Sir Abbas Effendi the first Covenant Breaker after passing of Baha’u’llah


Abdul Baha The Spiritually Ex-Communicated Guardian

As all my fellow Baha’i friends are aware of law of Ex-communication now a days it is threat from Baha’i administration whosoever try to raise his voice on any miss-administration or miss-handling of Huqoqulah or any objection or question which our beloved Universal House of justice fails in reply we get a warning of weapon of ex-communication. My Independent Investigation of Truth has reveal the fact that the first covenant breaker was Sir Abbas Effendi who has disobeyed his father Baha’u’llah and contradicted his teachings and promoted himself in many station and disrespecting Aghsan (lineage of Baha’u’llah) and ex-communicating entire family members of Mahde Uliya (wife of Baha’u’llah) for sure by this he is spiritually ex-communicated and he was epic center of covenant breaker in dispensation of Baha’u’llah.

Here I am bringing few pages of a loyal Baha’i and companion of Baha’u’llah Mirza Jawad Qazvini who has witness rise and spread of Baha’i faith, he has written a book as his memories

“Brief History of Behaullah The founder of Beha’i Religion”  By Mirza Jawad Qazvini, author was with Baha’u’llah in 1862-63 in Baghdad; was arrested in Tabriz in 1867 but let go with a fine; went to Edirne midway through 1867; went to Akka with Baha’u’llah and spent the rest of his life there. A partial translation is available in “Material for the study of Babi religion” by the noted Historian Edward Browne translation is under the title “Epitome of Mirza Jawad of Qazvini” the original book is in Arabic I would like to bring few pages of his memories from Page 62-67

From Page 62-67

Part of Baha’u’llah’s Testament Held Back by Sir Abbas Effendi

The first difference which happened after the death of His Holiness our Great Master Baha’u’llah within this Community was that ‘Abbas Effendi concealed some part of the book of [Baha’u’llah’s] Testament entitled “the Book of my Testament, which book was given to him by Baha’u’llah in his own holy writing. The detail of this is that on the ninth day after the Ascension [i.e. the death of Baha’u’llah] ‘Abbas Effendi chose nine persons from amongst the Companions, one of whom was the author [of this book] and disclosed to them this document, concealing, however, a portion of it with a blue leaf [of paper] without any reason or justification, and gave it to them that they might enjoy the blessing of its perusal. One of them, named Aqa Riza of Shiraz, read it at a sign from him down to the place concealed by the blue leaf, whereupon ‘Abbas Effendi said to the persons above mentioned, “Verily a portion of this book is concealed for a good reason, because the time doth not admit of its full disclosure.” On the afternoon of that day Majdu’d-Din Effendi read it again, by command of (Abbas Effendi, in the Holy Place, before a company of the Aghsan (sons of Baha’u’llah), Afnan (kinsmen of the Bab), Muhajirin (Exiles), Mujawirin (settlers in ‘Akka) and Musafarin (temporary visitors), down to the afore-mentioned passage, as narrated above.

Let it not be hidden from persons of discernment that the injunctions set forth in the above-mentioned book all refer to this community generally; how then could it be right for Abbas Effendi to disclose what he wished and conceal a portion thereof ? For there is no doubt that if what was so concealed had not been suitable [for general publication] His Holiness Baha’u’llah would not have written it in His august writing. The duty of sons is to carry out the testamentary instructions of their father, not to reveal a portion and conceal a portion thereof, according to their private ideas and opinions or personal inclinations, for His

 Holiness Baha’u’llah says:

“O [Divine Beauty! Verily I have spent my soul and my spirit for the glorification of the Word and the exalting of the Dispensation of thy Glorious and Beneficent Lord. If we see one of the ‘Branches’ (Aqsan, that is sons) otherwise than as God willeth, we will rightfully drive him away: verily I am the Mighty, the All-powerful.”

Sir Abbas Effendi Contradicting his father Baha’u’llah and making claims for himself

No Further Manifestation to Take Place for 1000 Years The second difference was that His Holiness our Great Master hath said in numerous places in his Holy Scriptures, plainly and explicitly, that no fresh Manifestation shall take place until a full thousand years shall have passed from this wrong doer and that if anyone advances a claim to any such position before the completion of the above-mentioned period, whosoever he be, and from whatsoever place he be, he is a vain pretender worthy of rejection; as when he says in the ” Most Holy Book ” (Kitab-i-Aqdas):

“Whosoever claim to a [new] Dispensation before the completion of a full thousand years is a liar and prevaricator… And whosoever construes this verse or Interprets it otherwise than as it hath been obviously revealed is deprived of the Spirit of God, and of His Mercy which encompasses all the worlds

But ‘Abbas Effendi, after he had attained to supremacy, clearly and explicitly adopted the position of originality, and claimed such lofty stations and high degrees as belong exclusively to Divine Theophanies, and even proclaimed in public in America that he was the Messiah and the son of God, and in India that he was the promised Bahram

And again he says: “Whosoever calls on men in my Name, verily he is from me.”

[But] His Holiness our Great Master Baha’u’llah says:
“Whosoever lays claim to any station, rapture, ecstasy or craving otherwise than in this [my] Name, verily he is of [the number of] the most lost, though he speak with all utterance, and cause rivers to burst forth from rocks, and control the winds, and cause the clouds to rain.

” And ‘Abbas Effendi says in Persian: ” Say, ‘the Goal and Sum of all are the products of this Pen (he himself), and the Proof is that which this tongue utters.'”

[But] His Holiness our Great Master Baha’u’llah says in Persian:
“What this Oppressed One desireth of all is Justice and Equity. Let them not be satisfied with listening, but let them ponder on what hath been manifested by this servant.

By the Sun of the Bayan arising from the horizon of the heaven of the Kingdom of [God] the All merciful, had there been found anyone [else] to explain or to speak, we would not have made ourselves the object of men’s reviling and calumnies.”

And again, in the “Chapter of the Pen” (Suratu’l-Qalam) : “Say, ‘Into the heart of whomsoever it entereth to rival this Pen, or to associate himself therewith, or to approach it, or to know what is revealed by it, let it be surely known that the Devil hath whispered into his soul: thus hath the matter been revealed, if ye would know it.’ ‘

Abbas Effendi says in Persian:
“This servant is the expositor of the perspicuous Book, and whatever of God’s writings is not confirmed by this servant (i.e he himself) is not worthy of credence.”

His Holiness our Great Master Baha’u’llah says:
“The Covenant was taken at the time of the Dawn from those who believe that they should not worship [aught] save God, nor work mischief in the earth.”

‘Abbas Effendi ascribes all the covenants and vows mentioned in the Sacred Books to himself, as his words prove. Thus he says in Persian:

“In short, verily from the beginning of Creation until now there hath not happened or appeared any plain covenant or clear promise like unto this. Yea, there have been promises, but they were not beneath the shadow of the Tree of Prophecy and the Lote-tree of the Limit, but were only suggested by allegories. But in this great Cycle and luminous Epoch the Object of the Covenant is visible in the horizons and the Centre of the Promise is known amongst the people of the world.”

His Holiness our Great Master Baha’u’llah says in Persian:

“Though one should adduce all the Scriptures in the world, yet speak otherwise than as God willeth, he is mentioned in God’s Book as of the Fire, and is [so] inscribed by the Supreme Pen.”

‘Abbas Effendi says in Persian: “The dispensation in its entirety reverts to the recognized and acknowledged place, and this Station is distinguished, witnessed and explicitly differentiated, like the Sun in all its phases, from all that is on the earth.”

His Holiness our Great Master Baha’u’llah in many passages of his writings, as also in the Book of his [last] testament, commanded this community to do away with discord, to extinguish the fire of sectarian hatred, and to consort with all religions with kindness and friendliness, as he says in a tablet

“O people, speak well of [God’s] servants, and speak not of them evil, or that whereby their souls may be troubled.’ The mention of evil hath also been forbidden in this Law, because the tongue is for the commemoration of the Truth, and it is pitiful that it should be defiled by backbiting or uttering words which cause sadness and grief to [God’s] servants.”

And again in the same Book: “O people of the world ! God’s religion exists for love and Concord: do not make it a means to enmity and discord !”
Enmity And Dissension Fostered by ‘Abbas Effendi

Alas! Abbas Effendi destroyed these Great principles and Supreme purpose because of his special and personal aims and desires, and thus he laid the foundation of hatred and discord among the people of Baha and created this dissension and caused separation between brother and sister, parents and children, husband and wife, and between the friends of long standing. Furthermore, whosoever did not yield and agree to his ideas and doctrines and did not speak evil against his brother Mohammed Ali Effendi, and against the sacred Family of Baha, he was named by different names as Nakiz (Violater), Motazelzil  (Doubter) and Kafir (Infidel). Also Abbas Effendi ordered his followers to abstain from meeting, speaking, dealing with, or accompanying the Violators (Nakizeen).

 Baha’u’llah says in the Book of His Testament,

“respect and heed for the ‘Branches’ (Aghsan, i.e sons) is incumbent upon all for
 The glorifying of the Dispensation and the uplifting of the word”.

As token of respect and glorification to Baha’u’llah, Sir Abbas Effendi (Abdul Baha) has ex-communicated entire linage of Baha’u’llah’s second wife Mahde Uliya. Nobody could dare to ask even today that what was their fault, Baha’u’llah  chosen him i.e Mohammed Ali, who was suppose to be next guardian of faith after Sir Abbas Effendi, he was declare violator or covenant breaker by Sir Abbas Effendi, here Sir Abbas Effendi has shown his supremacy over his father and disrespected his father’s will.

Even today if you notice that the teaching and tablets of Sir Abbas Effendi are preferred more than Baha’u’llah in our gatherings, if you dare to ask this question that why teachings of Baha’u’llah are kept aside, you will come under the radar of Universal House of Justice who now a days has exclusive franchise of Ex-communication.

There are many such misdeeds of Sir Abbas Effendi is mentioned in this book because of space I have just mentioned few deeds and disobedience of him, the author was Baha’i who was present at the time of Bab and Baha’u’llah it is one of the authentic history book after Nuqtatul Kaaf, reader can find this book on internet and can read and decide that Sir Abbas Effendi was real and first Covenant breaker.

Gamal Naseer.

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