Christian Priest, Buddhists Monks and Government Officials Unite in Sri Lanka to Stop the Deceptive Baha’i Activities against Children and Youths

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It is reported by a News agency that the Bahai activities in Sri Lanka has come under the scanner and they have asked the Bahais that their deceptive activities against Sri Lankan children and youths should stop or face the consequences.

The Bahai activities were guided through a well known Drug peddler house in the name of spiritualization programme. The Police officers then searched the Baha’i Houses for names of the children in contact and source of funding.

The Official of Children Rights and The National Integrity Development Officer, along with The Buddhists Monks of the Temple the Christian Father of the Bolawalana Church the Police department of Nagambo Police station and about 50 Villagers of Akkara Panaha area asked the Baha’is to clarify the following complaints against them:

The Complaints:

1-Bahais are distributing religious literature to children and youths.

2-Misguiding our youths in the name of spiritualization programmes.

3-Inculcating bad habits amongst the children of smoking drugs and pre-marital sex.

4-Contacting children below 15 years without the permission of their Guardians.

5-Asking youth to accept Baha’ism and not to inform about it to their parents.

6-What is their source of Funding

The gathering asked a lot of questions and went through materials of Children class and spiritualization programme. With vague answer from the Baha’i representatives that they are teaching for spiritual transformation of children and adults, the Monks and the Father of the church asked that do the Baha’is feel that the Christian and Buddhist children only require spiritual transformation. Why they are not carrying out such activities with Baha’i children.? They were unable to substantiate their answer with logic to which the Religious leader warns the Baha’is not to indulge in such malpractice with non Baha’i children or face the consequences.

The Buddhist Monks Christian Priests and the Government officials along with villagers warn them to stop their so called religious activities.  Baha’is produced the legality of their activities by saying we have freedom of spreading the Faith to which the Police retorted : Does this freedom of religion gives you the permission and authority of contacting small children and youths while they themselves are unable to decide anything better for themselves ? The police officer warned that if the activities are not stopped immediately we will have to bring court orders against the activities.

On being asked that Why the Baha’is are bothered about the children of other Faiths although they themselves have a high degree of immorality present. To this the Bahais answered that we receive our orders from our world center at Haifa via UK and India. The situation turned aggressive. The timely intervention of the Police helped in turning the situation Ugly.

Police also informed that they have received information from the Department of Immigration & Emigration that some foreigners from India and Malaysia were staying in Bahai centre. A foreigner is a regular visitor to the Bahai centre.

Police got more suspicion about it and raided the Baha’i centre which was the house of a well known Drug Peddler Mr. Ishara and houses of Bahais from where they gathered very damaging and sensitive information about Bahai activities. Police immediately arrested number of Baha’is for disturbing the peace of the locality and carrying out Anti National Activities. Documents related with findings from UK, India and Israel were also seized.

The police is Further investigating the matter.

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