Was Bahaullah really Divine ???!!!!

Baha’is claim Baha’u’llah’s knowledge was divine but he himself admits reading books and acquiring knowledge from them since childhood:

“This oppressed one in his childhood (ṭufuliyyat) saw the war of the tribe of Qurayza in a book that belonged to (was authored by) Mulla Baqir Majlisi, and has been sad and sorrowful ever-since.”
`Abd al-Ḥamid Ishraq Khāwari, Ma’idiy-i asimani, vol. 7, p. 136.
He even admits in the Iqan that he needed to read books to refute the claims of his enemies:

“For instance, a certain man,  reputed for his learning and attainments, and accounting himself as one of the pre-eminent leaders of his people, hath in his book denounced and vilified all the exponents of true learning. This is made abundantly clear by his explicit statements as well as by his allusions throughout his book. As We had frequently heard about him, We purposed to read some of his works. Although We never felt disposed to peruse other peoples’ writings, yet as some had questioned Us concerning him, We felt it necessary to refer to his books, in order that We might answer Our questioners with knowledge and understanding. His works, in the Arabic tongue, were, however, not available, . . . We sent for the book, and kept it with Us a few days. It was probably referred to twice. The second time, We accidentally came upon the story of the “Mi’ráj”  . . . We noticed that he had enumerated some twenty or more sciences, the knowledge of which he considered to be essential for the comprehension of the mystery of the “Mi’ráj”.”

See also Tanbih al-Na’imin where his own sister claims that he was pouring over books of philosophy (hikmat) and mysticism (‘irfan) for years.


Here is a translation from that part (pp. 4-5):

“The Mirzā (meaning Bahā’u’llāh), who was your father, from the beginning of his life to when he came of age—because the means were at hand and because of the gathering of the companions—was engrossed in studying and endeavored in homework (or calligraphy practice). He wouldn’t disengage from learning the rudiments for a moment. After studying the rudiments of Arabic and literature he inclined towards the science of philosophy (ḥikmat) and mysticism (`irfān) so that he might benefit from these. It was such that he would spend most of the day and night socializing with high statured philosophers and the gatherings of mystics and Sufis. When it was blown in Seraph’s Trumpet of Appearance (meaning when the Bāb made his claims), he (meaning Bahā’u’llāh) was a man who had seen most of the words and phrases of the mystics and philosophers and had heard and understood most of the signs of the appearance (of the Mahdi) . . . after returning from Badasht and after the Shaykh Ṭabarsī Fort war was over, he was engaged day and night in socializing with great Islamic scholars and followers of mysticism . . .”

(source https://archive.org/download/TwelvePrinciples/Twelve%20Principles%20-%20A%20Comprehensive%20Investigation%20on%20the%20Bahai%20Teachings.pdf p. 253)

I see no divine knowledge here!

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