Broken Silence. Today’s Struggle for Religious Freedom. Ahmad Sohrab.

Mirza Ahmad Sohrab’s Broken Silence: The Story of Today’s Struggle for Religious Freedom. New York: Universal Publishing, 1942.

Many of Sohrab’s comments and books should be read in the light of his attempting to make amends with, or influence, Shoghi Effendi, who “excommunicated” him, as Shoghi Effendi had done with his own entire family. Ruth White and Dr. C. Ainsworth Mitchell went much deeper into what had gone wrong after Abdul-Baha’s death, but Sohrab throws light upon various Bahai problems of the time, such as freedom of religious conscience, of which many such problems continue today for other Bahai denominations based upon the fraudulent will and testament of 1921.

Given subsequent Bahai history, it is clear Sohrab also failed to understand the wisdom and very profound change in religious form and conduct that Abdul-Baha taught when he repeatedly stated the Bahai Movement could not be organized. Abdul-Baha’s Teaching runs entirely contrary to what people usually think of as “religion,” and is still today a profoundly challenging paradox for many seekers and Bahais.

Scholarship worthy of the name cannot be done without confronting the Bahai history to which Ruth White, Julie Chanler, and Mirza Ahmad Sohrab testify.

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