Bahai Center or Illegal Alcohol Warehouse !! – A Report

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Solomon Islands Police Raid Illegal Alcohol Vendors
Capital city police report two men arrested

By Charley Piringi

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, July 1, 2013) – Several liquor outlets operating illegally in the city have been raided over the weekend by police.

The operations were conducted by the Honiara City Police.

Reports said on Friday night police raided the Bahai and the Lengakiki Geology area as part of targeting illegal beer outlets in the city.

The raid was in relation to illegal selling of liquor. Owners of these outlets were selling alcohol without any liquor permits and after hours.

During the raid nearly ten cartons of beer were confiscated.

As a result of the raid two men were arrested and charged while awaiting their court appearance.

Honiara City Police Commander Chief Superintendant Sergeant Gabriel Manelusi yesterday confirmed the raids while issuing a warning to all illegal liquor outlets in the city.

He said that a lot of hotspots involved in such illegal activities have been identified.

These identified hotspots will be their targets in the coming weeks.

“Those recently raided areas were some of the many crime hotspots in town.”

He warned that more of such raids will be conducted and owners of these illegal outlets will face justice once they are caught.

“We have already identified other illegal outlets in the city and will be raiding them soon.”

“This is part of doing our job to have these culprits arrested and face justice.”

Sgt. Manelusi calls on all communities in and around Honiara to work together with the police to fight against such illegal activities.

“We asked the communities to work closely with us to ensure that Honiara is a crime free city for everyone. All of us should be law abiding citizen of the Solomon Islands.”

Apart from the raids regular traffic checkups and inspections by police will also be conducted as of this week.

Solomon Star

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