Who is the Promised One of Islam ???? Bab or Baha’ullah

Baha’is are an interesting bunch.

Normally, a man-made belief like bahaism is riddle with inaccuracies and contradictions in its own dogma.  But bahaism go to an extreme in this.

I have heard SEVERAL different and contradictory “explanations” about the whether or not Baha’ullah is a prophet of God.  One says he is not, but he is a messenger.  Other say he is, but for the so-called “Adamic cycle”.

Then, the Bab was the Imam Mahdi but wait a minute, Baha’ullah according to Bahaism is the promised one of Islam, making Baha’ullah the Mahdi!
Bahais have over several contradictory explanations of this like my favorite one, “Baha’ullah can be both at the same time (Jesus and the Mahdi while bab is also the Mahdi and in some reports, Jesus as well!!!).  Baha’is have told me with a straight face that both Bab and Baha’ullah were the Mahdi and they didn’t realize the stupidity of what they just said.

Getting back to the issue of whether or not Baha’ullah was a prophet, it is known that Jesus was a prophet of God.  If the Baha’is who insist that Baha’ullah was not a prophet, how could they say that they
believe that he is the return of Jesus when Jesus is a prophet?  So they do believe that Jesus is a prophet without even realizing it!

The Baha’i dogma/creed lacks any solid foundation. ..

2.2 Million Baha’is in India ???. What a Joke !!!!!

Funny how the claimed numbers of Baha’i keeping growing exponentially when in fact membership is down! 7millions now, lol.

 Must be claiming 3 – 1/2 million in India alone! Growth in West has been not only been stagnant for the past 30 years but is in fact shrinking as Hossein Banani openly admitted when being asked why the Baha’is of Canada were trying to sell off some of their unused real estate in the Yukon near Whitehorse.

From The Yukon News article Dec.1 2004: although Banani and Tama stress the impending sale is not a sign the Baha’i community is leaving the territory, membership in the faith is down. “Some people have left the faith”, “some have gone into hibernation.” said Mr.Banani.

 In other words so many people have ” left the (Baha’i) faith” or have “gone into hibernation”, that the attrition rate is greater than the enrollment rate, forcing the Canadian National Spiritual Assembly to sell off it’s real estate to keep solvent.

 The number of claimed Baha’is in India is bogus. The greater majority of those who are claimed as Baha’i members in India are infact still Hindu’s. When a Hindu says that Buddha was an Avatar it doesn’t make them a Buddhist just as when a Hindu says that Baha’ullah was an Avatar it doesn’t make them a Baha’i.

 William Garlington’s personal experience in India bares this fact out: ..From my own experiences in the mass teaching areas of Madhya Pradesh in 1973-74 it was fairly apparent that declaring oneself a Baha’i did not mean that an individual was being put in the position of having to *leave* his own religious tradition (which in this case was primarily Hindu). Indeed, in the villages that I visited it seemed apparent that declared Baha’is for the most part continued to practice traditional behavioral idioms. Moreover there was little indication that they had abandoned the Hindu *world view*. They had declared their belief in Baha’u’llah as an avatar and were *compartmentalizing* their Baha’i activities so as not to directly come into conflict with traditional village or regional norms. As many were from the lower castes (unclean and untouchable) ritual purity was not as big a factor as for higher caste Hindus. My own conclusion was that the Baha’i Faith better fit the category of a *bhakti* movement rather than a new religion in that it 1)allowed for *converts* to express their *deviant* attitudes within a compartmentalized frame of reference (Baha’i institutions such as Feast and Assembly Meetings) 2) was highly devotional in nature and 3) tended to show a preference for symbolic and utopian expressions of change rather than direct social action. (With the onset of specific development programs in the 80s and 90s this aspect of the Faith in India may well have changed to some degree, although I would doubt that
there has been much attempt to openly combat caste prejudice in the name of the Faith.) All of this is to say that IMO what allows for the large numbers is the fact that in India one can be a Baha’i and still be a Hindu. If such an approach were taken in the United States I would imagine that the number of Baha’is here would also be dramatically increased.

 7 million, lol; more like 2 million at that is probably still a stretch.

 What could possibly be the Baha’i Administrative Order’s motivation for so grossly exaggerating the number of Baha’i in the world? Could it be because the Baha’i faith’s claimed: “global prominence”, is in fact: growing obscurity?

Larry Rowe

How can they prove that Baha’ullah is the second coming of Jesus?

I have noticed that many Baha’is regulars have been very upset to read that Baha’u’llah is a false Christ. They wonder how can a man they see as great and sincere claim to be the second coming of Jesus and yet did not fulfill the prophecies.

  • They wonder why Baha’ullah didn’t return to the Temple Mount.
  • Why he didn’t come in a time of Armageddon.
  • Why didn’t he live and establish universal peace, etc
  • They still insist that Baha’ullah was the second coming of Christ.

These Baha’is are at a loss for words. How can they prove that Baha’ullah is the second coming of Jesus? How can they explain why Baha’ullah did not fulfill the prophecies? Will they say that Baha’ullah fulfilled the prophecies in a “metaphorical way?” Will they say that Baha’ullah “sincerity” is proof that he was real?

Whether Baha’is are willing to admit that Baha’ullah did not fulfill the prophecies of the second of Jesus or not is not really the issue? The issue is why these people will still believe in an impostor despite the evidence. Is it because of a blind, emotional allegiance and devotion to this man and the religion he created? Is it because the nonsense of Baha’i makes more sense to them than reality?

Look at how the Bible and Hadiths explain the false Christ and how they will deceive many (excerpts from:

Mathew 24:23-27:

“At that (end) time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to DECEIVE . See, I have told you ahead of time. “

So if anyone tells you,

‘There he is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. FOR AS LIGHTNING THAT COMES FROM THE EAST IS VISIBLE EVEN IN THE WEST, SO WILL BE THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN” (Mathew 24:23-27)

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Jesus-Bible-Mathew 7:15.10)

“Watch that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” (Jesus-Bible-Mark 13:6)

“And many false prophets will come and deceive many people” (Jesus-Bible-Mathew 24:11) [Luke 21:8]

And he said, “Take heed that you are not led astray; for many will come in my name, saying, `I am he!’ and, `The time is at hand!’ Do not go After them.

Hadith from Islamic Books :

Hanzalah al-Aslami reported: I heard AbuHurayrah (Allah be pleased with him) as narrating from Allah’s Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) who said: By Him in Whose Hand is my life, Ibn Maryam(Jesus Christ) would certainly pronounce Talbiyah for Hajj or for Umrah or for both (simultaneously as a Qarin) in the valley of Rawha. Sahih Muslim Book 7, Number 2877:

When did Baha’ullah do this pilgrimage?

“The prophets are like brothers; they have different mothers but their religion is one. I am the closest of all the people to Jesus the son of Mary BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER PROPHET BETWEEN HIM AND MYSELF. HE WILL COME AGAIN AND WHEN YOU SEE HIM YOU WILL RECOGNIZE HIM. He is of medium height and his coloring is reddish-white. He will be wearing two garments and his hair will look wet.

He will break the cross (destroy Christianity), kill the swine, abolish the Jizya (tax on non-believers) and CALL THE PEOPLE TO ISLAM. DURING HIS TIME, ALLAH WILL END EVERY RELIGION AND SECT OTHER THAN ISLAM and he will destroy the antichrist. Then peace and security will reign on earth (Ahmad)”

If a Baha’i does admit that Bahaullah was a false Christ, then that person is no longer Baha’i. Now I know the mystery to why Baha’is refuse to admit the truth.

They rather accept a refuted belief and make themselves go through self-induced delusions than admit to the facts.

Abdul Baha was a Racist !!!

As a true seeker of the independent variety, I am sorry to say one of the three Bahai central figures called  Abdu’l-Bahá `Abbás did make remarks which would be considered in today’s European Union as racist, but are considered divine and sacred by the institutions of the Baha’i Faith.

Tablets of `Abdu’l-Bahá `Abbás   Pages 576-580
“O ye beloved of God and maid-servants of the Merciful!.

“The inhabitants of a country like Africa are all as wandering savages and wild animals; they lack intelligence and knowledge; all are uncivilized; not one civilized and wise man is to be found among them.
On the contrary, consider the civilized countries, the inhabitants of
which are living in the highest state of culture and ethics, solidarity and inter-dependence; possessing, with few exceptions, acute power of comprehensions and sound mind”

A century ago such remarks would have been the accepted norm amongst white Europeans and  less than white Iranians. But calling someone with a dark skin “savage, a wild animal or a Nigger” today, can end you up in jail  in the new EU of 26 countries as this report in the Irish Emigrant shows:

“Michael McNulty (40), of Cabra in Dublin, was sentenced to a month in prison for shouting a racist remark at a man from Sierra Leone.
McNulty was cycling in the city centre in May when he shouted at Nicholas Jacob, who had been living in Ireland for the past three years, “Hey, you nigger, go home to your own country, you black bastard”. Two gardaí who were in the vicinity heard the remark and
arrested McNulty immediately.

There are a number of other cases recently were a Member of Parliament, a sports presenter and a TV show host have all been severely reprimanded for racist remarks to the public, the media, or
on TV.

However, in challenging  Abdu’l-Bahá’s above statement,  I have to say Africa is not a country, but a large continent. History also informs us there were civilizations in Egypt, Ethiopia and the Sudan (countries within Africa) long before civilizations appeared in Europe and certain parts of Asia.

In another book titled The Secret of Divine Civilization http://www.ibiblio.org/Bahai/Texts/EN/SDC/SDC-1.htmlauthor Abdul Baha informs the Persian people of the historical collapse of their own past empire and civilisation. So who is  Abdul Baha to judge, that Africa never had previous civilisations who have come and gone long before Dr Livingstone discovered “Dark Africa” for Christ and “The British Empire”  in the 1860’s


Slain Sydney woman and estranged psychotic husband were Baha’is!!!!!

Courtesy :  http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/slain-woman-had-tried-to-support-abusive-husband-20150118-12sr6q.html?

Friends of Leila Alavi say the 26-year-old hopelessly tried to support her troubled and abusive husband right up until he allegedly murdered her with a pair of scissors.

Her body was found in her car on Saturday morning at the Auburn shopping complex where she worked as a hairdresser.

That evening, police arrested and charged her 33-year-old husband Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei with murder. He was refused bail on Sunday and police told a Sydney court he “has made admission to the offence”.

Leila Alawi - the slain Baha'i Woman

Leila Alawi – the slain Baha’i Woman

Fredo Monty has known the couple since photographing their wedding in 2011 and his partner was a close friend of Ms Alavi.

He told Fairfax Media their relationship had long been volatile, largely due to Mr Hosseiniamraei’s ongoing drug problems.

“It’s been a lot of years that Leila has been suffering from this issue,” he said. “She tried to manage the relationship and help him out because she did love him and really wanted him to get clean. She still cared for him at the end too.”

On the day of her death, Ms Alavi had ducked down to the car park to meet Mr Hosseiniamraei at his request. Her colleagues have said this was not unusual.

Ms Alavi had an apprehended domestic violence order against her husband, which he has been charged with contravening.

Police told court on Sunday he had a “propensity for anger”, which he was unable to control, and that he had physically assaulted his wife in the past, but the incidents were not referred to police.

Mr Hosseiniamraei was also recently charged with malicious damage and offensive behaviour, for which he is yet to appear in court.

He had been living with his sister on James Street in Guildford West, where he was arrested on Saturday night.

Mr Monty described the couple, both of Persian background, as “madly in love”.

He said Mr Hosseiniamraei followed the Baha’i faith and they were married at the Australian House of Worship on Sydney’s northern beaches in 2011.

Ms Alavi was “like an angel with a bright smile”, Mr Monty said.

“This is just a tragedy and we are all in shock. I looked to her as a sister. She was the most adorable person you could come across.”

Zeynep Zabinolgu, whose cafe is opposite the hair studio Ms Alavi worked at, said she was a friendly person who treated her customers like members of her own family.

“She was a really family-oriented person and you could tell she came from a really good family,” she said. “She will definitely be missed. She was loved by so many people.”

Mr Hosseiniamraei was refused bail on Sunday morning and he will face Burwood Local Court on April 1.

Baha’i Census is a big LIE with wildly exaggerated number of adherents and localities

Finally, we have official acknowledgement from the Queen of Baha’i Cyberspace regarding the erroneous wildly exaggerated Baha’i census.

From: sman…@jam.rr.com
Date: 4 Aug 2005
Subject: Re: Baha’i officials admit in writing that the number of
Baha’is has decreased worldwide

Henry wrote:
“In the past, many seekers were told that the Baha’is numbered 6 millions worldwide.
Now, the official Baha’i propaganda machinery is stating matter of fact  that there are only 5 millions of those Baha’is worldwide”.

Susan responded:
“Some times the number has been estimated at five million, sometimes at six. Truth is, no one really knows.”


The Baha’i census that claim 6 to 7.2 million adherents is -A LIE- A LIE- an actual exaggeration of the real numbers.

It is estimated that there are no more than ***ONE Million*** real Baha’is worldwide.

Now below one finds wildly exaggerated number of localities- on the lower end we see 18,000 localities and then on the upper end we see 124000 localities. Then there are statements of 100,000 and 110,000 localities.

Finally the number of countries and localities varies with each web site. There is **no concensus** regarding the actual number of countries, the actual number of localities, and the actual number of
Baha’i followers.

If one takes the estimated 100000 localities and figures that there are at least 5-9 Baha’is. We find that the census is going to show 500,000 to 900,000 Baha’i adherents worldwide.

That should make anyone who is a Baha’i very depressed. Not 6 million, not 5 million, but a little less than 1 million Baha’is worldwide- with 30% still in Iran and 6-7% in the US.

Henry Villar

“The Bahá’í community, comprising members of the Bahá’í Faith from all over the globe, now numbers some five million souls. They represent 2,112 ethnic and tribal groups and live in over 116,000 localities in 188 independent countries and 45 dependent territories or overseas
departments.” www.Bahai.org

“According to the 1992 Encyclopaedia Britannica Book of the Year, the Bahá’í Faith had established “significant communities” in more countries and territories than any other religion except for Christianity. They were organized in 205 areas worldwide vs. 254 for Christianity. According to The Baha’i World, this has since increased to 235 countries and territories, including over 2,100 racial, ethnic and tribal groups. Encyclopedia Britannica Online estimates that they
had about 7.4 million members worldwide in mid-2002:

1.8 million in Africa
3.6 million in Asia
0.13 million in Europe
0.91 in Latin America
0.81 in Northern America
0.12 in Oceania. 1 “

The number of devoted, committed members of the Baha’i faith is probably much lower than 101,000, perhaps on the order of 60,000. This is surprisingly close to the harmonic mean of the estimates by the U.S. Baha’i NSA and reformer Fredrick Glaysher.

Link: http://www.religioustolerance.org/bahai4.htm

The largest Bahá’í community in the world is in India, with 2.2 million Bahá’ís residing there, although only 5,575 claimed to be Bahá’í in the 1991 Census

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baha’i_statistics

Mirza Yahya Subh-i Azal: The Bab calls him God, Bahais call him Satan !!!1

Mirza Yahya Subh-i Azal was Baha’u’llah’s half-brother and the executor of the Bab’s will. He was regarded as the successor to the Bab until Baha’u’llah succeeded in sending him to the sidelines and taking over the affairs of many of the followers of the Bab. He is greatly hated by Baha’is and regarded as one their greatest enemies. According to the famous Baha’i scholar Fadil Mazandarani in his book Asrar al-Athar (download from here), it is also written as Asraru’l-Athar) this is how Baha’u’llah referred to his brother Subh-i Azal:

Subah Azal

“When Mirza Yahya Azal started opposing the works, deeds, and words of his esteemed brother (Baha’u’llah) in Edirne . . . he dropped down from his [high] stature and the rank of union and agreement [that he had with Baha’u’llah] and was gradually—in the tablets, works, and revelations [from Baha’u’llah]—referred to with codes, references, and names such as the polytheist, the calf, the scarab (dung beetle), the tyrant, the Satan, the devil, the foul swamp, the buzzing of a fly, and similar names.” (Fadil Mazandarani, Asrar al-athar, vol. 5, pp. 345–346.)

Baha’u’llah’s followers also used these titles to refer to Mirza yahya Subh-i Azal, for instance Professor Edward Browne cites a letter sent to him by a woman who was proselytized in America by Dr. Ibrahim Kheiralla where she states:

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