Who is the Promised One of Islam ???? Bab or Baha’ullah

Baha’is are an interesting bunch.

Normally, a man-made belief like bahaism is riddle with inaccuracies and contradictions in its own dogma.  But bahaism go to an extreme in this.

I have heard SEVERAL different and contradictory “explanations” about the whether or not Baha’ullah is a prophet of God.  One says he is not, but he is a messenger.  Other say he is, but for the so-called “Adamic cycle”.

Then, the Bab was the Imam Mahdi but wait a minute, Baha’ullah according to Bahaism is the promised one of Islam, making Baha’ullah the Mahdi!
Bahais have over several contradictory explanations of this like my favorite one, “Baha’ullah can be both at the same time (Jesus and the Mahdi while bab is also the Mahdi and in some reports, Jesus as well!!!).  Baha’is have told me with a straight face that both Bab and Baha’ullah were the Mahdi and they didn’t realize the stupidity of what they just said.

Getting back to the issue of whether or not Baha’ullah was a prophet, it is known that Jesus was a prophet of God.  If the Baha’is who insist that Baha’ullah was not a prophet, how could they say that they
believe that he is the return of Jesus when Jesus is a prophet?  So they do believe that Jesus is a prophet without even realizing it!

The Baha’i dogma/creed lacks any solid foundation. ..

2 Comments on “Who is the Promised One of Islam ???? Bab or Baha’ullah”

  1. Jojo gonjalves says:

    Shalom aleykum
    We Bahai’s believe bab is AL Mahdi (Mahdi)
    And bahaullah as AL maseeh or imam husayn (Jesus Christ)
    Moreover Jesus and Mahdi both are called prophet in Islam (correct me if I m wronge)
    Hope that answer the question correctly!!!!!

    • bahaisects says:

      Baha’i books are full of conflicting matter….Even Bahaullah was confused about himself….. Sometime he called himself Prophet and sometime as God !!!!

      please do ‘Independent Investigation of Truth’ and find it yourself !!~!

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