All for Bahaism, Bahaism for Nothing!

The ultimate spirituality manifest in Bahaism is lies, deceit, quarrel and greed by the founders of this cult. The master of deceit and god-craft decides that everything that God revealed in the religion of Bayan to form the latest revelation and to last 1511 to 2001 years was not good enough even for a year or two.
He desired to play God and revolted against the cause of God. Small fragments of what wasn’t good enough for even a year or two became his holiest book. He gathered the most ignorant and cruel bunch of people around him and committed the unthinkable; he incited his men to commit
murder and called them the ‘friends of God”.
He attributed to the ‘Source of Command’ what befit himself.
He gathered and paid liars to revise the history for him and make room for him in high places in the history. He wrote letters to the kings and hid them under the carpet to impress his followers. He pretended to be a servant of the Cause of Bayan in private and prepared for revolt in private. H expressed servitude in the most humble manner to the ‘Source of Command’ and waited for his time and when that arrived he opened his mouth against the ‘Source of Command’.
He wrote what he believed would please the naive and would bring them to him. He found no one trustworthy to take his place except his sons.
The stronger one ate the rest and made sure only his off springs get to the table. His talk of unity, peace, one language, one this, one that was so generically branded slogans that could not go wrong!
Today, Bahais are mostly ignorant of the fundamentals set its claims on. The only account of the history they believe in is that of the stakeholders themselves. Their contemporary and past history reflects their political game as means to the end. Everything goes for the sake of the Bahai establishment even if it takes siding with the Satan


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