Some Quotes about Islam from Babi and Baha’i Writings

Ali Muhammad Bab wrote:

“Since at the time when the Holy Qur’an was revealed the people of those days prided themselves over their mastery of the language, Allah sent down this book in such a beautiful, vigorous and perfect style of language that nothing better can be imagined. And in this book the truth of the claims of the Holy Prophet Muhammad has been established on the most evident, manifest and irrefutable basis”  (Al-Bayan Ms.)

Abdul Baha’ writes:
“Among the miracles of the Holy Qur’an one is that it stands on a sure foundation of reason and wisdom in everything it teaches. On the basis of complete certainty it has propounded a sharia which for the people of this age forms the very essence of spiritual life. In addition to formulating a sharia the Qur’an also explains some weighty points of History and Mathematics which run counter to the theories accepted in those days, and it has been proved that the Qur’anic view is the correct one” .1

Baha’ullah himself says:

“The faulty intelligence and grasp of human beings cannot fully comprehend the vast body of truths embodied in the Holy Qur’an, just as a spider cannot hunt down and catch a bird” .2

‘Abdul Fadal, a well-known Baha’i missionary, says:

“These verses of the Holy Qur’an clearly indicate that the principles of sharia, its details, the arguments which support it, its origin and achievement, in short everything has been fully and conclusively dealt with in it, no aspect of any worthwhile question having been left incomplete or inconclusive”3

Baha’ullah wrote during his life at ‘Akka: “The sharia of Muhammad is complete and perfect in every way. The fault lies with the Muslims that they do not live up to it. If the Muslims were to act upon it, there would be peace in the whole world”4

  1. Khatabat Abdul Baha, Volume 1, page 5
  2. Haft Wadi, page 43
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  4. Babul Hayat, page 68
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