Baha’is affected by ban on ‘Allah’ word – A Report

Posted on 14 January 2014 – 08:42pm
Last updated on 14 January 2014 – 09:27pm

Lee Choon Fai

PETALING JAYA (Jan 14, 2014): Another group affected by the ban on the use of the word “Allah”, is the minority religious community in Malaysia known as the Baha’i.

Followers of the faith use the words “Allah-u-Abbha”, which means “God the most glorious” when they meet each other.

A spokesman for the Baha’i community of Malaysia, said the matter regarding the ban would be deliberated upon by members before they make any statements.

The Baha’í faith also believes in one God and emphases the spiritual unity of all humankind.

Three core principles establish a basis for Baha’i teachings and doctrine: the unity of God, that there is only one God who is the source of all creation; the unity of religion, that all major religions have the same spiritual source and come from the same God; and the unity of humanity, that all humans have been created equal, and that diversity of race and culture are seen as worthy of appreciation and acceptance.

The Baha’i faith was founded by Baha’u’llah in 19th-century Persia.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Sikh community here said Sikhs will continue to use the word regardless of the ban on its use.

Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya (GSPJ) vice-president Awtar Singh said, the word has been used by Sikhs since the founding of the faith hundreds of years ago.

“It has been part of our religion and now if you want to take that away, the right to practise our religion would also be taken away,” Awtar told theSun today.

He said the Sikh holy book – the Guru Granth Sahib – is a compilation of Sikh teachings by the first five Gurus of Sikhism.

“We refer to the Guru Granth Sahib for our way of life and it is a very important book as it is the compilation of all Sikh teachings; the Guru Granth Sahib is everything to Sikhs,” Awtar said.

Puchong Member of Parliament Gobind Singh Deo concurred adding that the community will continue to use the word.

“As far as we are concerned, we will continue using the word as it is part and parcel of the book (Guru Granth Sahib),” he said.

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What goes around comes around: Use of the Greatest Name(Allah) effectively banned in Malaysia

In November, 2006, the heterodox Baha’is, those presently headquartered in Wilmette , Illinois, brought a legal action seeking to prevent the Orthodox Baha’is from using the Greatest Name, among other things. The Greatest Name is “Allah-u-Abha” (God is All-Glorious) and its variants, and is considered one of the most sacred names and symbols of the Baha’i Faith. After years of battle in the United States District Court and an appeal before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Orthodox Baha’is finally prevailed in 2011.

    Some 10 years since the Wilmette NSA took its legal action, there is another similar legal problem arising in Malaysia and this time it is the Malayasian government outlawing the use of “Allah” by anyone who is not a Muslim.
    This effectively outlaws the use of the Greatest Name by Baha’is in Malaysia.
    It is unfortunate that, in their zeal and fanaticism to try to prevent the Orthodox Baha’is from using the Greatest Name, they did not see that this very same zeal and fanaticism would soon be turned against them in the same way. Perhaps now the Baha’is will see the folly of their attempts to coerce religious faith against others. We can only pray that the fog of ignorance and prejudice might lift from their eyes.

Physics according to Abdul Baha :In Baha’i Faith the Sun is Fixed!!!

Fixed Sun: (Physics according to Abdu’l-Baha)

“The animal cannot become aware of the fact that the earth is revolving and the sun stationary. Only processes of reasoning can come to this conclusion. The outward eye sees the sun as revolving. It mistakes the stars and the planets as moving about the earth. But reason decides their orbit, knows that the earth is moving and the other worlds fixed, knows that the sun is the solar center and ever occupies the same place, proves that it is the earth which revolves around it. Such conclusions are entirely intellectual, not according to the senses.” (Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 416)

“The sun stationary”. Sun is not stationary.
It is funny that he said “animal cannot become aware of the fact that the earth is revolving and the sun stationary” and he (as a “human”) was Wrong and thought that Sun was stationary!

So Abdul-baha believed that Sun is Fixed and Stationary, and other planets orbits this sun.
If you show this quote to a Baha’i, because they don’t want to say Abdul-Baha was wrong, they would say: “We have to look at the spiritual meaning of that quote and what Abdul-Baha is referring to is NOT the physical sun but the spiritual sun (which usually is God!!!)
BUT this notion is Completely wrong!! Because

1. NO where in this quote we see the word “Spiritual”. So we can conclude that he was talking about physical reality and not the “spiritual reality” (If there is such a thing)

2. He talks about earth, planets, and other worlds, so we can be 100% sure that he was referring to the physical sun!

3. If he was talking about the “spiritual worlds”, then why did he not say it directly? That way people could understand him better!!!


Also, “the sun is the solar center and ever occupies the same place”. Really? The sun is going to be there for ever?! What if a black-hole consumes it?

Equality of Men and Women in Baha’i Faith?! Hmmmm

In Baha’i Faith, women are prohibited from serving in the Universal House of Justice!


“The Universal House of Justice shall consist of nine men who have been elected from the Bahá’í community in the manner hereinafter provided.”

(The Universal House of Justice, The Constitution of The Universal House of Justice, p. 10)

Maybe they should call it the Universal House of Inequality!

Also, giving the eldest son a larger portion of the inheritance if there is no will left by the parents!


Human Equality in Baha’i Faith! Hmmm!

I have already talked about discrimination against homosexuals in Baha’i faith! I have already talked about exclusion of women from Universal House of Justice (OR actually Local House of Injustice). Now I want to share with you guys something else!

It is not permissible to teach the Baha’i Faith to Israelites, and if an Israeli insists on asking questions about the Baha’i Faith, the answer provided by the Baha’i must be delivered in a manner that does not “stimulate further interest”.

This is a quote from Universal House of Justice:

     “You have asked how the policy of not teaching Israelis applies in the situation in which you have contact with an Israeli via an “interactive relay chat” (IRC) connection. The House of Justice has not asked the friends to avoid contact with Israelis. When you discover that a person you are in contact with via IRC is an Israeli, you should feel free to maintain friendly contact, but you should not teach the Faith to him. If he has already developed a personal interest in the Faith and seeks more information, you should refer him to the Offices of the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa.”

    “For your information, the people in Israel have access to factual information about the Faith, its history and general principles. Books concerning the Faith are available in libraries throughout Israel, and Israelis are welcome to visit the Shrines and the surrounding gardens. However, in keeping with a policy that has been strictly followed since the days of Bahá’u’lláh, Bahá’ís do not teach the Faith in Israel. Likewise, the Faith is not taught to Israelis abroad if they intend to return to Israel. When Israelis ask about the Faith, their questions are answered, but this is done in a manner which provides factual information without stimulating further interest.”

With loving Bahá’í greetings, Department of the Secretariat

Bahaullah broke the Babi Rule by marrying 3 wives !!

 Baha’ullah had 3 wives and Baha’is still talk about monogamy!

I know you are reading this and telling yourself that Baha’ullah had 3 wives because when he got married he was a Muslim, and Muslims can have 4 wives! But this is wrong!

Baha’ullah married his first wife, Ásíyih Khánum, in 1835.  He married his second wife, Fatimih,in 1849. and he married his third wife, Gawhar, in 1862.  

When Baha’ullah married his second wife, he was a Babi! He accepted Bab in 1844, so he was not a Muslim anymore!! He was a Babi! And in Babi religion you can only have 2 wives.

When he married his third wife he was not a Muslim but a Babi! so he broke the Babi’s rules and married his third wife.  Not only that is not monogamy, but he also broke the Babi’s rules!  

In the Persian Bayan, wahid 8 section 14, the Bab says

“If a man or woman proves incapable of having a child, it is legitimate for the spouse who is not infertile (whichever it may be) to marry again after having obtained the permission of the other party, but not without her permission”

But Bahaullah had 7 children from his first wife!

Shoghi Effendi wrote:

“Bahá’u’lláh had no concubine, He had three legal wives. As He married them before the “Aqdas” (His book of laws) was revealed, He was only acting according to the laws of Islám, which had not yet been superseded. He made plurality of wives conditional upon justice.”

Abdu’l-Bahá interpreted this to mean that

“a man may not have more than one wife at a time, as it is impossible to be just to two or more women in marriage.” “…Bahá’u’lláh married the first and second wives while He was still in Tihrán, and the third wife while He was in Baghdád. At that time, the Laws of the “Aqdas” had not been revealed, and secondly, He was following the Laws of the previous Dispensation and the customs of the people of His own land.”.

But who cares whether Aqdas was “revealed” to him or not! He was a Babi and he could not have had more than two wives! (See below! Even in Aqdas Bahaullah said you can have two wives!) Also, did you notice that they did not mention that Bahaullah was a Babi and not a Muslim. When he was in Baghdad he was a Babi!

AND, aren’t we told that the divine messengers live exemplary, holy lives and are obedient to the holy texts even *before* they receive their Revelations???

if it is “impossible to be just to two or more women in marriage” as Abdu’l-Baha said, how would this state of affairs be any different before Baha’u’llah wrote the Aqdas?

Baha’u’llah also said

God hath prescribed matrimony unto you. Beware that ye take not unto yourselves more wives than two.”(Baha’u’llah, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, p. 41)

Although in the next sentence he said monogamy is accepted

“Whoso contenteth himself with a single partner from among the maidservants of God, both he and she shall live in tranquillity.”(Baha’u’llah, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, p. 41)

Shoghi Effandi said

“He made plurality of wives conditional upon justice.”

but first, we must acknowledge that nowhere in the Aqdas is polygamy preconditioned upon justice (or the equal treatment of both wives). This is an addition by Abdu’l-Baha. Perhaps Baha’u’llah told Abdu’l-Baha orally about this, but to my knowledge there is no written document authored by Baha’u’llah laying out this precondition.

Second, according to the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha , he did not say that the precondition of justice can not be met. In fact, He says the opposite:

“Concerning the practice of bigamy, this has been promulgated, and no one must abrogate it. ‘Abdu’l-Baha has not abrogated this law. These are false accusations and lies (spread by) the friends. What I have said is that He has made bigamy bound on a precondition. As long as someone does not attain certitude regarding the capability to practice justice and his heart is not at rest that he can practice justice, he should not be intent upon a second marriage. But if he should be sure and attain certitude that he would practice justice on all levels (and conditions), then a second marriage is lawful. Just as has been the case in the Holy Land: the Baha’i friends wished to marry a second wife, accepting this precondition, and this servant [Abdu’l-Baha] never abstained (from giving permission), but insisted that justice should be considered, and justice actually means here self-restraint; but they said, that they will practice justice and wished to marry a second wife. Such false accusations [charges that Abdu’l-Baha prohibited bigamy] are the slanderous whisperings of those who wish to spread doubts and to what degree they already succeed in making matters ambiguous! (Our) purpose was to state that bigamy without justice is not lawful and that justice is very difficult (to achieve).”[Amr wa Khalq, Volume 4, p. 174]

“You asked about polygamy. According to the text of the Divine Book the right of having two wives is lawful and legal. This was never prohibited, but it is legitimate and allowed. You should therefore not be unhappy, but take justice into your consideration so that you may be as just as possible. what has been said was that since justice is very difficult (to achieve), therefore tranquillity (calls for) one wife. But in your case, you should not be unhappy.”[ibid. Volume 4, p. 174]

It is obvious from reading the above that Abdu’l-Baha gives a much more naunced take on this whole matter. So, according to Abdu’l-Baha if there is justice you can have two wives. According to Abdu’l-Baha, there is a condition and it can be met. He himself gave permission and blessing for polygamous marriages to take place by Baha’is.

So polygamy is permitted in Baha’i Faith.

Did you know that the science we have today is just because of Baha’ullah?

“All historians are agreed in this fact, that there never has been such a time of high attainment for humanity as exists in this nineteenth century. This is nothing but the effect of the highest and most perfect Revelation (in other words, Bahaullah). The Blessed Perfection has appeared upon the horizon of this world from the Kingdom of Eternity, and the effect of the Rays of His Glory is visible in every direction. And this is true, even though its effects are only partially visible now, for His Laws and Commands have not yet been put into practice, by means of which the highest development of humanity will be possible. If such a high condition is apparent now, in the beginning of this Revelation, what a great state must we not look for when the full power of Its Light is manifested. (Compilations, Baha’i Prayers 9, p. 40)

So without Baha’ullah science would not have existed! What Nonsense !!!