Truth Behind Will and Testament of Abdul Baha

At the time of the passing of Sir Abbas Effendi in 1921, the only members of the Baha’s family, unaffected by Sir Abbas Effendi’s clutches , and were in good book  were Sir Abbas Effendi’s full sister Sultan or Bahiyya Khanum, surnamed the supreme leaf (Waraqa-i-Uliyya), Sir Abbas Effendi’s wife lady Munira, Sir Abbas Effendi’s four daughters, Sir Effendi’s four sons-in-law.

It was in such circumstance that after the death of Sir Abbas Effendi, his will came to public in which Shoghi Effendi was inducted into office as Guardian of the cause under the terms of Sir Abbas Effendi’s will and testament, for which no probate was taken out. Apparently an irregularity which set people wondering whether THE WILL AND TESTAMENT IS REAL…?
During his life span Sir Abbas Effendi had never declared him as his successor, since as per the Will and Testament of Baha’u’llah, Mohammed Ali Effendi was suppose to take the chair of guardianship after Sir Abbas Effendi.

Pleading inability to enter upon the duties of his office forthwith to recover from the shock caused by appointment as gurdian, Shoghi Effendi withdrew his hand from the things, retired into solitude for a number of years, and left the actual handling of the Bahai affair in the hands of the elderly members of the Sir Abbas Effendi’s family with Baha’s daughter the supreme leaf as a titular head, who served as a mere rubber-stamp, master minded by Sir Abbas Effendi’s wife lady Munira

On the one hand, the Father, Baha’u’llah designates Muhammad Ali as “the Branch derived from the ancient stock, He whom god has chosen, the Most Great Branch, god’s proof among his creation, and the Sweet Savor of god between the heaven and the earth”, on the other hand, the son, Abdul Baha Abbas “the Center of the Covenant, the Most Mighty Branch, the Branch derived from the ancient stock”, brands Muhammad Ali as “the Center of sedition, a ferocious lion, a ravening wolf, a blood-thirsty beast,  and poisoner of others, a covenant-breaker, a kindler of discord, a shower of malice, a stirrer of sedition, a dishonor of god, and a temperer with the sacred writings”.

The question is: Has  Baha’u’llah  erred in his divine judgment of Muhammad Ali?

Shoghi Effendi came out of his retirement, took over the reins if the Bahai administration, and demanded ready and implicit obedience from the servants of God, in default of which any servant of god was liable to excommunication or summary expulsion from the faith under same pretence and pretext. Shoghi Effendi brooked interference. His decisions were absolute and final and his words authoritative. As the divinely-ordained guardian all the faithful must obey him.
Alleged Will and Testament.

Extract from “Is the baha’i organization enemy of baha’i religion”, By close companion and loyal disciple of Abdul baha Ms Ruth White
Two months after the death of Abdul Baha his sister sent the following cablegram to this country:
January 16, 1922
Haifa, Wilhelmite, N. Y.

In will, Shoghi Effendi appointed Guardian of the Cause and Head of House of Justice.
(Signed) GREATEST  Holy Leaf.

A typewritten translation of the alleged will arrived in America four weeks later and was read by Mr. Horace Holley to a gathering of Baha’is.

The appointment of a successor came as a thunderbolt out of a clear sky to all the Baha’is, as Abdul Baha had given no hint that he intended to appoint a successor. On the contrary, he said that after him the power of the Baha’i Cause was to vest in what will be known as Houses of Justice. Among many instances that could be cited is the following, published in the official magazine of the Baha’i organization. (The Star of the West, November 23, 1913, p. 238)

Not only Ruth White but the entire Western nation was in shock by the appointment of Shoghi Effendi, as Will and Testament of Baha’u’llah was known to the faithful that after the demise of Abdul Baha the next successor is Mohammed Ali Effendi the Most Greatest Branch.
But for Ms Ruth White it was more shocking because she know bit more about Shoghi Effendi, she narrate incident about Shoghi Effendi.

Conversion of Funds for Private Use

Ruth White: The subject converted funds to his own use. The Bahai religion and its Enemy the Bahai Organization by Ruth White, the Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont 1929.

Ruth White says: “In the Autumn of 1919 I sent to Abdul Baha [i.e. Sir Abbas Effendi] an American Express Company check of Five hundred dollars and asked him to apply it to some of the many charities he was dispensing.

About four month after we arrived in Haifa as the guests of Abdul Baha. On the day before departure I asked Abdul Baha if he had received the check. Without a moment’s hesitation and very emphatically he said that he had not received it. He repeated this a number of times, and seemed indignant that it had not been turned over to him.

I discussed this with various members of the family of Abdul Baha, and one of the brothers-in-law said he would go to town and enquire about the matter. He returned and said there were no record of the check. When I returned to America I asked the American Express Company to look up the receipt of the check I had sent through their office, and on the back of it was the signature of the person who had received the cash. This person was Shoghi Rabbani [i.e. Shoghi Effendi].

I asked the American Express Company to Photostat this check for me, which they did. Herewith it is a reproduction of the check with the signature of Sh. Rabbani on the back. Here then is proof positive that Shoghi Effendi cashed out the check and also proof that the son-in-law [presumably Mirza Muhsin Afnan] who purported to enquire of the check did not do it at all. Otherwise, he would have ascertained in a few minutes from the office of the American Express Company at Haifa that the check had been cashed by Sh. Rabbani, as I had given the son-in-law the whole information, the date of sending, the name of sender, etc. All of which shows that there was collusion between the son-in-law and Shoghi Effendi. Circumstantial evidence also points to the fact that Shoghi Effendi used the money to go to Oxford University.

For immediately after cashing the check he departed for Oxford, this despite the fact that Abdul Baha did not wish him to go. Some may naturally ask: How could Shoghi Effendi have cashed the check unless he had authority to do so. This he may have had. Yet the fact remain that the proceeds were never turned over to Abdul Baha. My readers may, therefore, draw their own conclusions.”

An Examination of Will and Testaments of Abdul Baha

After the above incident in mind Ms. Ruth White understood that this will and testament is either completely forged or a part of it is forged she obtain a photocopy of original Will and testament And send for forensic test. The result was as she expected. As per the forensic lab of the report of Dr. C. Ainsworth Mitchell, the handwriting expert for the British Museum, and editor of THE ANALYST.
Readers can find the entire report on

Kamar Bahai grand daughter of Baha’u’llah after the hearing the appointment of Shoghi Effendi has raised her voice in many news paper of Akka and Palestine here I bring from her petition few point which she has raised

from Page 1-2

Following the death of Abbas Effindi, Shoki Rabbani who was then still young, claimed that he was holding a WILL from his grand¬father. on his mother’s side, As Abbess Effendi, did not beget any male children. In accordance with this Will, which is counterfeit, Shoki  Rabbani was nominated successor. The Behais subsequently split among themselves, of them there were adherents of Mohammed All Effendi, the son of BehalUlla who was to be the legal successor to his brother in accordance with his father’s Will, while Shoki Rabbani had few Supporters amongst his relatives.

…..Abbas Effendi, whom they believed and trusted could not possibly entertain the Idea of the non-fulfilment of his father’s Will It    is therefore illogical that Abbes Effendi, should have committed the blunder of Appointing his young grand son as his successor and set aside his experienced brother who bore great suffering and struggled hand in hand with him to advance the movement


Why the Baha’i faithful were shock to read the will and testament of Abdul Baha appointing Shoghi Effendi as Guardian.
Ms. Ruth White has mentioned in her book.

1                   I also wish to give a few high-lights on Shoghi Effendi, the grandson of Abdul Baha, who is now his alleged successor. He had failed in his college course at the age of twenty-four, and he wished to go to Oxford University, in the autumn of 1919. Despite the objec¬tions of Abdul Baha he went. This act demonstrates that Shoghi Effendi had little consideration for the wishes of his grandfather, who was then seventy-four years of age. It also shows that he was lacking in the spiritual attri-butes which would have enabled him to know that it was of far more value to be with Abdul Baha, both spiritually and mentally, during the last two years of his life, than any amount of academic training could possibly be.
2                   Yet Shoghi Effendi chose to be away during the last two years of Abdul Baha’s life, and did not return for a full month after he had passed from this world.
3                   Another significant fact to which I wish to call attention is this: If Abdul Baha had had any secret intention of appointing Shoghi Effendi as Guardian of the Bahai Cause, it does not seem plausible that he would have excluded him from the entourage that accompanied him on his trip through Europe and America during 1912. Shoghi Effendi at that time was eighteen years of age and spoke and wrote English, Persian and Arabic; yet he was not included in this trip. Even after Abdul Baha returned to Palestine, instead of choosing Shoghi Effendi as his secretary, he chose Ahmad Sohrab, who had accompanied him to Europe and America, and who continued as his secretary for five succeeding years.
4                   Why the will and testament of Abdul Baha came to public after two months of his demise. And why Shoghi Effendi took charge of Guardian ship after two years.
5                   Who has given authority to Bhaiyyeh Khanum and Lady Munira (grand mother of Shoghi) to manage the affairs of Baha’i community for two years.

It is clear as sunny day that Will and Testament of Abdul Baha was tempered and Madam Munira planted Shoghi Effendi as guardian as she promise her daughter that guardianship will be in her children. And as the will and Testament was fake or tempered the prophecy which is mentioned in forged Will and Testament of Abdul Baha of having guardian ship in Shoghi Efendi’s first born son was not fulfilled as Shoghi died Childless and left no Will

Why Universal House of Justice is tide lip for the Lab report of Dr. C. Ainsworth Mitchell and investigation of Loyal Bahai like Ms. Ruth White and Hermman Zimmer and Granddaughter of Baha’u’llah Kamar Beha’i

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