Jamshid Rohani – born in Baha’i Family but not a Baha’i –A Brief History


                         Jamshid Rohani

Courtesy : http://thefriendsofgod.webs.com

IN THE YEAR 1960 a man named Jamshid Rohani was born in Iran. He was born into a Baha’i family, but never declared himself a Baha’i. He was a very spritual youth, and travelled throughout Iran to study all the various religions. He choose to be a Dervish (ascetic). He claimed to have many mystical experiences and visions in which his spirit would leave his body, and he would travel to the Third Heaven. While in these visions to have conversed with many Prophets and Saints, such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, and others. During these out-of-body experiences Rohani would question these Great Souls and receive answers. Upon reaching adulthood he began to study English from friends who had studied in America and England in the 1970s and 1980s.. In 2004 he walked across the western Iranian Zagros mountaints and sneeked past boarder guards, sneeking into Turkey. From Turkey he travelled to Greece, and eventually found his way to the United States. He stayed in the U.S. for five years, learning English and studying the various Christian denominations while he worked as a cab driver in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, Washington. While in Seatle he made a few American disciples. In 2010 Rohani declared he was returning to Iran, but instructed his American disciples to form The Friends of God International; a worldwide fellowship of followers of the Good Religion.

Jamshid Rohani taught that there is only One Religion of God, the Good Religion, and that all the major religions today are just “orders” of the Good Religion. He taught that the Supreme Being is Ahura Mazda, the Only Wise Lord. He taught that the Zoroastrian religion had been corrupted over thousands of years by uninspired high priests, and he sought to restore the Good Religion back to its original purity; a religion without required rites, compulsory rituals, mandatory congregational meetings, heirarchies, or priests. He taught that the Good Religion is a very simple religion: one based upon good thoughts, good words, and good deads. He taught that the Religion of God consists of how we treat other sentient beings, and not how we prayer or what Messenger or Prophet we claim to follow, or what caste we belong to.

Rohani was interviewed, and these interviews were recorded in long-hand, and Rohani instructed his disciples to publish these interviews after he returned to Iran. Jamshid Rohani denied he was a Messenger or Prophet of God, but insisted he was a Muhaddath (Arabic: “One Spoken To”) meaning a non-prophet who is spoken to by an angel or one who sees a vision. He was taught in the Third Heaven that Muhammad (Peace Be Unto Him) was the Last Prophet of God for humanity on this planet, and that no more prophet or messenger will come except in visions to the Seers (Muhaddatheen). Rohani preached that Islaam is not a religious faith, but a religious practice of submitting one’s will to the Will of God daily. He taught that Rabbinical Judaism, Christianity, Islaam, the Religion of the Druze, and the Religion of Truth (Ahl-i-Haqq) were just variations of the One Religion of God: the Good Religion. Jamshid Rohani taught:

“If Islaam were the umma (community) of the Apostle of God, peace be unto him, then all those who belong to that umma would be Muslims. But, Islaam is not a religious community, but a religious practice. Islaam is submitting my will to the Will of God. If my heart is sincere, and I submit my will to the will of God, then I am practicing Islaam. Yet, if I call myself a Muslim, and prayer five times a day, and go to Masjid on Friday, but if I oppress the poor, and deceive others in business, and if I are cruel to my wife, and to animals, and if I neglect the orphan and the widow and the sick and the aged and the infirm in body and mind, and do not give to them a portion of my substance, then I am not a Muslim but a hypocrite. Yet, if I am a Christian, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, and I submit my will to the Will of God, to the best of my knowledge and ability, then I am truly a Muslim, even if I have never read the Qu’ran, and even if I do not belong to the umma of Muhammad, Peace be Unto Him.” (The Good Book).

Jamshid Rohani taught that Jesus was a Jew by blood, but a Zoroastrian by faith. He said that the sect of the Nazarenes were a sect of Jewish Zoroastrians, and that Jesus was born a Nazarene and died a Nazarene, and that Jesus was not the Founder of the new religion of “Christianity” but was, rather, one of the three virgin-born Saoshyants (Benefactors) that the Prophet Zoroaster had prophesied would come. Rohani claimed that he had long conversations with Jesus in the Third Heaven, asking Him many questions, and receiving many answers. The questions and answers are reproduced in The Good Book which will be published by The Friends of God International sometime in the year 2016 online, and later in printed form.

Jamshid Rohani told his American disciples that The Friends of God International would one-day become one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world, with millions of members and supporters, and that it would do much to quell the animosity between religionists around the world. Rohani taught that Pure Religion was not about nationality, or caste, or church, or what religious community we belong to, or what doctrines we believe in, but True Religion was visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and caring for the widows, orphans, and homeless, and becoming peacemakers. He said:

“Pure Religion, as taught by Jesus and others, is not sitting in temples or churches or synagogues, it is not prostrating oneself in masjids (mosques), it is not listening to sermons, it is not speaking in tongues, it is not singing hymns. It is not clapping or jumping or shouting or dancing. It is not saying Praise the Lord one hundred times a day. It is not reading the Bible or studying the Bible in its original languages. It is not watching preachers on television and sending them your money so they may buy yachts and jets and large glorious homes. Jesus did not recognize any of those things as worshipping God. Jesus said He wanted His friends to worship God by doing the Will of the Father. What is the Will of the Father? It is taking care of the widows and orphans, and doing good to one’s neighbor, and treating others as we wish to be treated. It means feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and afflicted. That is the kind of worship that Jesus commanded His disciples, His friends, to perform. Do the Will of the Father, and Jesus will say to you ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant’.” (The Good Book)

Jamshid Rohani taught that the Prophets and Saints told him many things in the Third Heaven, and he would relay these teachings to the nations of the world via a book (“The Good Book”) that would be published and promulgated by The Friends of God International. He was told, for instance, in the Third Heaven that Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit and a literal virgin, performed literaly supernatural miracles, was crucified to save men and women from soul-death in the Spirit-World, and arose from the dead on the third day, and that one of His spiritual bodies ascended into heaven just as it is described in the Book of Acts chapter one. He was told that the physical body of Jesus (the one with the scars) would not return, but that the Spirit of Jesus had returned many times, born of new mothers, with many different names. He names some of these men in THE GOOD BOOK.

Jamshid Rohani said that in ancient times people needed priests and mobeds and imaams to guide them, because most people could not read, but that today, since most people can read, the time for a “learned class” of priests was now over, that people could read the Word of God for themselves, and be guided by it without the help of human interpreters. He taught that the visions of Seers is a much better guide than human scholarship or religious traditions.

In 2010 Jamshid Rohani returned to Iran, to live a life of ascetism, prayer, and seclusion, so that he would be found worthy to be born above into the Kingdom of Heaven at death. Rohani was born homosexual. In the Third Heaven he asked many questions, including about homosexuality, and he received answers to why some people are born homosexual, and how homosexuals may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven at death. Rohani insisted that the Friends of God have no priests, no “learned ones”, no international or national leaders, but only local elected ministers who act as servants instead of as leaders and masters. He instucted that our Holy Book be “The Bible of the World”. He also instructed that we not refer to ourselves with sectarian names (he did not wish to become the founder of yet another religious sect), but to simply refer to ourselves as “Followers of the Good Religion”. He insisted that we should worship Ahura Mazda alone (Only He is Good), and not worship Messengers, Prophets, Saints, Satgurus, or Muhaddatheen (Seers) such as himself.

The purpose of The Friends of God International is to establish homes for widows and orphans in places where the government does not do these things, or does little in that area, and to establish homeless centers in North America and Europe, and to publish and promulgate The Good Book which contains the teachings of the Prophets and Saints as They instructed him in the Third Heaven. The Friends of God International has now been established.


2 Comments on “Jamshid Rohani – born in Baha’i Family but not a Baha’i –A Brief History”

  1. Chris Ray says:

    So I’ve been reading about Jamshid Rohani for years now, but “The Good Book” continues to be impossible to find despite being scheduled for release by 2016. Does anyone know where to get a copy? Thanks!!!

  2. wahidazal66 says:

    The picture is actually of the late Nur Ali Elahi, the Ahl-i Haqq teacher who died in 1974 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nur_Ali_Elahi

    The pic you have is also attributed directly to him, here https://dogania.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/ostad.jpg?w=1200

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