How many Baha’is know about the secret conclave in Bahji in 1957?

How many Baha’is are aware that the Persian Hands of the Cause held a secret conclave during the  night of November 19th, 1957, in the Mansion of Baha’u’llah in Bahji?

The Persian Hands of the  Cause stayed in Bahji after the first conclave  of all of the Hands held on November 19th, 1957, while the non-Persian Hands of the Cause returned  to Haifa for the night. During that night, Nov.19th, 1957,the Persian Hands, alone, held their own private  secret conclave and made a secret convenant amongst  themselves to declare the Will and Testament of  “Abdu’l-Baha’ to be “Badah”, an Islamic term meaning ‘God has changed His Mind’. They made such a covenant despite the fact that only a Holy Manifestation  of God has Authority to declare that God has  changed His Mind, such as the occasion when  His Holiness,Muhammad, changed the Qiblih from Jerusalem to Mecca.
On November 20th, 1957,when the non-Persian Hands had returned to Bahji to continue the conclave that all the Hands together had commenced the day before, it became obvious after a few opening sentences that such a secret covenant had been endorsed by the Persian  Hands of the Cause, when the youngest Hand, Dr Mujahir, leapt to his feet to make the “Badah” declaration.

The other Hands then spoke in support of that declaration  with one notable exception.

Not wishing to make an outright declaration to all Baha’is Earthwide that they had declared the Will and Testament of the Master to be nul and void for fear of  causing intense distress amongst multitudes of Baha’i believers, the administrators in Haifa from that date, November 20th, 1957 onward to the moment of this writing have embraced  the policy of outwardly declaring the Will and Testament  of ‘Abdu’l-Baha’ to be the Foundation for the Administration  of the New World Order, while simultanepously neglecting  or rejecting its vital and sacred decrees, including the sacred and immutable decrees concerning the sacred Institutions  delineated by the Master in His Will,namely the Guardianship,
the Interpreter of Baha’i Holy Writ, and the Institution of the Hands of the Baha’i Faith.Shamelessly, they seek to pursue administration without any of those sacred Institutions which were established to continue for the duration of the 1000 years of the Baha’i Dispensation.
When asked to explain which qualifications a man or woman must possess in order to be considered a true Baha’i believer, Shoghi Effendi, the first of our Guardians wrote: “…loyal and steadfast adherence to every clause of  our Beloved’s sacred Will…”, amongst the requirements.

“…every clause…”

Ross Campbell

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