Bahais in My Backyard – The MOTHER of all objective documentaries on the Haifan Baha’i Cult

Let me put it to you this way, it’s a Haifan Bahaim-Administrative Faith killer without a doubt all around. Every person who has seen this has been put off by the whole Disney-Haifa, hanging gardens of Babylon, New World Order, pseudo-Masonic, Parthenon wannabe, men-in- black-suits, meglomaniacal tripe that is the WC. People are saying things like the vibe they’re getting from the Bahaism over there is pure negativity and deception. One guy said he didn’t think Orwell could be so well executed on screen as a documentary until seeing
this, etc.

Now a very, very a good thing from my POV, is how it made Moshe Sharon (one of their ‘scholars’ on the payroll in Israel) look like the total creep and liar that he is. Everyone worth their salt has known that Husayn ‘Ali Nari’s family members were still living over there, and large numbers. For feck’s sake the WC itself has been warning pilgrims in Haifa about associating with these “covenant breakers,” not to frequent their shops, etc. That Naama put the spot-light prominently on Mm. Negar Bahai (whose mother was swindled by Shoghi Effendi) is a very, very good thing. Note well, and note carefully: that woman and her entire family are the last salvation and final refuge of your creed. Without them, you people are well and truly finished!

Yep, Miller speaks about it in detail, and I did some investigating of my own in 2000-2002. He sued Negar’s mother in the Israeli courts in the early 1950s (at precisely the same time he had cut a deal with the Ben Gurion government one by one appropriating properties of absentee Palestinians on Carmel wholesale) for the property in Bahji. Even
though all the deeds and documentation where unassailably and legally in the favor of the Baha’i family, with the army of American, Canadian and British attorneys Shoghi delic hired for this specific battle, he still got a court ruling designed explicitly in his favor — or rather a court ruling in his favor was rammed through by the Israeli government of David ben Gurion. Madame Baha’i represented herself because she could not afford otherwise. Shoghi never ever showed up to a single one of the hearings, so no prima facie argumentation over deedship or ownership of the Bahji property ever came from Shoghi personally. It did from Madame Baha’i, Negar’s mother. The transcripts still exist for anyone caring to look them up, that is if they are not fudged and dicked around by Moshe Sharon types within the Israeli bureaucracy. One of the reasons he got this favourable ruling – although any real judge worth their salt at the time should’ve seen right through the facts from the get-go – was that he managed to outspend the other side of the family into a favourable ruling from himself, i.e. with the army of American, Canadian and British solicitors/lawyers working for him night and day to swindle the Baha’i family out of their rightful inheritance.

Shoghi Effendi has a lot to answer for, and, alhamdulillah, his own Day Judgement is now arriving as well.

Now the Question is :— why did Abbas Effendi and then his grandson spawn this policy of shunning the family of your prophet beginning in the 1890s? This is not solely a BWC policy. It is a policy initiated by Abbas Effendi himself and perpetuated by Shoghi.
It is also the fundamental reason why Ibrahim George Kheyrullah broke from Abbas Effendi in the turn of the last century.

Written by NUR

Baha’i ties to the British Establishment – A Secret Document

Document is the Property of His Britannic Majesties Government
Printed for the War Cabinet.
bahais relation with british government


No. L X X . May 30, 1918.

(Incorporating ARABIAN REPORT N.S. X C V I I . )

A P P R E C I A T I O N O F  T H E  A T T A C H E D  E A S T E R N  R E P O R T . No. L X X

The Asiatic intelligence should be read with care. The prospects in Turkestan are now distinctly bad. The destruction and disintegration of the Armenians proceeds apace and paves the way for Turko German dominion, extending through
the Turanian belt right up to Afghanistan itself From that point of vantage the Turko-Germans will work every possible form of anti-British policy; Pan-Islamism,Pan-Turanianism, and anarchistic revolution will be the three forces that they will use.
The elements which will be friendly to us, and which will combat these three
forces, are :—

(a.) The natural tendency which exists among pious Moslems to regard religion as a spiritual rather than a political force, and which lies at the back of the teachings of Mohammed Abdu, Abdul Bahai, and the Persian Mystics.

(b.) The natural dislike of non-Turanian peoples for Turanian ascendancy.

(c.) The social elements which stand to gain by justice and order. With regard to the development of these elements into political assets, we can give positive assistance in regard to (b.) and ( c.)  ; in regard to (a), we can do nothing positive,
but on the negative side may do something by avoiding giving the impression that we are afraid of political Pan Islam or are ready to compromise with it.


The political news is satisfactory.


The situation is one which must give cause for anxiety.
May 30, 1918
This Document is the Property of His Britannic Majesty’s Government.
Printed for the Cabinet., 89

No. 56. 16th November 1921.
Abdul Baha and his Adherents.—On 13th November Mr. Bridgeman telegraphed [No. 631] as follows :—The representative of Abdul Baha has asked me to facilitate remittances from the-Bahais in Persia to Abdul. Baha at Haifa, for the maintenance of the latter and his suite. His adherents wish to remit at once 4.000L and to send yearly remittances amounting to about 50,000 tomans. The Imperial Bank of Persia refuses to place drafts to anyone, and the Bahais cannot remit the
money unless -we afford facilities.
As your Lordship knows, the Bahais are very numerous and are ever increasing in Persia. To refuse them facilities requested for the accomplishment of what to them is a sacred duty would offend an influential and well disposed section of the people. In view of the religious aspect of the question I cannot mention the matter to Persian Government. Please instruct whether and how the operation should be facilitated.

Bahai Deception in Arab Countries

Wonderful info, about the deceptive Baha’is method.

Sheer Deception and back stabbing to Kings

As there was clear instruction from Ministry of Religious Affairs that Baha’is will do their religious practice amongst themselves they were not allowed to teach faith to Moslems and specially Arabs. The Sly Universal House of Justice laid a plan to deceive the Kind hearted Arabs King.

Baha’is as per strategy of Universal House of Justice came out of their shell and started using their contacts, they invited their neighboring Arabs to their houses were in Majlis (sitting hall) they had placed picture of Abdul Baha, if the question was asked by the guest about picture they used to politely say he is their ancestor, as relation were becoming strong they were called for dinner specially during month of March (‘Ala’ Baha’i month of fasting) and while dinning they used to asked their children to recite prayers in Arabic and informing the guest that as they are Baha’is they are fasting this gives impression to guest that they are a part of Moslems they make sure to inform them that they believe in Quran and Prophet Mohammed, since Moslems do fast, and listing to prayers in Arabic made good impact on guests. As relation goes stronger for years, they have now good numbers of Arabs who at least have soft corner for Baha’is and their faith. They went further as it is custom in Arabs to send their children abroad for further studies after high school (on government expenses Baha’is were using this facilities too) Baha’is kept tab on their children and when they were abroad they informed NSA of that respective countries to teach them more about faith. After completing their studies when they return home, they were properly brain washed and if not converted, they become well wisher of faith.

During two major festivals, Nawrooz and Ridhwan they invite their Arabs friends where they talk about “Oneness of mankind”, “equality of men and women” , “Universal Peace”, by this deceptive way they get more confident of Arabs, they had special instruction not to talk about claims of Baha’u’llah which can provoke Arabs.
After 1998 when was launched Baha’is of Middle East were instructed to guide Arab seekers towards this portal where there is Arabic section created for Arabs.

Modus of Operandi
As of today Baha’is are residing all over the Middle East they occupied good position in government sections enjoying all sort of facilities from government like free education, free medical, free house which are for local citizens.

Contact with Israel
All the NSA (National Spiritual Assembly) and ABM (Auxiliary Board Member) are supposed to be in contact with Universal House of Justice, which is based in Israel, now biggest challenge for Middle Eastern NSA was how to contact Israel from Middle East. As Middle Eastern countries are sensitive towards Israel, they came up with simple solution, a office for Middle Eastern countries affairs, was setup in UK dedicated person is appointed to just received mails from Middle Eastern countries and forward it to Israel based Universal House of Justice, and as and when reply comes the respective reply is forwarded to respective recipients. Even if any Baha’i visits these Middle Eastern countries, they are not allowed to carry Credential Certificate (membership card), it is send to UK office from there by email it comes to the visiting countries NSA secretary, by this they avoided suspicion from government. They are so sly that they never take name of Israel in their conversation they called it Holy Land.

2.     Funds
Major source of Baha’i funds are from Middle East, as these communities are called self dependent, means after looking after their own expenses they send Millions of Dollars annually to Universal House of Justice.

3.     Moral Classes
In the name of moral classes, Baha’is obtain permission from non Baha’is parents of children between age group of 5 to 14 years to teach them morals, and they teach them Baha’i prayers and talk about Baha’u’llah without their parents knowing about Baha’i teachings.

4.     Youth Program
Regular fire site are organized in deserted area where young Arabs are invited in the name of social gathering and are allowed to freely socialize with Baha’i girls.

5.     Instruction for Baha’i visitors
Special instruction were issued to worldwide Baha’is who want to travel to Middle Eastern countries.
Document issued from Universal House of Justice to worldwide NSA in 2006


Mason Remey’s Proclamation to the Baha’is of the World



Mr. Charles Wolcott,
Washington, D. C.
United States of America
Ridván 117


Charles Mason Remey

Charles Mason Remey

Believers have questioned me as to my status as President of the Bahá’í International Council, appointed by The Beloved Guardian Shoghi Effendi,the First Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith. I take the means of this proclamation, to the coming annual national convention to tell all Bahá’ís exactly what my position and status is in the Faith.

The Bahá’í people the world around know that The Beloved Guardian singled me, Mason Remey, out from amongst all of the Believers upon earth to occupy the position of President of the Bahá’í International Council.
This is the only position suggestive of authority that Shoghi Effendi ever bestowed upon anyone, the only special and specific appointment of authority to any man ever made by him.

The Beloved Guardian declared the Bahá’í International Council to be the forerunner of and the first step toward the establishment of The Universal House of Justice, and furthermore, that the Bahá’í International
Council was the embryo of The Universal House of Justice which embryo would eventually develop into The Universal House of Justice.

Although all Bahá’ís know that I, Mason Remey, am the President of the Bahá’í International Council by the appointment of The Beloved Guardian Shoghi Effendi, yet many of you may not know me personally. I have been living at Haifa much of the time during these past ten years. My visits to America being  in the summers when I have done but little travelling among the Bahá’í communities so personally I may be a stranger to the many recently registered in the Faith. Therefore, I will tell you something about myself.

My forebearers were early American Colonials of New England in the north and Virginia in the south. I was brought up in the Christian Faith as taught by the Episcopal Church. The members of this church, as you know, although always orthodox may be anything from Catholic upon one hand to Protestant on the other. While this church  is usually classed as Protestant, its Prayer Book proclaims it to be “The Holy Catholic
Apostolic Church.” My inheritance was from the Catholic interpretation of Christianity rather than from the Protestant attitude.

To the average American, The Catholic Church usually means Roman Catholic, but  there are other Catholic communions. In The Holy Land, that is now my home and has  been for these past ten years, the Ministry of
Religions of Israel lists eleven different Catholic communions in that country‹Roman, Anglican, Russian, Armenian, Greek, Greek Orthodox, Coptic, etc. The Anglican Catholic Persuasion corresponding  to the so called High Episcopal Church in America.

With this Catholic background  it was the most logical and natural thing in the world for me to accept the Bahá’í message without question as I did when I heard it in 1899-1900 from May Ellis Bolles (later Mrs.
Sutherland Maxwell), because the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church teaches the Second Coming of Christ‹The Christ to come manifesting as the Lord of Creation‹the Prince of Peace‹coming to establish “His Kingdom upon Earth as it is in Heaven.”

From New England on the north and Virginia on the south, my forebears came into the middlewest where I was born in 1874 at a town on the Mississippi River, two hundred and ten miles from Chicago, not far distant
from the geographic center of the United States, this land that our Beloved Guardian has called “The Cradle of the Administration of the Bahá’í Faith.” Thus do I introduce myself to those of you who may know me but by name only.

As I travel about through the Bahá’í world, the friends ask me many questions about the life of the believers in Israel, and in particular about the Hands of the Faith in The Holy Land? The Bahá’í people are just curious to know about things transpiring there and of how the problems of the Faith are being handled?

There is some general information that I can give them that is in no way confidential but I am not mentioning anything of a confidential nature to any Bahá’í because as is well known in Bahá’í circles from the first of the conclaves of the Hands the majority of the Hands of the Faith were united in the opinion that absolutely nothing said or done in these conclaves be divulged, disclosed or revealed to any of the Bahá’ís outside of the body of the twenty seven Hands. However, each Hand of the Faith is not only allowed but urged to express herself or himself with perfect freedom within the four walls of the chamber in which the Hands are gathered. It is the duty enjoined upon each of the Hands to express her or his own convictions to the Hands when seated in conclave.*

Note : –*  A Conclave, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “Any  meeting  for
secret  consultation.”

I, as the President of the International Council was one of those things that every Bahá’í knows but that just never happened to be talked about nor even mentioned in any of the conclaves or in the conferences of the Hands of the Faith; therefore, as this subject was never mentioned, I, having promised the Hands never to divulge any of their discussions, proceedings or decisions, am not breaking  faith with them now by explaining to the believers about this subject of my Presidentship of the International  Council a subject that was never even mentioned nor brought up for discussion by the Hands of the Faith in any conference that I ever attended or know anything about.

Before going into the subject of my Presidency of the International Council and the stand that I take in the cause and explain in this letter, I would preface my statement by giving in a few words a picture of the set up of things in Haifa under the regime of The Beloved Guardian when all the members of the International Council including the resident Hands lived there and served the Guardian daily. Each of us council members were given instructions by Shoghi Effendi of what he wanted us to do and we reported to him as these various services were underway and completed. The sole authority of all these operations rested in the instructions given to each direct from the Guardian himself, thus as a council, a functioning body, we never undertook any services of any nature whatsoever.

After the appointment of the International Council, many times one of the members would come to me saying, “Mason, you are the President of the Council, get yourself busy, call a meeting, you are the President of the Council, you should take the initiative to organize this body and do something.” To which my response was always, “The Guardian of the Faith appointed the Baha’i International Council and He will tell me what I
should do and when I should call the Council into action.”

The First Guardian of the Faith left this world without giving me any orders or instructions whatsoever regarding the International Council. The Beloved Guardian gave me no authority to do anything about the Universal Council during his lifetime for while He was living He was the Guardian of the Faith and as infallibility then was vested in him and in him only, my position was then only that of I myself holding a potential responsibility. But with the death of Shoghi  Effendi, He no longer being the center upon earth of infallibility, I became the acting President of the International Council in my own right as President of this body, thus I came into active command of the council. Therefore I am now but assuming the powers that came to me automatically upon the death of Shoghi Effendi and that have been mine exclusively of all others upon earth since the death of the First Guardian of the Faith.

This is the authority I am now exercising when I refuse to recognize any interference from anyone in the affairs of the International Council. This means from any one at all, person or persons.

The Hands of the Faith can only function as protectors of the Faith when they are serving under the direction following the commands of the infallible Guardian of the Faith. They have no authority vested in themselves as Hands of the Faith to act in their own capacity nor in any other capacity, save under the direction of the living Guardian of the Faith.

The Beloved Guardian chose me to be the President of the Bahá’í International Council that is according to his explanation the President of the Embrionic Universal House of Justice. Therefore I am the President
of the Embrionic Universal House of Justice. When this August body becomes the Universal House of Justice, if such being during my lifetime, I will then be the President of the First Universal House of Justice of the Bahá’í Dispensation.

Therefore, inasmuch as The Beloved Guardian in His Infallibility has thus placed me in command of the Faith to protect and to guard the Faith, I can do nothing but assume my place that he has given  me with all of the responsibilities, the perquisites and emoluments that go with this position, therefore by his infallible orders I now alone after him command the cause and guard its integrity.

The delay until now of my calling the attention of the believers to the provisions for the protection and the guarding of the cause, made some years ago by our Beloved Guardian when He appointed me to be the President of the Bahá’í International Council, has given the Hands of the Faith and the believers of the Faith ample time to discover for themselves, had that been possible for them to have discovered my unique position in the Faith.
But until now no one, other than I has discovered that such authority was vested in me by Our Beloved Guardian. To the moment of my sending out into the Bahá’í world of this proclamation, I have taken no one into this confidence ‹ I have stood single and alone in all the world guarding  the Faith.

That I was to occupy this August position in The Bahá’í Faith that The Beloved Guardian has chosen me to occupy, I have definitely known for the past twelve years more or less, without ever mentioning it to anyone until very recently when privately and in secret, I made this declaration to the Hands of the Faith in the Holy Land. In this proclamation statement to you I am now declaring my position of command in the cause to the Believers here in America, “The Cradle of the Administration of The Bahá’í Faith,” and through  this convention  to all the Bahá’í World.

In this time of confusion of thought and purpose that so threatens the Bahá’í world, now is the propitious moment for me to make the announcement that I do in this writ. I cannot delay any longer. All these plans of the Hands of the Faith for 1963 that are so absorbing and confusing to the people of the Faith must be dropped and stopped immediately. I am the only one who can command this situation so I have arisen to do so for I alone in all this world have been given the authority and the power to accomplish this.

Be it understood. I of myself make no claims for myself. I am but telling and reminding the Hands of the Faith and the Bahá’ís of all the world of the responsibilities that The Beloved Guardian placed upon me as
President of the Bahá’í International Council.

It is well known throughout the Bahá’í world and accepted by all Bahá’ís that the protection of the Faith and the propagation of the Faith are special and particular functions of the Hands of the Faith, they working and serving  under the direction of the Guardian of the Faith. It is from and through the Guardianship that infallibility is vested and that the Hands of the Faith receive their orders.

The Program for 1960 as announced by the Hands of the Faith in their message to the Bahá’í world of November 4, 1959 signed by twenty two of the Hands, as well as the same program announced  in their former messages, so flagrantly violate and puts to naught the Will and Testament, the Guardianship, and the Administration of the Faith that the Beloved Guardian so laboriously and painstakingly built up during his long ministry, that I can no longer condone such actions upon the part of the Hands of the Faith.. I have remained silent now for over two years hoping that they would give up this destructive propagandizing but all to no effect so now it is necessary that I call a halt upon their activities.

I now command the Hands of the Faith to stop all of their preparations for 1963 and furthermore I command all believers both as individual Bahá’ís and as assemblies of Bahá’ís to immediately cease cooperating with and giving support to this fallacious program for 1963.

I have delayed as long as I dare delay before issuing this command to the Bahá’í world ‹ I, hoping that the Hands of the Faith would see for themselves that the will and testament of Abdu’l-Bahá was being violated
and that they would of themselves abandon their stand. I, standing single and alone against the entire Bahá’í world but confirmed and steadfast in my assurance of ultimately saving the cause from this calamity. My
assurance is based upon the authority that The Beloved Guardian gave  me as President of the Council, the authority enabling  me to act and assume command of the Bahá’ís that came to me at His death.

It is meet right and timely that I should make this announcement in this convention of Bahá’ís of America which land the Beloved Guardian called the “Cradle of the Administration.” I make this call here and now standing single and alone before you but fully confident of your support and cooperation in all Bahá’í matters for you understand the Administration of the Faith and that I guard it from all violation and harm.

Because the Beloved Guardian called America the Cradle of the Bahá’í Administration, the American Bahá’ís have a very special and particular responsibility to which I am calling them now at this particular time.

I expect the friends in this convention to consider with prayer and with thought this declaration addressed to them, that is a declaration to the entire Bahá’í world. I expect them to accept me without question as their Commander-in-Chief in all Bahá’í matters and to follow me so long as I live for I am the Guardian of the Faith‹the Infallible Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith.

The line of the Guardianship of the Bahá’í Faith is unbroken for I have been the Guardian of the Faith since the death of the Beloved Guardian Shoghi Effendi.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

At their earliest convenience the National Assembly of the United States should communicate with me so that I can arrange to receive them.
Since they are the first amongst the National Assemblies to be called into spiritual action by me their responsibilities are very great for I am calling this American National Assembly first from all other National
Assemblies of the world to support me in my command of the Bahá’í Cause.

Dearly Beloved Friends, seated in convention in the land of the Cradle of the Administration of the Faith, this is all that I have to tell you now at this time.

With much love to you.
Faithfully In El Abhá,

Written by JJ Marangella

How Baha’is view non-Baha’is schools!

Abdu’l-Husayn Ayati (Avarih) the former Baha’i historian and scholar mentions in his book Kashf al-Hiyal (Uncovering the Deceptions), that:

 baha'i school

“[Baha’is] deem it a great sin to send their children to Muslim, Protestant, Jewish, or Zoroastrian schools and their leader has forbidden them from doing so. This is specially [evident] with respect to Islamic and Protestant schools. It was because of this that they established [Baha’i] schools so that no words originating from outside of Baha’ism reaches the ears of their children and those logical words influence them.” (Abdu’l-Husayn Ayati (Avarih), Kashf al-Hiyal (Uncovering the Deceptions), 3rd ed., vol. 1, p. 115)

Being labeled a covenant breaker, the words of Avarih are usually met with skepticism and are in many cases categorically denied by Baha’is. We have observed many times that what Avarih mentions is the truth and the denial by Baha’is is not justified. We will now proceed to show from authentic Baha’i scripture (as yet untranslated by Baha’i authorities), the official Baha’i order on the prohibition of Baha’is from attending non-Baha’i schools.

Pay attention to the following letter from Abdu’l-Baha:

abdul baha letter

“You had inquired about the Tarbiyat School. (Know that) it is absolutely prohibited for the children of the friends to go to the schools of others (meaning non-Baha’is) for this is [a cause of] humiliation (dhillat) for the Cause of God and they will be completely deprived of the Blessed Beauty’s graces. Because they will be educated/nurtured elsewise and they will disgrace the Baha’is.” (Abdu’l-Baha, Makatib (Letters), vol. 5, p. 170)

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How the British “rescued” ‘Abdu’l-Baha while murdering 8-10 million Iranians during WWI !!!

“As the two Indian cavalry brigades fighting under British General Edmund Allenby helped liberate Haifa from the Turkish-German forces, the British authorities heaved a sigh of relief. In a cable, General Allenby wrote, “Have today taken Palestine. Notify the world that Abdu’l Baha is safe.”

The spiritual leader of Bahai religion, a faith that began to emerge in the Ottomon empire in the 19th century, lived in Haifa, in present-day Israel. Alarmed by the growing popularity of Abdu’l Baha and his humanitarian and religious activities, the Turkish commander-in-chief threatened to crucify Abdu’l Baha on Mount Carmel in Haifa and destroy all the shrines of the Bahai faith as soon as the Ottomans won the war.

When the news of the death threat spread amongst the British community in Egypt and elsewhere in Europe, Major Tudor-Pole, an intelligence officer with the British army in Palestine and a follower of Abdu’l Baha, persuaded the military authorities to rescue the leader.”

The Iranian holocaust of 1917-19

The Great Famine & Genocide in Iran
1917-1919, 2nd Edition

“At least 8-10 million Iranians out of a population of 18-20 million died of starvation and disease during the famine of 1917-1919. The Iranian holocaust was the biggest calamity of World War I and one of the worst genocides of the 20th century, yet it remained concealed for nearly a century. The 2003 edition of this book relied primarily on US diplomatic records and memoirs of British officers who served in Iran in World War I, but in this edition these documents have been supplemented with US military records, British official sources, memoirs, diaries of notable Iranians, and a wide array of Iranian newspaper reports. In addition, the demographic data has been expanded to include newly discovered US State Department documents on Iran’s pre-1914 population. This book also includes a new chapter with a detailed military and political history of Iran in World War I. A work of enduring value, Majd provides a comprehensive account of Iran’s greatest calamity.”

Beyond his “knighting,” this evidence alone proves the allegation that Abbas Effendi was a stooge of the British empire and was an agent of their agenda before, during and after WWI. No amount of creative re-interpretation of the clear established facts by the likes of Sen McGlinn and others can make of this anything other than what it is.

Pity the Turks and Germans lost the First World War. 

No question. But the gall of these people to then paint themselves as innocent victims targeted without provocation for no reason (when in the face of overwhelming evidence proving the direct opposite and that they have indeed acted as pawns of European imperialists and their genocidal agendas in the Muslim world) is truly breathtaking.

The British engineered the death by starvation of 8-10 million innocent Iranians. This number exceeds anything claimed by the Jews regarding what happened to them during WWII at the hands of the Germans. Yet all of this was conveniently covered up for decades until Mohammad Gholi-Majd blew the lid off of it using US State Department archival documentation and British official sources to prove it. And to add insult to injury, we learn one of the primary purposes by the British to install the Pahlavi shahs was to instrumentalize the cover-up of this heinous, mind-boggling crime against the Iranian people! Yet not one word — not a single word! — is ever uttered about this by the Bahais either since their patriarch was busily being rescued by the British at exactly the same time that 8-10 million people in his native land were sent to their deaths by starvation!

courtesy : talk.religion.bahai