A brief visit from Bob Arvay, former Baha’i, evangelical Christian.

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Up until a couple of years or so ago, I used to be a frequent poster on this group. After I found my continued discussion to be going in circles, I did as many of my online critics urged me to do, and “went away.” Time has passed, but my concern for Baha’is has not diminished. Indeed, unfolding events on the world scene have added more urgency to my fears for the role of Baha’is in the coming great deception of the anti-Christ.

For those who may wish to read some of my archived material, you can do so by typing in the word “arvay” in the “search this group” field on google’s talk.religion.bahai.

I did this, and began re-reading some of my old exchanges from 2002 onward, and developed a perspective that I did not have while “in the

The one thing that stands out the most is the continual, persistent, and unrelenting disingenuous arguments posed by my critics. Only now, in retrospect, can I appreciate how breathtakingly dishonest their responses were, and how deeply ingrained this cognitive disconnection is in their thinking.

For example, the question of the Guardianship is the most singular cause of fracturing in the Bahai Faith (BF). I have read many posts on this site concerning the varying points of view from the different factions of Bahais, and could never get answers to my most direct questions. Essentially, what I said was, among the Guardian’s crucial duties, was the appointment of a successor. Much Bahai teaching had been invested in the vital importance of this position, and the importance of succession was critical.

Then the Guardian died suddenly. A frantic search was made for any evidence that a successor had been appointed. Nothing. Then, the Hands of the Cause had a real crisis on their “hands.” If they could not find a solution, then the entire legitimacy of the BF as a divinely revealed religion was out the window. So they had to improvise after the fact. What they did was to declare the position of the Guardianship null and void. But on what authority? For many years, the guardianship had been touted as critical to the Administrative Order, and unlike in other religions, the AO was specifically designated by the founder of the faith. Inconsistencies and contradictions abounded.

It is ironic, then, that one of the primary institutions which was supposed to have ensured that the religion would never fracture, was in fact the very source of schism itself. Could a religion revealed by God be so embarrassingly inept?

Despite many, many posts on this subject, I never got a good answer to this, neither from the mainline Bahais (UHJ), nor the Mason-Remey faction, nor from Joel Marangella nor from the sans-Guardian Bahais, etc etc.

Everyone can patch up some of the defects in this matter, but nobody can float the boat.

There were other issues as well. The Bahais had told me in the 1960s that the Bahai teachings were not in conflict with the Bible. Yet, as I began reading the Bible, I found that the conflicts were pervasive, not only in minor details, but in the very broadest outlines. The Bible makes the clearest possible distinction between Jesus and the prophets Abraham and Moses, but the Bahais say that they were all equally manifestations of God. The more one reads the Bible, the more one strains to find any correlation at all between its teachings and those of the Bahai Faith. They are almost entirely mutually exclusive.

Finally, the discussions veered off into peripheral matters, primarily the centrality of Middle Eastern culture to the problem of terrorism.
I was accused of being off topic in these matters, but as I re-read the archives, I see that these subjects were natural transitions from the most direct Bahai teachings to the least direct.

These discussions became confrontational, I think, largely due to the fact that many of the bahais on this forum were not fully committed to some of the Bahai teachings (ironically, those with which evangelical Christians are most likely to agree with Bahais on).

For example, Bahai forbids abortion, yet many of my responders seemed in favor of it. What strikes me in reviewing the old posts is that these “pro-choice” Bahais refused to admit of any distinction between the execution of a convicted murderer after due process, and the killing of an innocent baby without due process. I could never get them to acknowledge that there is a difference.

Bahai teaches that men and women are equal, with which I agree, but then the Bahai teachings incorrectly portray men and women as two wings of a bird. The error in this teaching is that men and women are not mirror images of each other. We are complements of each other.
Unlike the wings of a bird, we are asymmetrical, having differing functions, interlocking, compensatory.

Again, the fact that the UHJ does not admit women as officers is extremely disconcerting to politically liberal bahais. But cognitive dissonance is the hallmark of the true believer. I know, because for a few years, I too made excuses for the ever-accumulating list of inherent inconsistencies in the BF.

But the greatest issue of them all, from my opinionated point of view, is that the Bahai faith prophesies a one world order that the Bible clearly demonstrates will FIRST be put into place by Satan, the anti- Christ, the Beast.

What this portends for Bahais is that, as the anti-Christ begins putting into place this world religion, this world economy, this trans- national government, is that Bahais will tend to see this as a validation of their beliefs, a fulfillment of their prophecies, and as a good thing.

Therein lies an enormously great danger for you, and the only defense you have against it is reliance on the shed blood of Jesus for your salvation. I beg each of you to ask Jesus to save your soul. He is all sufficient to meet your every need.


Baha’is are the real enemies of Iran and Iranian People

I had the misfortune of attending a meeting organized by Universal House of Justice for DIPLOMATIC AND EXTERNAL AFFAIRS CONSULTATIONS in Acuto, Italy on 2-4 September 2011.

I was surprised to see that the whole atmosphere was dominated by Anti Iran feeling and very cunningly the UHJ had put forward the Persian Bahais in forefront to act against their own country under the guidance of certain Western Powers hostile to Iranian governments.

The Universal House of Justice has initiated a series of international and regional gatherings to develop offices of external affairs in various parts of the world. The main agenda of this body was to change world opinion against Iran.

This three-day meeting addressed a range of matters pertaining to the external affairs work at the national level, including the nature and functioning of external affairs offices and various aspects of the different components of the work. The first and third days were devoted to plenary sessions on these subjects. On day two, participants came together in smaller groups – organized on the basis of either geography or stage of development of the external affairs work – to address the issues discussed in plenum in greater depth.

The main points were addressed by Dr Farzam Arbab and Dr Firaydoun Javaheri, representatives of the House of Justice to the delegates of the meeting in Acuto. The central theme for all the three days was Iran and Iran only.


1. Dr Farzam Arbab, and Dr Firaydoun Javaheri member of the Universal House of Justice;

2. Representatives of Offices of External Affairs and National Spiritual Assemblies of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States.

3. Bahá’í International Community Persian language spokespersons for Europe and North America;

4. Representatives of the various Bahai communities


The key address was by House of Justice members Mr. Dr Farzam Arbab, and Dr Firaydoun Javaheri which hinted that it is UHJ agenda of training Bahais in every country to be in contact with their respective government to:

1. Work towards defaming Iran as much as possible and pursue them to favor various motion initiated by the countries like US ,Canada and Britain favoring the Bahais

2. Pressurize their government to support economic sanctions against Iran

3. While trying to achieve these two major goals, try to receive various benefits allowed by the respective government.

4. Introduced Bahai Faith to them

The excuse of meeting with the government officials should be the persecution of Bahais in Iran and the imprisonment of 7 Yaran members of the Bahai Faith.This should be done tactfully under the heading Mistreatment of Minoririties by Iranian Government especially Bahais.

The members selected for this committee were advised to be Iranian Bahai ladies so that more sympathy can be generated for the Bahais. The condition of committee members to be Ladies was for obvious reasons.

The Points discussed were

1. How to build capacity to engage meaningfully in the diplomatic work?
An essential element of activity is “READING YOUR GOVERNMENT” – which should not be underestimated

2. Methods suggested were :

A.How well do you know your government and how can you get to know your government better?

B.What are the forces within society that impact your governments?
Do you know how your government operates?

C.Do you know the key players within government? And which of these individuals is actually receptive to the ideas we would want to present?

D.Do you know of any government officials who are dedicated to selfless service to their country rather than the promotion of self?

E.How can you build relationships with key individuals in government?
What are the resource implications of this?

F.How can you introduce ideas in a practical way?

G.Where are the spaces in which ideas are formed and debated?

H.How will you explain the principle of non-involvement in partisan political activity of Bahais in light of your deeper involvement with governments of your country?

I And how does your government view Bahais? As a human rights NGO? Another small religious community?

J How can you coordinate the work with other countries and Universal House of Justice? We will probably need to start small by working with a few individuals and engage others only as our capacity allows us

K. Load the National Bahai sites of your country with Anti Iranian materials, Persecution of Bahais etc.

As a conclusion, I could only understand that Acuto meeting was aimed to train future spies to work in interest of Bahais in their country and work against Iran. So much for the slogan – “Bahais do not participate in politics”

Humble question to Bahai friends

1.     Baha’u’llah appointed in his Will and Testaments two guardian of faith one after the other, that is Abbas Effendi and Mohammed Ali Effendi. Why..? normally the successor is appointed and that successor in his will nominate his successor, here Baha’u’llah was aware that Abbas Effendi will fail, and will fall in his pride and will promote himself and will make His teachings inferior, in His Will and Testaments he has given clear sign to the faithful that for sure Abbas Effendi will fail, then the faithful should immediately refer to Mohammed Ali Effendi.

2.     Why Abbas Effendi was not ready to discuss the issues with his brothers and faithful, it is obvious and clear that he will fail in that and he has to step down.

3.     The Will and Testaments clearly states that the Branches (Sons) should be respected Abdul Baha failed in that, hence he himself become Covenant Breaker.



Introducing the Baha’i Jewish Lobby

bahaullahThe anti-Iranian nature of the missionary affair continues to reverbate within the Iranian Baha’i community. Iran has been the cradle of this British manufactured, Zionist supported cult from the very beginning. Most of its adherents have come from Iran. In fact, for all their posturing that they have managed to convert large populations in the Third World – and who for some reason can’t actually be found any rolls –, no other country in the world has been so receptive to the Baha’i idea than Iranians and particularly Iranian Jews.

These days, predominantly of former Jewish and sometimes Zoroastrian backgrounds, the current make up of Baha’is in Iran is vastly different to what it was in the late nineteenth centuary. The Baha’i faith lost its appeal to the mainstream Iranian community in the early 1900s during the Constitutional Revolution when Abbas Effendi not only failed to support the constitutional movement, but tacitly even supported the Russian involvement in Iranian internal politics and its sponsoring of Muhammad Ali Shah’s coup d’etat against the Parliament and people of Iran. Later in the mid 1950s Shoghi Effendi directly instructed Iranian Baha’is to work closely with the Pahlavi regime, ergo Habib Sabet. The exodus of Baha’is from Muslim backgrounds resulted in the reduction in the intellectual output of the community.

Coupled with that came the influx of new believers from these Iranian Jewish and Zoroastrian minorities. The new believers had been under persecution in their respective religions and saw the new faith as an opportunity to exert control over others. Introducing the powerful Baha’i “Jewish” Lobby.

Brought together by their dislike of Muslim influences on Iranian culture, the Jewish Baha’is began to gradually purge the Iranian Baha’i community from its Islamic roots and origins. This can be witnessed in their whitewashings of the militant Shi’ite and Babi past.

This agenda fitted well with Shoghi Effendi’s vision of abandoning Iran in favour of exporting the cult to other parts of the world. With the death of Shoghi Effendi in 1957 and the rise of the new UHJ oligarchy, the new Jewish (and sometimes Zoroastrian) adherents were quickly promoted through the ranks to high places within the Iranian
and International Baha’i communities. Key members of the Iranian NSA and continental Board of Counsellors came from this new ethnic grouping in the Baha’i cult. Following the 1979 revolution, most of the Jewish Baha’i elite migrated to Western Europe and California, USA, where their monies helped buy properties for the AO. The completion of the ARC project is owed to a large part to donations given from these two groups. Several confidential trips by UHJ members Fatheazam and Nakhjavani to LA and Australia in 1989 ensured that all the monies required for the ARC were secured from these groups. In fact the whole of these monies had been raised long before the advertising campaign for fundraising ever begun, much of through their own investments, with smatterings of large grants and subsidies given them by the Israeli government.

During the late 80s and early 90s many of the donators and their relatives were rewarded by the BWC by being nominated to key positions on the Continental Board and the ITC. In fact a quick scan of existing Counsellors in Europe, Australia and North America since 1985 suggests that former Zoroastrians and Jews have done quite well in this regard, but not their Muslim background counterparts.

The UHJs decision to adopt a more rabid form of fundamentalism and hardline position in 1996 bode well for the Baha’i Jews especially.

They were the ones that successfully lobbeyed the UHJ to:
1) Instruct Iranian Baha’is not to attend Naw-Ruz celebrations by Iranian exile communities;
2) Instruct Iranian Baha’is not to associate with the general Iranian community in exile, thereby attempting to foist a Baha’i-only -rather than a universally Iranian – Naw-Ruz culture.

Counsellor Manijeh Reyhani, for example, who was instrumental in getting Hamid Taheri excommunicated comes from a dual Zoroastrian and Jewish background. These people control the Payam-i Bahai magazine (run by ’60s-’70s Pahlavi insider Shapour Rasekh a.k.a. Delaram Mashhuri), the Andalib magazine, and, until its demise Landegg in Switzerland, as well as Radio Bahai (broadcasting in Persian), not to mention composition of the Ruhi modules.

Iran has always been rich in supplying and exporting Baha’i travel teachers around the world. The Baha’i Jewish lobby now wants to dominate and silence the mainstream Iranian Baha’i community by exporting their hyper-fundamentalist reading of the cult into Iran. They have funded companies and businesses through the missionaries in order to “teach the youth” and set up Ruhi Institutes. The Baha’i community in Iran has suffered enormously at the hands of the Islamic regime. It has lost some of its most charismatic Baha’i intellectuals like the Bakhtavars or Davudis. The present elite leadership is exclusively made up of former Jews. There are deep divisions in the community and some of the truly learned ones have boycotted the current crop of leaders and their activities.

So this latest effort to export missionaries is aimed at demonstrating “the correct version of the faith” to the rank and file at the same time isolating (and hopefully driving out) the voices of dissent. It is also a means, among others, by the Israelis to gain further footholds inside Iran itself. Both policies, it would appear, have now failed. The Iranian Baha’i community is racked with dissension and schism, and the IR finally blew its top (and reasonably so given all the freedoms they had given the Baha’is since the mid ’90s) with this ridiculous allegation of genocide by the Jewish Baha’i leadership. One wonders if maybe deep down these Jewish Baha’is actually pray for a holocaust to occu in Iran so that they can politically capitalize on it for their future designs, just as their European Jewish counterparts vis-a-vis Palestine.

Courtesy : http://iranian.com/main/blog/covenant/introducing-bahai-jewish-lobby.html

Relation between Baha’i Faith and Israel

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