A short comparision between Wahabi Muslims and Baha’is

The claim of Wahhabis that because they are “True Muslims” then the rest of majority Muslims are not “True Muslims” and this gives low life stupid uneducated Wahhabis to kill educated, knowledgeable, respectable personalities both from Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims. If this is not a product of Colonialism then it is a gift from “heaven!!!??” to them. You do not need a document to see this is a colonialist ideology.

The same way you see that Bahai is here to convince people that Mehdi had arrived and current dominance of superpowers is the Justice people on earth are experiencing. Do you really need a document to see this is a stupid justification of current injustice in the world and is a product of colonialism.

Bahai is not a religion, because religion should have a divine source, unless your god is British empire I do not see how Bahai should be considered as religion. I for one feel sorry for a person who’s god is so miserable as Britain.


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