Baha’i ties to the British Establishment – A Secret Document

Document is the Property of His Britannic Majesties Government
Printed for the War Cabinet.
bahais relation with british government


No. L X X . May 30, 1918.

(Incorporating ARABIAN REPORT N.S. X C V I I . )

A P P R E C I A T I O N O F  T H E  A T T A C H E D  E A S T E R N  R E P O R T . No. L X X

The Asiatic intelligence should be read with care. The prospects in Turkestan are now distinctly bad. The destruction and disintegration of the Armenians proceeds apace and paves the way for Turko German dominion, extending through
the Turanian belt right up to Afghanistan itself From that point of vantage the Turko-Germans will work every possible form of anti-British policy; Pan-Islamism,Pan-Turanianism, and anarchistic revolution will be the three forces that they will use.
The elements which will be friendly to us, and which will combat these three
forces, are :—

(a.) The natural tendency which exists among pious Moslems to regard religion as a spiritual rather than a political force, and which lies at the back of the teachings of Mohammed Abdu, Abdul Bahai, and the Persian Mystics.

(b.) The natural dislike of non-Turanian peoples for Turanian ascendancy.

(c.) The social elements which stand to gain by justice and order. With regard to the development of these elements into political assets, we can give positive assistance in regard to (b.) and ( c.)  ; in regard to (a), we can do nothing positive,
but on the negative side may do something by avoiding giving the impression that we are afraid of political Pan Islam or are ready to compromise with it.


The political news is satisfactory.


The situation is one which must give cause for anxiety.
May 30, 1918
This Document is the Property of His Britannic Majesty’s Government.
Printed for the Cabinet., 89

No. 56. 16th November 1921.
Abdul Baha and his Adherents.—On 13th November Mr. Bridgeman telegraphed [No. 631] as follows :—The representative of Abdul Baha has asked me to facilitate remittances from the-Bahais in Persia to Abdul. Baha at Haifa, for the maintenance of the latter and his suite. His adherents wish to remit at once 4.000L and to send yearly remittances amounting to about 50,000 tomans. The Imperial Bank of Persia refuses to place drafts to anyone, and the Bahais cannot remit the
money unless -we afford facilities.
As your Lordship knows, the Bahais are very numerous and are ever increasing in Persia. To refuse them facilities requested for the accomplishment of what to them is a sacred duty would offend an influential and well disposed section of the people. In view of the religious aspect of the question I cannot mention the matter to Persian Government. Please instruct whether and how the operation should be facilitated.

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