Did you know that the science we have today is just because of Baha’ullah?

“All historians are agreed in this fact, that there never has been such a time of high attainment for humanity as exists in this nineteenth century. This is nothing but the effect of the highest and most perfect Revelation (in other words, Bahaullah). The Blessed Perfection has appeared upon the horizon of this world from the Kingdom of Eternity, and the effect of the Rays of His Glory is visible in every direction. And this is true, even though its effects are only partially visible now, for His Laws and Commands have not yet been put into practice, by means of which the highest development of humanity will be possible. If such a high condition is apparent now, in the beginning of this Revelation, what a great state must we not look for when the full power of Its Light is manifested. (Compilations, Baha’i Prayers 9, p. 40)

So without Baha’ullah science would not have existed! What Nonsense !!!

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