 1984, the Government of Pakistan, under General Zia-ul-Haq, passed Ordinance XX,[6] which banned proselytizing by Ahmadis and also banned Ahmadis from referring to themselves as Muslims.

“Hindus have been historically persecuted during Islamic rule of the Indian subcontinent and during Portuguese rule of Goa. In modern times, Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh have also suffered persecution.

“Hazara people of central Afghanistan have been persecuted by Afghan rulers at various times in the history. Since the tragedy of 9/11, Sunni Muslim terrorists have been attacking the Hazara community in southwestern Pakistani town of Quetta, home to some 500000 Hazara who fled persecution in neighbouring Afghanistan. Some 2400 men, women and children have been killed or wounded with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claiming responsibility for most of the attacks against the community.

“..Along with Jews, Homosexuals and others, the Roma Gypsies were rounded by the Nazi Regime of Germany and sent to the death camps.

Bahais speaks volumes about their ‘Persecution’ in Iran.They always talk about human rights and human values and big things like world peace and world government and bla bla bla ..
When so many people around the world were and are persecuted for one or the other reason, Baha’is are busy only in highlighting the plight of 9 bahais arrested in Iran. Where are these 7 million bahais ?? Cant  a single voice be raised against those who are involved in these crime against humanity.What is UHJ- Universal House of Justice, Is it really so?? Those stupid 9 persons are dumb,deaf and blind. They are only concerned about those 9 NSA members in Iran. Cant they see other crimes being committed on other people in other parts of  the world?? If they are really concerned about humanity they must feel the pain.How are they going to bring world peace when they are so selfish and eccentric??
Such are the people who are going to establish world order of Baha’ullah ?? I doubt and I have every right to say that these people are not working for humanity. They are working to increase their number in whatever way possible whether devotional,children classes, junior youth programme etc.

People are not fools. They have now understood the meaning of Card declaration and Ruhi books. Bahais, go and search for some other method of fooling the people. Your Pseudo religion is not working any more. People are now exiting in troops from your organization and social club.Humans feels the pain and suffering of others humans. They are not qualified to call themselves even human being.

Prof. Juan Cole on Baha’i Faith

juan cole

Dr. Juan Cole Professor of History, University of Michigan

Professor Juan Cole, February 23, 1999:

There is nothing to be puzzled by. Right wing Baha’is only like to  hear the sound of their own voices (which are the only voices they  will admit to being “Baha’i” at all). Obviously, the world is so  constructed that they cannot in fact only hear their own voices. They  are forced to hear other voices that differ from theirs. This most  disturbs them when the voices come from enrolled Baha’is or when the  voices speak of the Baha’i faith. The way they sometimes deal with the  enrolled Baha’is is to summon them to a heresy inquiry and threaten  them with being shunned if they do not fall silent. With non-Baha’is  or with ex-Baha’is, they deal with their speech about the faith by  backbiting, slandering and libelling the speaker. You will note that  since I’ve been on this list I have been accused of long-term heresy,  of “claiming authority,” of out and out lying (though that was  retracted, twice), of misrepresentation, of ‘playing fast and loose  with the facts,’ and even of being ‘delusional.’ I have been accused  of all these falsehoods by *Baha’is*, by prominent Baha’is. I have
been backbitten by them. This shows that all the talk about the danger  a sharp tongue can do, all the talk about the need for harmony, for  returning poison with honey, for a sin-covering eye, is just *talk*  among right wing Baha’is. No one fights dirtier than they when they  discover a voice they cannot silence and cannot refute….”

Holy Mother Lady Munira Khanum


Extract from Memories of Badiullah


Holy Mother Lady Munira Khanum
(Wife of Abudl Baha)
A Historical Analysis.

Ibn-al-Baha Badiullah’s sensational revelations in the memoirs regarding Abbas Effendi and his wife Munira Khanum
Lady Munira & Her Entry Into Baha’s Household
Before proceeding to furnish summaries or excerpts from the memoirs, the following information is provided concerning Sir Abbas Effendi’s wife Lady Munira. According to Dr J. E. Esslemonts Bahaullah and the New Era, revised edition, first printing, March 1937, PP.67-68, “the following particulars regarding the marriage of [Sir] Abdul Baha [Abbas Effendi] was kindly supplied to the writer by an Iranian historian of the Bahai faith [i.e. Mirza Abd-al-Husayn Ayati surnamed Awara before his abjuration of Bahaism and return to the fold of Islam:
When the BÂB was in Isfahan, Mirza Muhammad Ali [Nahri] had no children, but his wife was longing for a child. On hearing of this, the BÂB gave him a portion of his food and told him to share it with his wife. After they had eaten of that food, it soon became apparent that their long cherished hopes of parenthood were to be fulfilled, and in the course a daughter was born to them, who was given the name of Munira Khanum. Later a son was born to them to whom they gave the name Sayyid Yahya. Persecution of the Bahais followed. Baha then permitted Munira Khanum and her brother Sayyid Yahya to come to Acre for protection. Baha and his wife Nawab, the mother of Abdul Baha, showed such kindness and favour to Munira Khanum that others understood that they wished her to become the wife Abdul Baha. The wish of his father and mother became the wish of Abdul Baha too and ere long they became united in marriage. Munira Khanum’s birth came about through the blessing which the BÂB gave to her parent in
Similar account is given by Mirza Abd-al-Husayn Ayati surnamed Awara in his Al-Kawakib-al-Durraya, Vol. II., PP.14-15,  Awara was one of the Hands of the Cause.”
Lady Munira’s self made miracles’ Story.
According to Lady Munira’s own account quoted by Lady Blomfield in her Chosen Highway, wherein the learned authoress speaks of the former as the ‘Holy Mother’ (P. 73),: P.84: “When I
was a young girl, I loved to think over the two lives of the Holy Ones, the Lord Christ, Muhammad, and the other prophets of God. I used to weep and lament that I had not lived in their time.”  “My father went to Baghdad to visit Baha when I was about Nine years old. Once a dream came to me, of which, even now, I retain the impression. In my dream, I carried many things in my arms;  wearily I walked, dragging my feet across the endless desolation of
desert sand. My strength seemed to be ebbing away, and my burden too heavy to hold. I was oh! so tired, almost unable to walk one more step. When suddenly, to my surprise, I came to two rivers, a bridge connected these two rivers. Leaning against the wall of the bridge, I saw in my dream one of the disciples, as old  Sayyid. He came forward to me and asked: ‘What dost thou want?
Where dost thou wish to go?’
I replied earnestly: ‘I desire greatly to go to the blessed cities of Jerusalem-Love-and-Baha.'”
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An open letter to Sir Abbas Effendi

The Grandson of Bah’a’ullah
The Flag bearer of Baha’i faith to India and Egypt.

Shuaullah was Son of Mohammed Ali Effendi(son of Bah’a’ullah) and grandson of Bah’a’ullah he was born in Kasr-el-Mazraa, Accre district, Palestine in 1878 A.D. and grew up under the supervision of his Holy grandfather Bah’a’ullah. At the tender age of eleven years he was commended by his Grandfather Bah’a’ullah to accompany his father to Egypt and India for propagation of faith, he travelled extensively along with his father to India and Egypt, in his youth he suffered the loss of his beloved grandfather Bah’a’ullah, and got a shock of life by seeing his uncle Sir Abbas Effendi started preaching his commandments and kept aside the teaching of Baha’u’llah,.

After Abdul Baha ex-communicated prominent Baha’is like Dr. Ibrahim Khairullah, the rift and conflict arose amongst the followers of American Baha’is while Sir Abbas Effendi was busy in issuing tablets to his supporter.The Noble son of Bah’a’ullah Mohammed Ali Effendi took the responsibility of teaching the faith. He instructed his eldest son Shuaullah to go to America and continue teachings of Bah’a’ullah.
In 1904 Shuaullah left for America for the sole purpose of teaching faith. He started a Baha’i quarterly magazine and was busy in propagating the faith of his noble grandfather, while he was in California his uncle Sir Abbas Effendi saw that he is losing ground in western believers so he also made a trip to USA to propagate his own self made ideology.
Shuaullah wrote HIS MEMORIES after his returned to Acre (the scan copy is available on internet) here I am quoting his conversation with his Uncle Sir Abbas effendi.

From his Book “Memories of Shuaullah” page 5-7
During 1912 while my Uncle Abdul Baha was visiting the United States by the authority of my father, I humbly wrote him a letter and asked him for a conference to settle the existing differences in our cause. I hereby reproduce the copy of the same;

“To His excellency Abbas Effendi Abdul Baha.”
Dear Sir;
Inasmuch as your views and doctrines in our religion are radically different from those of my father, your younger brother, Mohammed Ali Effendi who was chosen by God in the Book of My covenant, the Last will of Bah’a’ullah, to occupy after you the same position you occupy now:
And inasmuch as this difference between both of you spread among the followers of Bah’a’ullah and divided them into two parties; one following you and believing in your personal teachings, and the other party joined your brother believing in the teaching of Bah’a’ullah only and considering them final as he declared;
And, inasmuch as we were all commanded in the “Most Sacred Book” Kitab Aqdas, to bring our differences to the utterance of Bah’a’ullah, which sufficed the world, whereby they should be settled: And inasmuch as our duty is to established peace at home, among ourselves first, before we preach others to do so.
I hereby beg your Excellency to appoint a conference of peace and spirituality to hold its meetings at the city of Chicago, or some other place, at a certain time, in order to discuss with the language of love and kindness the differences between the said two parties and settle them in accord with the utterance of Bah’a’ullah and His Commandments.
If it pleases you the said conference would be composed of your Excellency with some learned ones of your followers, myself and Dr. I. G. Kheiralla, who introduced Baha’ism into America and Christendom with a few of our party.
My father Ghusni Akbar, authorized me to state, that he will accept and sanction whatever your Excellency would established with me and with his representative Dr. I.G. Kheiralla.
The official language of said conference well be the U.S. language, a neutral interpreter should be hired to translate from Arabic language all that you would like to say and in the mean time to translate to you all the discussions of the conference. Also to ask the associated press to send a reporter to write the minutes of the conference, and to invite three American to attend the meetings and act as witnesses and judges.

I suggest the question and discussions to be the following;

1. Why your Excellency concealed a part of the book of My Covenant, the Will of Bah’a’ullah..? that Will was entrusted to you that you might give all of it to the followers of Bah’a’ullah.
2. Ghusn Akbar was chosen to occupy after you the same position which you occupy, and your Excellency claimed that he was out off and fell. How is it possible that he fell from the said position before having a chance to occupy it.
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