Baha’i Guidance on Teaching the Muslims

The following guidance was dropped in the U S in 1998.

Bahà’is are not permitted to single out Muslims from the Middle-East and North Africa, especially Iranian Muslims, to teach them the Faith. Should such a person become spontaneously attracted to the Faith he or she may, with caution, be taught. Enrolment in the Faith is, however, a different issue which must be considered on a case by case basis:-
The instructions of the beloved Guardian regarding teaching orientals from the Middle East are to be upheld, even more so at this time because of the present situation in Iran. Iranian Muslims in particular should not be sought out in order to teach them the Faith.
(letter written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to a National Spiritual Assembly, dated February 6, 1986)

There are certain principles governing association with persons from Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Bahá’is in the West are not to initiate any attempts to teach the Faith to Muslims from Middle Eastern countries. This includes Muslims from Iran, North Africa and Arab countries. Muslims from these countries who have become citizens of the United States or have acquired permanent resident status and who show a genuine interest in learning about the Faith may be taught the Faith but it is they who must take the initiative. If a Muslim should ask for information on the Faith, the information he seeks may be given according to the dictates of wisdom, but Baha’is should not exceed the request that has been made by attempting to convert the person, interest him further or invite him to Baha’i meetings. In short, Baha’is are not to make a project of teaching Muslims. Although there are certain restrictions about teaching Muslims from some countries and accepting them into the Faith, it is a different situation with Muslims from India or Pakistan as compared with those from Iran or the Near East.

(letter written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to a National Spiritual Assembly, dated September 22, 1983)

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2. “Naught is seen in My temple but the Temple of God, and in My beauty but His Beauty, and in My being but His Being, and in My self but His Self, and in My movement but His Movement, and in my acquiescence but His Acquiescence, and in My pen but His Pen, the Mighty, the All-Praised. There hath not been in My soul but the Truth, and in Myself naught could be seen but God.” (World Order of Bahá’u’lláh, p 109)

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