Recent Messages from the President and the Vice President of India for the Baha’is

The below messages of the President and the Vice President of India is being circulated by the Baha’is of India in Social Media, Bahai Forums and Websites wherein they have taken pride that the topmost Government officials have wished them on the Bicentennial Celebration of Bab and Baha’u’llah.

The interesting part in these message is that they have smartly fooled them by providing them the fake information that they are 2 million in India while the Government of India census figure clearly states that Baha’is are only 4573 in numbers.( REF : “Data on Religion” by the Census Department of Government of India states the Baha’i population as 4,573. )

Bahais have deceived these personalities and exploited their contacts to extract such letters from them. There could be some rich and influential Baha’is who are in friendly contacts with Government officials through whom they had been successful in carrying out such works.

People of India must be careful about these recent development and must take a note that Baha’is in India are fooling the people through RUHI books, Youth Empowerment Programmes , Children Classes and other  so called Moral Activities. Their hidden agenda is to convert more and more People to Bahai faith so that they could acquire Minority Status in India. I think that is also one of the reason that on their official websites they have highly exaggerated their numbers and now with the help of these messages they wanted to prove to the World that they are indeed 2 millions in India.

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