Bab’s second wife Fátimih Khánum was a Covenant Breaker!

Fáṭimih Khánum (1822-1916) was an Isfahání girl who was the second wife of the Báb. Fáṭimih was the sister of a prominent Bábí, Mullá Rajab-‘Alí. She was married around 1847 aged twenty-five, to serve the Báb during His sojourn to Isfahán. In Persia, it was regarded as dishonourable for a woman to serve a man unless she was not related to him. The couple had no children, and after the Báb left Isfahán she did not accompany Him. After His martyrdom, despite the fact that the Báb asked His wives not remarry, Fáṭimih Khánum married Azal for one month, until he divorced her and gave her to Siyyid Muhammad Isfahání. Fáṭimih agreed to these marriages, and is therfore a Covenant Breaker.

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