Equality of Men and Women in Baha’i Faith?! Hmmmm

In Baha’i Faith, women are prohibited from serving in the Universal House of Justice!


“The Universal House of Justice shall consist of nine men who have been elected from the Bahá’í community in the manner hereinafter provided.”

(The Universal House of Justice, The Constitution of The Universal House of Justice, p. 10)

Maybe they should call it the Universal House of Inequality!

Also, giving the eldest son a larger portion of the inheritance if there is no will left by the parents!


17 Comments on “Equality of Men and Women in Baha’i Faith?! Hmmmm”

  1. peace says:

    in the most literal sense women can never be equal only equitable. There is rel differences between men and women built right into their DNA. Men’s DNA is XY and Women is XX.
    There are many places where the genders should be apart. Like public rest rooms and showers.

    • bahaisects says:

      Dear peace,
      Everybody know the differences quoted by u in you comment.
      But our topic of discussion in the above post is, why on earth a woman cannot become a member of UHJ. ???
      We are not talking about DNA and showers here. We are debating the point why the eldest son is given a higher share in inheritance and why only men are allowed in UHJ ???
      Do you any reply???

      • peace says:

        actually the part of why oldest son gets the greatest share is actually, Because he has a greatest duty to his mother. Plus since there are no Baha’i governments so intestate inheritance aren’t done by Baha’i dictates but government law.

        I expect it may be possible this was a temporary thing by Shogi Effendi and he died before it was changed. Also, other other answer I here is women have greater duty being mothers and UHJ would interfere with taking care of children.

  2. bahaisects says:

    What a stupid reply by Mr. Peace !!!
    Kindly visit the below site to know about the fallacy of Gender Equality in Baha’i Faith.


    • peace says:

      You are the stupidest person person i have ever tried to have an intelligent conversation with. All you want to do is bash, bash, bash and try to cause as much division as possible.
      You are dishonest and n one should ever believe anything you ever say because you speak nothing but lies.

  3. bahaisects says:

    You haven’t replied to proofs presented by me and simply accusing me without any solid reason.

    Why dont you accept the fact that there is discrimination at the highest level.???

    Its because you don’t accept the bahai law of “Independent Investigation of Truth” !!!

    • peace says:

      You haven’t done anything but bring up basher site after basher site. And, you are just that a basher. Sop attacking other people’s religion and start promoting your own. At least then you would be doing something constructive. Only people with little faith in their own beliefs spend so much time attacking others beliefs. If you really were strong in your own beliefs you would talk about them not about bashing others.

  4. bahaisects says:

    First Bahais must stop fooling and converting people in the name of world peace, unity and blah blah blah

  5. Hossein says:

    For whatever reason that the eldest son gets a bigger share,the fact remains that there is inequality and that is the main point. Thus any excuse is rendered void because there is still no equality.

    • peace says:

      actually there is equality because this only refers to not having a will. Baha’is are Required to make a will in which they may give any amount to anyone once all Obligations are paid.

      • Hossein says:

        That isn’t equality either. A Baha’i is free to give anything to anyone in his will. He can give someone all and another none or distribute his wealth any way he deems possible. Still no guarantee equality.

        Thus, if there is no “will” there is no equality and if there is a “will” there is still no guarantee for equality.

      • peace says:

        Sure its equality the person who owns the items has the right to distribute as he see fit.
        Its not equal to give everyone the same amount because they may not have worked equally for it. Equality doesn’t mean one has equal share that i taking from thos who earned it and giving to those who didn’t.

      • Hossein says:

        Equality means equality. And your response makes no sense. If the guy gives his inheritors unequal shares in his will, there is no equality and if he leaves no will the Baha’i law states the shares are unequal, and there is still inequality. It’s fairly simple.

      • peace says:

        That is the communist way of defining equality. Equality of duty first earns equality of shares. If person does no work they shouldn’t get the same as the person who does all the work. This is rue even in the family. And, that person who owns the items is free to determine this is equality not that he is required to give to the child who has done nothing but cause grief to the family. If you give equal shares to the drug addict son and the philanthropist daughter. The son will use his share to get more drugs but, the daughter will her share to help people. AS, good father it makes sense to give more to the one who will use it wisely. They bible has passage about this man has 3 servants 1 he gives 10 talents of gold and tells to make something of this, The 2nd one was given 5 talents of gold and was told to do the same. The 3rd servant was given two talents of gold and told the same thing. Then came the day for accounting of the money.
        The first servant came forth and said you gave me 10 talents and i have increased it by 10 talents. And, master says you have been faithful in many things and many things will be given to you. The 2nd servant came and said you gave me 5 talents and i have increased it by 5 talents. The master says you have been faithful in a few things and to you a few more things will be given to you. Then came the 3rd servant and he says I knew you would be angry if i lost the money so i buried. And, the master said you foolish servant ig gave you the money to increase and squander that you will be given nothing and will lose what you have already. And, the master took the 2 talents from the 3rd serve and gave it to the first.
        This parable is about God giving us talents(its were English gets the word talent from this parable). God gives bases on abilities and if we use them and expand on them he will give us more but if we squander our talents he will take the ones we have. If its good enough for God its good enough for me. If the greatest father of all time gives us shares based on are use of it then it mus be equal because God is the fairest of all.

      • Hossein says:

        Nice lecture, but that is giving one his worth or giving someone a proportional share. It is still not equality!

  6. peace says:

    Hossein .
    By saying that you are saying God is being unequal. Equality i making everyone the same its allowing ever to have the same opportunity and then rewarding them for action.
    All trying make everyone the same does is take what is earned by those who have earned it and give it to those who haven’t. When something given no effort it is unappreciated.
    Which is why many people on welfare instead of being thankful what they have are disgruntled by what they don’t. Getting stuff too easy causes people to become selfish. Earning something make them more generous because they know how hard it was to get. Parent should have the right to decide how much their children get its the money of the parent after all. A, parent i wouldn’t give unrestricted money to a drug addict child though i would. to a well established hard working child. Though i would set up trust fund to get them help and give them something if they get them self straightened out. God has it right give to eacg based on thier ability an reward faithfulness to using an expanding that ability.

    • Hossein says:


      I understand what you are saying, but, that is not called equality. Baha’u’llah made claims of equality which obviously doesn’t exist, just as you are stating yourself.

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