“Other Baha’i Sects” Population and Popularity Increasing day after day !!

bahais fighting each other

In Recent Years it is Observed that the other Baha’i Sects such as “Orthodox Baha’is” and “Baha’is under the provision of Covenant” have increased in numbers. Their Popularity on the Internet have also increased due to  the Court Case filed by Heterodox Baha’is ( mainstream Baha’is or Haifan Baha’is) against the other Baha’i Groups over the trademark of the word “Baha’i”. Heterodox Baha’is lost the case and this single event have put new energy in the other Baha’i groups to propagate their faith more strongly. Heterodox Baha’is call the other Baha’i groups adherent with derogatory names and label them as “Covenant Breakers”. On the contrary the other Baha’i groups argue that infact the Heterodox Baha’is are the real covenant breakers because their main administrative body located in Haifa, Israel, which comprises of nine members, is devoid of Guardian.

This has resulted in a very heated debate between the Heterodox Baha’is and “other Baha’i Groups” over the issue of Guardianship. Many people from the Heterodox Baha’i faith after coming in contact with the Baha’is of other groups are perplexed and confused over the matter of Guardianship of Baha’i faith. Individuals who did the independent investigation have found the arguments put forth by the “other Baha’i groups” more appealing and logical. Heterodox Baha’is are now worried and have increased their activities, so as to keep their followers intact. They have always kept the newly converted and unaware Baha’is away from the Baha’i reference books.

The Ruhi Books teachings of Heterodox Baha’is have failed badly to deepen and impress the Baha’is.  Ruhi Book 8 is introduced by them to counter the attack from the Baha’is of “other groups”. Now more Baha’is are coming out with questions on the matter of Guardianship, which the ABMs and Counselors are unable to answer. Very soon the Baha’i faith is going to split further and there would be a drifting of a large number of people towards the other versions of Baha’i faith which offers them the option of a “living Guardian.

One Comment on ““Other Baha’i Sects” Population and Popularity Increasing day after day !!”

  1. If you use AbdulBaha’s writings as the standard…you are ceertainly left with the confirmation…There Must be a Guardian.

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