Humble question to Bahai friends

1.     Baha’u’llah appointed in his Will and Testaments two guardian of faith one after the other, that is Abbas Effendi and Mohammed Ali Effendi. Why..? normally the successor is appointed and that successor in his will nominate his successor, here Baha’u’llah was aware that Abbas Effendi will fail, and will fall in his pride and will promote himself and will make His teachings inferior, in His Will and Testaments he has given clear sign to the faithful that for sure Abbas Effendi will fail, then the faithful should immediately refer to Mohammed Ali Effendi.

2.     Why Abbas Effendi was not ready to discuss the issues with his brothers and faithful, it is obvious and clear that he will fail in that and he has to step down.

3.     The Will and Testaments clearly states that the Branches (Sons) should be respected Abdul Baha failed in that, hence he himself become Covenant Breaker.


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